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For those of you not in the know, KY experienced an ice storm a few weeks ago and many, many people were without power.

Can you believe the audacity of the power company to send bills to people that were without power, charging them for the days they were without power?  Some places it was weeks.

Is there no common sense in the world anymore?  We’re all aware there is no common sense in government, but come on people, charging people for something they didn’t have?!  I hope that everyone calls up their supplier and reams them out….and I don’t care if it’s with obscenities!

Yes, computers are wonderful and the bills are generated by the computer, but it’s supposedly only doing it when a human sends the order to do it….honestly, are people so “like a Stepford wife” they are unable to think?

My new leopard print shoes are just the old cat’s meow!!!  I love them….

Terri and I only won one game last night so we settled for second place and we’re happy with that!  I was bowling under duress – because a 10 yr. old, Piper, bowling next to us was in love with my leopard ball, leopard shoes, leopard shirt and leopard ear rings!  IE:  Threw  the first ball and only knocked 7 pins down – walking back to get the ball for the second throw, she yells “Nancy, let me give you a tip. If you knock down the front pin, the rest will fall down.” So I pretended like I was a kid again and rolled my eyes! LOL

She was a darling little girl but by the time we got done, I was afraid she was going to ask me to have a play date with her!  She hugged and hugged me when I left and hopes she gets to see me again!

Today Bowling for Boobies was much better….everyone ooh’d and aah’d over my shoes!  And I finally put three decent games together – at least decent for me! LOL

And having some sunny weather is a big plus!!!  Now for the sunny, warm weather to hurry up and get here.

Last week while heading into the living room to see what “the zoo” was barking about, Oprah was on.  When she became Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes (claiming to give away all the prizes, cars, etc – and we all know it was the sponsors giving the things away), I quit being one of her viewers.  However, this show caught my interest!

It was a guy, sorry I don’t remember his name (another fault of growing older), talking about how to get organized, cleaning up your house, room, etc.  His recommendation was just take 10 minutes a day and do something and before long, you’ll be organized.

Hmmm….that sounded like a possibility in my busy world.  I’m happy to report that so far, I’m only 4 (40 minutes) days behind!


Tonight is the last night of the Sunday night bowling league.  Terri and I are a team – we need to win 3 out of 4 points tonight to win first place!  I know that my leopard print shoes will do the trick for us!  I’m sure that our opponents will be so enthralled and engrossed in my shoes, they’ll forget why they showed up.

Yep, folks, I painted them!  Got tired of waiting for the bowling fashion industry to catch up with modern times; altho’ I do have my leopard print ball!  Hmmm….guess I’ll wear a leopard print top tonight and all my leopard print jewelry…oh my, hope the fashion police don’t show up! LOL


Aren’t these kind of cute?!  Have wanted to knit some fingerless mitts for a long time and since I’m not getting any younger, now was the time.

These are knitted from a free pattern on Ravelry called Fetching (because they are so fetchingly cute!)  Pattern called for size 6 needles and since I couldn’t put my hands on size 6’s immediately, I opted to use size 5.

Yarn is Sirdar Crofter DK  (Fair Isle effect) yes, I know the fair isle is lost on this particular pattern, but it doesn’t matter because the only one I had to please was myself.  Purchased the yarn at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber in Russellville.  Yes, I have the second one done!!!

And I’m positive, I can get another pair out of the yarn that’s left.  Woo hoo!!!

Bowled Sunday night and that was fine….bowled Monday at Bowling for Boobies and that was pathetic….bowled Wednesday in league and it was worse than pathetic!  We bowled the last place team and were absolutely devasted that they won all 4!  And to make matters worse their response was “gosh, we never beat anyone!” LOL  And to think we were in 4th place!!!

So Vickie and I put our heads together (was going to say balls!) and bowled this afternoon….pathetic again! No, we’re not bowling too much before you think that.  We bowled 5 games – first game was horrible – but I’m not upset with games 2, 3, 4, & 5!  Bowled between 120 and 145 and that’s not bad for an old, old lady! LMAO

Some bumper stickers just tickle me!  Saw one on Friday in Nashville while shopping with Velma….

                                                    BUCK  FUSH!

You know how some things just make you giggle when you think of them….well, for some reason, this really tickled me!!!

Hope you see the humor in it too!

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And we beat the team we were tied with  for 4th or 5th (can’t remember, duh!).

Vickie was on fire, or as my daughter says “muy fuego”.  She bowled a 182 the second game…..however, the first frame of the third game she had 2 gutter balls. I’m sitting here chuckling as I type.

That’s just the way we are – up and doing fine, my-t fine, and then all hell breaks loose.  But you know what, we’re one of the “funnest” (if that’s a word) teams to bowl.

Political note: so glad that Mike Reynolds won the election yesterday!  Congrats to him!!!

It’s only the first part of Feb. but the weather sure has been great this week-end!  65 degrees yesterday and when I got up this morning, it was already 64!  After what seemed like an eternity of bitter cold weather (and I can say that because I’ve lived in Michigan when we had “tons” of snow – all winter!) this is certainly a welcome change.  I know it’s too much to hope for that this is the beginning of spring, so I guess I’ll be satisfied with a “taste” of it.

Went to the WKU basketball game yesterday….those guys have got to stop having these nail biter games….it wears us “old” people out.  Came out of the arena happy with the win, but really drained!

This weather makes me want to spring clean….oh wait, that was a fleeting thought! LOL

Today, I was finally able to put three decent bowling games together; 146, 146, 136!  That is good for me – I’ve been able to put 2 games together, but for some reason, I really messed up one of the games.  And we took 4 points today, winning the whole kit and kaboodle! LOL

From bowling, I went to a birthday luncheon, and then to Kroger for Senior Citizens Day.  Honestly, some of those people shouldn’t be driving let alone grocery shopping!!!

I’m proud to say I “saved” $47 and some change with the Kroger card and another $18 for the Senior Discount – downside is it still cost me $160!  And the worst to come is hauling it all inside and having to put it away with 3 dogs desperately wanting to help – they guard the meat bags really closely!

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