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Have another pair of socks done.  Picture doesn’t do the yarn justice!! They were orange, black and white hand dyed yarn from Etsy

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How weird!!! Our redbud tree in our front yard has beautiful green leaves on it and is blooming in October!!!

Pat, Velma and I were at Emily’s at 7:30 a.m. to serenade her with Happy Birthday; Velma in pj’s, Pat and I in bathrobes.  Used pan lids for cymbals so we could stay in tune!  However, we were at the wrong window!!!  But at least we were at the right house!  After a couple of renditions of Happy Birthday, her husband peeked out the window.  Then he came outside and we asked him to go get Emily up.  He was hesitant, very hesitant; he told us we didn’t know how many expletives he was going to have to hear.

She came staggering to the front window and was flabbergasted!  We had muffins and coffee.  Eventually, she lured us inside because she was cold.  You know how old people are….usually cold!

It was fun!!!  Happy 60th Birthday Emily!!! 

Came home from Continental Knitting class the first week-end of Oct. desperately seeking the Jo Sharp Knitting Patterns No. 2. There’s an adorable short sleeved cardigan in there that is screaming “knit me, knit me”. The shop that had it displayed was out of it – so trying to support my lys, I called on Monday looking for it. The end of the week I was informed they couldn’t get it. Found it on line 10/16 at and lo and behold, I received it today, 10/19, with free shipping! Yep, it’s an internet world!!!


These are socks I started I think in May, maybe June for my internet sock buddy, Kaity. She’s obviously a much faster knitter than I am because she sent me some right away! Hopefully, she’s received them by now!


Emily will be 60 on October 20! We celebrated her birthday early. She’s shown here with a new set of teeth, and her special bib “I’m 60, I don’t feel old, Wanna feel?”


The gang that helped her celebrate. We ate at Anna’s Greek Restaurant, so good, so delish!!! Happy Birthday Emily!!!


My friend, Sandy, decided she needed a boob job; so she got one! She also rides motorcycles and has all the black leather gear/garb. Perhaps that’s what precipitated the boob job. On one of my shopping sprees I found this statue/figurine, whatever you want to call it – the minute I laid eyes on it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and who I was going to give it too.

Just added some large boobs, courtesy of fiberfill that my dogs remove from their toys, and added a little biker skirt. Oh yes, I used some of my animal print fabric – anyone that knows me, will know, I do not part with animal print fabric willingly, so you know she’s a good friend! Isn’t it adorable? Or better yet, perhaps you’re glad you’re not my friend!!!

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