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Successful shopping!

Posted on: April 27, 2012

Yesterday, Jonny’s husband, Warren, headed back to Phoenix, via Charlotte. Gotta love those flights that go whichever direction is opposite of where you actually want to be! LOL

Jonny is staying for another month, WOO HOO!

Then we went shopping. Stopped at the new Wal-Mart near the airport – I am not a real fan of Wal-Mart because they prefer to purchase their goods out of the good ole USA! I’m becoming more selective in my old age of what I buy and where they are made. However, I did purchase 2 “camping type” chairs because we’re tired of standing and waiting on parades to start, etc. Now we can sit and watch!

Then we headed to Cemaco – I so love that store! And if we had a big house, I could buy something from every aisle in that store!!! I bought Mark a pineapple corer, thoughtful, aren’t I?

Then we decided it was time to eat lunch so we went to La Garita and I can’t remember the name of the restaurant! However, I’ve eaten there before with Pat. I like this restaurant because it’s huge – lots of places to sit, big take-out counter, and most of all — you must go past a little souvenir store to sit down and eat. Look what I immediately saw on the counter as we walked by…..

I’m sure I read a sign attached that said “Nancy, please take me home!” Well, I bought that darling little giraffe before I ever sat down and ordered lunch. No way, was someone else going home with it.

Then we stopped at the large nursery and I bought 2 Irwin Mango trees for $3 each and a pretty draping flowering plant to put in the “toucan tire”.

Headed to take Jonny home and their driveway in a short word is a “bitch” to back out of – and lucky me, knocked over one of the pretty lamp posts that line the drive way! Owner said it’s the second time that lamp post has been knocked over! Still made me feel bad….if I had been in Ms. Smartie instead of Old Bessie, it wouldn’t have happened. But then Warren would have had to ride to the airport in the back with his luggage!

Was a fun day till I hit the lamp post and then realized I hadn’t stopped at the drug store to get meds so I had to go back into town.

Mark’s first words were “Oh, I thought you’d bring home something for dinner!” Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Big Oxcart parade in town on Sunday – can’t wait!!!



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