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Tuesday was a busy day!  Had Sofi in to the groomer by 9 a.m.; just waited around town running errands, etc. while she had her “day” of beauty.  Then I brought her home.

Headed back into town for knitting – decided I didn’t want her crawling all over me while I knitted.  And believe me, it was a very wise decision!

While heading up the last hill into town, I realized the car wasn’t  running quite right. Oh, boy, was it ever running hot.  Pulled over and called Mark and while I was talking to him, it was starting to cool down.  (I was driving old Bessie when she basically overheated and blew up!)

He called our mechanic, Freddy, and he said he would stop at Kay’s to check out the car.  However, he neglected to tell Mark that he was headed to Alajuela……At any rate, he stopped by about 3:30 p.m. – poured water in and we watched it run right out.

Then he said the magic words…..I told Mark a couple weeks ago, that it would be better to put a new tank/reservoir in – the silicon didn’t hold.  By now I’m trying to keep my blood from boiling!!!  And it’s a real shame Kay’s doesn’t serve vodka tonics or margaritas!  So I calmly asked how much this was going to cost…..75 mil most likely….he immediately called to order the part from San Jose and it will arrive either today or tomorrow by bus….Freddy said it’s a quick job to do.

Thru many phone calls back and forth with Mark, he politely informed me that the last car “I blew up” cost us $2,000 and we had to buy a new (10 year old) car!

Mark and I tend to differ on getting things repaired.  I told Freddy he needed to talk to me regarding parts, etc., not Mark!  Since I’m usually the one that gets stranded, I think if you’re told something needs to be repaired or replace, you do it!

Luckily, Bunky and Denise offered to run me home!  Muchas Gracias!!!

While Bunky and Denise were here, the pool motor started making even a worse noise. We’ve known for quite a while it needed to be replaced.  Mark called Morris this morning regarding that.  Maybe he’s realizing that putting off the inevitable isn’t worth it!

Phone just rang – Freddy…..says the car is ready!!! WOO HOO!!!!


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