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I’ve reached the point that my sewing/craft room is getting to me!  But don’t move anything because I can usually find it and when I try to “organize” and then find something – it’s usually lost because I can’t remember where I’ve put it!  I know this is a frequent problem with sewers, knitters, etc. – I know I’m not in this sinking ship alone!  I just don’t know where to start! 

Ideas on where to start are certainly welcome.   AAWWWGHGHG   Spring will soon be here and I’m an outdoorsy type person, so I’d like this done before golf season starts!


It’s multiplying into the hallway!  And that doesn’t include stuff stashed in closets…help me, help me, heeellllpppp mmeee!



Have always thought it would be fun to learn to use a drop spindle and use roving to create your own yarn.  Well, this picture shows what I got for 99 cents, yep, people, 99 cents, from    The drop spindle, which is an Ashford, and all the roving….shipping was $9.95 but you know what, I still got a good deal.  That’s what life is all about folks, getting good deals!

Of course, I’m at the point where I need to start putting these good deals in bags with friends’ name on them so in case I die unexpectedly, and my friends are fighting over all the crap in my sewing room, they’ll pull out a bag with the name on it and shed a few tears and say “Aw…..look what Nancy was going to make for me!”

Little Maddie down the street delivered my order of Girl Scout cookies this afternoon.  I’m struggling with just eating them all right now…..what’s the difference if I eat them all now or take all week to eat them….I’m still eating them, right? Sheesh, I love those darn Samoa cookies!

The older I get, the more I hate housework!!!  I was never a Martha Stewart wannabee. So today I decided I really needed to dust because the bottom shelf of the book shelf had dog nose prints on it.

To have a little ambience while dusting, I did it by candlelight!  Yes, the candle smelled wonderful, the living room is less dusty, but did I feel like I did something worthwhile?….nope!

I think I need something new and exciting in my life – hmmm….a vacation?

At  this point, I think a good night’s sleep might be exciting!

Please check out this link!  I wrote a short story on the S.E.X. trip to Stitches Midwest and it got published today!!!



Believe it or not, it is looking better!!!  Gross, huh? LMAO

If you haven’t checked out Ravlery, get to their website as fast as your little fingers will type it!  You will have to “apply” to be accepted but it doesn’t take long.

There’s a place for you to put all your knitting books, all your stash, needles, etc.  Then it’s sort of organized and you’ll know what you have.

I have most of my books on there – presently you can only put in your library the books that are already on Ravlery (I have no clue what this means!).  I had several books I couldn’t put on there. 

Started to put some of my stash on there; you have to use Flickr to download your photos; I’ve got to get a rhythm going before I add any more – trust me, I’ve got lots to load!

If I’m lucky, someone will want to buy some of my yarn! HINT! HINT! HINT!

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