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Got ready to knit last night and lo and behold! – I couldn’t find my knitting bag.  Oh, darn!  Left it at the yarn shop yesterday after class.  So, after taking Oliver and Sofi to be groomed this morning, I’ll be heading back to the yarn shop. Hmmm…..wonder if that was done intentionally so I would HAVE to return there or is the memory fading a bit?  I prefer to think it was done so I would have to go back this morning.

So I spent the evening winding yarn for another project!  Goes so much quicker when your dogs aren’t playing with it!

Ahhhh…..Friday, knitting class from 10 – 12!  Probably the best day of the week.  Our ladies in this group are so much fun that 2 people from the Wednesday class just stop in to knit a little!  Glenna brought in a strawberry coffeecake fresh from the bakery….yummy!  I took frozen chocolate eclairs, no comparison, but the chocolate did kick it up a notch!

Forgot to take my one completed sock and the other one half done.  So worked on a baby cardigan that I had thrown in my bag.

I cannot buy anymore patterns!!!  Or yarn!!!  However, I did invest in a new Noni bag pattern and yarn.  Purse looks so easy and shouldn’t take much time. 

As soon as the hood of the hoodie is blocked, there will be a picture. 

The house is a wreck, dirty laundry up the ying-yang, and what did I do this afternoon?  I wound yarn – took all afternoon to wind one skein.  My little 3 lb. Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix)  got into it and talk about a mess.  My little Sofi wasn’t the love of my life this afternoon!

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Sunday I finished my FIRST sock that was started in August of 2005, yep, August of 2005!  I immediately sent emails to my knitting friends.  This is a reply I got from one of them….” omg omg omg….is it true ??? how many years till the next sock….will it  match ….stay tuned to ….Nancy Van P…as the heel churns  !!! ” 

Well, it so inspired me that I started on the second one.  Monday morning  I was surfing and decided my 4 dogs were a little too quiet.  So I checked on them….dog no. 3, Derby, was having a breakfast of bamboo needles!  After yelling at him like a mad banshee rooster, I started to pick up the pieces….getting a splinter in a finger, which didn’t help my mood any.  

So, I’ve decided to spray all wooden needles with Apple Bitter and try and curb his appetite….or else, I could act like an adult and put up the project so he can’t feast on it!  By the way, he didn’t touch the yarn, just the needles. 

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Yesterday, Sunday, I finished my first sock!  Quite an accomplishment since it was started in August of 2005, yep, 2005. I immediately sent my knitting friends an email telling of my accomplishment and asking if I should cut off my other foot or attempt the second one to complete a pair.  One friend emailed me “how many more years before the next one is completed…stay tuned for Nancy Van P as the heel churns.”  Well, that encouraged me and after couples bowling last night I started my second one and even have about an inch of it done.  Now that I’ve “mastered” knitting with 4 needles, I really love it!  Of course in knitting class, they are all trying to tell me how much easier it is to use two circular needles.   I will eventually try that but for now, I’m sticking with the double points.

This is the year that my UFO’s become FO’s!!!  I’m keeping a little piece of everything that gets completed, that’s right, completed, in a clear Christmas ornament.  Then when Christmas comes around I can hang it on my tree and remember the fun or frustration of my knitting projects throughout the year.

Of course, I could live until I’m 120 years old and never have all my yarn knit up – but it’s whoever dies with the most yarn wins. RIGHT?

Time to get back to my needles.

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By the way, I’m looking for one of those tin contraptions that holds your needles for making socks.  I know they are handmade.  I think they’ve been in a knitting magazine but I wasn’t too interested because I thought I’d never tackle socks. But here I am loving to knit on double pointed needles and working on my first pair of socks.  It’s really obvious on my first sock when I became comfortable working with these needles but I’m not “frog stitching” and starting over!  That’s part of seeing your accomplishments.

Last spring 3 other knitters and I took a yarn trip to the Atlanta area.  What fun!!!  Of all the yarn shops we visited our favorite was The Purly Gates in Marietta, GA.  Ginger and Dana (owners) were so accommodating to us and so friendly.  We must have spent 3 hours in there oooing and ahhing over their wonderful displays.  And of course, that means purchases.  When we returned to our vehicle and loaded all of our purchases, the driver started the engine and then says “hmmm….wonder what that means when it says check tire pressure?”  I quickly replied, “we bought too much yarn”.  Off we went laughing and  headed back to Bowling Green, KY.  We left about mid-afternoon on a Thursday, visited 9 yarn shops in the Atlanta area and we were home by Saturday night.  What is really amazing, none of us knew each other till we met at our local yarn shop, Crafty Hands. We’ve become a close knit group  taking day trips to Nashville to visit their yarn shops.  We are planning another trip probably this spring.  If any of you know a special area that has many yarn shops, please let me know and we’ll consider it.  We are all trying to come up with a clever way to break it to our husbands when we finally decide we need to check out the shops in Hawaii!

I have just finished the cutest hooded sweater for my cousin’s little boy, Jack.  It’s on the blocking board now and when it’s “cooked”, I’ll post a picture of it.  Of course when I showed it to my husband, his comment was “you made that for a baby living in Phoenix, AZ”.  My immediate comeback was “well, it’s for when he visits his Indiana grandparents”!  We knitters can always justify a project or more yarn.  

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