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Our second New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica!  Can hardly believe we’ve been living here for over a year and a half!  And lots and lots of things have happened in that year and a half.

We really do enjoy it here; what’s not too like – while my friends in FL, yes, FL, and KY are freezing, we have the windows and doors open with a balmy breeze blowing through the house; yesterday was a “bad” day with the December winds – we’ve got more dirt, leaves, etc. than ever – IN THE HOUSE! LOL  Sure hope Maricela shows up today to clean.

In early December, I saw the dermatologist.  He “froze” 26 spots on my face and upper chest.  I’m telling myself that for a week or so I looked like I was covered with beauty marks, ie: Marilyn Monroe style.  Hey! It’s my mind and I can tell myself whatever I want.

Back in the old country when something was removed by a medical professional, we had the understanding that things would be removed by pounds; 1 lb. minimum; preferably by 2 lbs. at a time.  I’m sad to report that these 26 beauty marks only  removed .1 pounds.  I see him again in February and we’ll be having a discussion regarding this.

Lots of resolutions for the upcoming New Year.

1. I am truly giving up Pepsi!  This will be difficult but I know I can do it….the past couple of months I could go without it for a week or so; and then I’d cave in a buy Pepsi.  It’s a big acid reflux cause for me!  Altho’ I’m happy to admit that my 1820 coffee doesn’t cause any reflux problems; am afraid to try any other coffee because I’m happy with 1820.

2.  I will definitely get a least one Christmas present made or purchased a month for Christmas 2013!  None of this stress and panic like I felt this year.  And I still haven’t completed my shipping or purchasing for Christmas 2012!  Hmmm, maybe I could just ship stuff now and say “Merry Early Christmas 2013” – keep this till December and put it under your tree.  Just a thought…

3. Get my sewing room organized!  Maricela is a good organizer so I think when the girls go back to school, she and I will get in there and tackle this.

4. I’m going to keep count of the people that I give rides to into town; that’s just part of my “Pay it forward”.

5. We will go visit some sites in Costa Rica – need to find someone to come to the house and stay with the dogs; it will be easier on them and us! LOL

6.  Work on my Spanish…I know the words, I just can’t get them into sentences!  Anyone that has young kids in their lives, have them learn Spanish!  It’s so much easier when you’re younger than at our age!

That’s enough for now….but I might add some other resolutions later.

Took a break and fixed Maricela and the girls some breakfast. Dylana, Nazareth and I are headed into town in a few minutes.  They are so good when I take them to town!  Don’t beg or whine for a thing!

Adios for now and Feliz Anos Nuevo!

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 24,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.


We  stopped at Coope and they saw a “stuffed” Santa so I snapped a picture of them!

Mark made a quick trip to the old country a week ago on Saturday and returned on Wednesday. Daughter’s father-in-law was in the hospital; I had the Costa Rican crud and there was no way I could fly with a stuffed up head and chest – (in fact, I’m still coughing!) Happy to report he’s doing well!!!

Mark returned on Weds. around noonish; we were at Dumas’ school graduation at 3 p.m.; I had a dermatology appt. at 4:45 p.m. and then we were at Maricela’s for chichirrones to celebrate the graduation!  Yep, one friggin’ busy day!

Then on Thursday, was our second annual 12 Days Before Christmas Party.  Lesson learned, make more Sangria, lots more Sangria! LOL  Lots of good snacks but as with any party, it’s the friends that make it.

Spanish class on Friday morning….can you say, Spanish wasn’t really on my mind. Georgia wasn’t either! LOL

Sunday, Lee and I ventured to Cemaco – all I’m looking for is a pastry blender; I’ve seen one down here but I can’t remember where!  Nothing irritates me more than to need something and not be able to find it! Sheesh!!! And I’m still looking….

Today Maricela came to clean and it had already been set up that Dylana and Nazareth and I would go Christmas shopping in town.  Because the girls are girls (LOL) and we’ve raised 2 girls, it’s evident that they know exactly what they want; so off we went in search of a Christmas gift for them.

I have NEVER EVER shopped with such patient girls in my life!  Nazareth thought she wanted a toy – we went to three or four stores and she looked and looked; Dylana knew she wanted shoes; all of a sudden Nazareth decide she wanted shoes too.  Of course, she wanted heels (she’s 7, and there’s no way I was going to buy her heels because I know she’d break a leg, ankle, etc.)  She picked out some cute flats; Dylana picked out a pair of tennis shoes….and the whole time I’m reminding them – they cannot tell their mother! LOL  They even picked out a pair for Maricela!

Heading back to the car I asked them if they wanted to buy their mother a gift; their eyes got real big and then grinned and nodded yes!  They were so excited!!!

We went to Antanos for lunch; such well behaved girls!!!

All the way home they kept saying how they had to come to my house to wrap their mother’s gift!

It’s funny because I think they visit our house daily to see if there are more gifts under the tree!

Pura Vida for now…’s such a fun time of the year with kids!!!


This past week has not been a good one for me!  Dylana was here on Monday and had been sick. You guessed it! – I caught what she had….went to the Dr. on Monday – was told I had what everyone else in town had, but the good thing is I would be well by Christmas!  Came home with antibiotics every 8 hours for 2 days.

Wednesday  I was worse so back to the Dr. I go;  said I needed a stronger antibiotic one every 12 hours; this morning I woke up early (normal time) and am not nearly as congested as I was the day before; however, I still sound like I’m in a barrel when I talk…but things are looking up. Guess the older you get, the longer it takes to recover.

Woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine (as usual); hearing the howler’s down by the river; green parrots chattering away and a few toucans making their clacking noise.  So peaceful and sounds like home….

Last night I had a three nightmares!  Of course, this morning I have no clue what they were about – sometimes I yell or mumble during these times.  Sofi, my little princess, always comes to my side and gentle puts her paw on my cheek as if to wake me.  She did this three times last night!

There were fireworks in the valley last night when Sofi insisted on going outside at 12:30 a.m. – so pretty.

It’s now 7:30 a.m. and someone is already shooting off firecrackers….not the pretty kind, just the noisy kind. Tis the season in Costa Rica for everyone to celebrate!

Yesterday the washing machine decided to act up. Have suspected something was wrong with it for about 3 weeks; yesterday the last spin cycle didn’t work.  Not exactly what I want to have to purchase at this time of year!  Am running some clothes through another wash  cycle in hopes that it’s just something was out of whack!  However, if the same thing happens, I’m off tomorrow afternoon to get a different washer.

All the windows and doors are open, gentle breeze blowing through the house, and the sounds of Costa Rica! Doesn’t get better than this folks….so for now…..

Pura Vida!

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I don’t really understand 3D Blu-ray, but Mark has been raving about how cool it would be to have a 3D Blu-Ray player. We have a regular DVD player and of course a DVR that is hooked to the Slingbox.  And a bunch of photos and music on CDs and in iTunes.

He’s been looking at something called Power DVD 12. He says it is the “ultimate” in a media player. The PowerDVD 12 plays all types of media, 3D Blu-ray and DVD movies, videos, photos and music. It’s designed to put all our media entertainment on the PC and iPhone and iPad.

They promise that videos will be true HD and 3D quality.

We’re not big tv watchers but it might be fun to see some real HD and 3D right at home. It would be nice to review some of our pictures from days gone by! Power DVD 12 is not cheap, but they have marked down (love mark downs!) the price to introduce the thingy to new users.

I’ll keep you posted.



shawlWhen I was visiting in the old country in October, Terri and I went to Haus of Yarn in Nashville.  I fell in love with this shawl pattern called Triangel (yes, that’s spelled correctly).  It’s a free knitting pattern found on

When Velma was here for three weeks, we must have spent a whole week trying to figure out the pattern; then I kept looking for similar patterns. We were at the point that she was reading me the pattern and we still couldn’t get it figured out!  After probably 2 weeks of many thousands of attempts to get this pattern correctly, I FINALLY DID IT! 

I am embarrassed that it took me so many tries, lots of frustration, but now that I’m on the way, it’s a simple pattern.  As usual, I tend to make easy things difficult.

The only thing I’ve found is for me I think it would be easier to cast on hundreds of stitches and work down to the point – thus making each row shorter. As it is now, you start at the point and continue adding stitches….pretty much till you run out of yarn.

Am using Lana Grossa yarn – the color is called Cornwall – a sock yarn.  Sock yarn is not just for socks!!!

Once this is finished and blocked, I really think it will be beautiful.  It’s a small shawl that can be worn with the point in the back, in the front or even worn over one shoulder.  It’s a very versatile pattern.

Back to knitting….am pretty confident it won’t be done for Christmas! LOL  Perhaps New Years!

Pura Vida from a cloudy day in Costa Rica!

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