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Quite awhile back Maricela came to us and explained that Dylana has been invited to take an English class through the San Rafael Collegio.  As you would expect they didn’t have the money for her to do this….since we’ve had a fair amount of visitors that have met the girls, I sent out an email to my friends asking for $5.00 to help out. WOW!  Within 3 days,  we had enough collected….getting her enrolled has been another challenge.

Finally, there was an opening!  I took Dylana, Maricela and Nazareth this morning to get her enrolled.  Here they are on the steps where she’ll be attending classes starting on Saturday for 6 months.  She is so excited about this and couldn’t contain her infectious smile!  Today’s fee was $16.00 and it will be $10 for each month.  I was amazed at the amount of people there signing up….all ages!



A very, very big Thank You to all that helped this girl enhance her education.  Her last report card cracked us up because she had a higher grade in English than she did in Spanish.

Pura Vida!

About a month or so ago, my sewing/embroidery machine started acting up; not all the time, just every once in awhile; it seemed to be only when I was using a USB for embroidering.  Then this week,  the light bulb went off and I thought, why not try a design that came with the machine.  It didn’t work either.

So after much researching on the internet, we ( yep, had to get the husbter involved in finding this), found some machine repair shops that worked on Brother sewing machines; my machine is a Babylock Ellisimo, which is the same as the Brother Quattro.

Pat, one of our friends that is fluent in Spanish, made the call for us to see if they worked on my type of machine.  It was a yes and it will be diagnosed while you are there.

So today, we headed to Alajuela (there is one in San Jose, also) to check it out.

When we walked into this shop, we were both astounded at what we saw.  Seems like every machine imagineable was there!  From basic sewing machines to fancy embroidery machines with many needles, to sergers, etc.

We were promptly taken to a table to put the machine on so I could show “the Dr.” what the problem was.  I set up the machine, and started embroidering on it and you should have seen the crowd of people that work in there come to check out the “el grande maquina”…..I looked at Mark and said “perhaps I should give classes!”


This is a picture of the store front – the repair shop is also located there – and get this, there is a Singer repair shop that’s attached to the repair shop – so it’s a 3 – stop place!  And quite easy to locate also.

LaBobina2The “machine doctor” says it looks like you have a virus and it needs to go to the electronic dept. which he will take care of .

It was just unbelievable seeing all the machines they had available for sale.  There were all kinds of parts available in the display cases….Mark says he wishes auto mechanics carried such an inventory here!

At any rate, we both felt a sigh of relief when we walked in and I had no qualms about leaving it.  Now to wait for it to be repaired.  I will most likely be in the states when that happens, but call me Miss Pollyanna, I’m holding out for sooner, rather than later.

They had extra hoops for sale, all kinds of scissors, glue guns, glue sticks, thread, lots and lots of thread.

They also had 3 machines for sale called The Butterfly….from China, of course. However, the machines looked like old Singer machines and were even in wooden sewing machine cases/tables for around $300.  I made the comment that I’m almost tempted to buy one of those so I’m not without a sewing machine!  I should have taken a picture of his face and the look I got….it was one of those priceless moments!

Then we headed to Jalepenos – Normans in Alajuela for a great lunch.

Pura Vida for now – I’m a really happy camper having found La Bobina!

A while back I was visiting at a friend’s house, Shirley’s, and commented on a most unusual piece of art she had hanging on the wall….it was made out of river rock – yes, stones!

I was put in touch with Rosita, that envisions the most unusual out of this medium.  Got the word this week, that my “piece was done.

picoutastoneIt’s our family portrait, Mark, me, Amy and Becky and it was completed with our 4 dogs!!!  Unbelievable that this is made out various stones that come from beaches and rivers in Guanacaste.

Rosita’s husband made the frame….It’s already on the wall!!!


June 20th, I celebrated my second anniversary of calling Costa Rica home!  First of all, I can’t believe it’s been two years…guess time flies when you love where you are.

The reason I used “I’ve” in the title is Mark didn’t arrive until July 2.

I actually should have arrived in Costa Rica the day before; but I had to get a crazy letter from my Doctor…..those that need to know, know this… wasn’t able to fly until the following day.

My friend of many years, Cheryl Johnson, came with me.  She handled Sofi and I handled Oliver;  it was really exciting for me.

Flight was pretty non-eventful till we arrived in Costa Rica.  One of my bags didn’t make the flight!

Cheryl and I got the rental vehicle and headed to Bruce and Frances’.  That’s where my bag was to be delivered; and it started raining like crazy; just arriving here, rain, darkness and bright headlights, unfamiliar roads, etc. – that was a little unnerving.  However, it felt like home with the welcome we got from Bruce and Frances!

After awhile, the bag arrived and Frances insisted on guiding us to my new homestead; glad she did! For those that know the road we live on, arriving in the dark, raining, etc., it was nice to have tail lights to follow!

We came in and got settled and promptly headed to bed.  Cheryl got cracked up because I brought a rain gauge with me! But I knew the couple of weeks I was here before Mark, the first question would be “how much rain did you get today”!  And I was right, that was the first question, LOL…..and I was so happy I could tell him.

The first night of my life in my new home-land; 2 of my 4 dogs with me, a great friend to go on this adventure with me….that was the beginning of Pura Vida!

Two years and still loving it;  I keep reading about the people who don’t like it here after they’ve lived  here about this amount of time.  Mark and I moved a lot in the states and to me, it was just another move.  If you are going to move to another country to live, you have to realize you have left the U.S. behind – if you want it to be like the U.S., then don’t make the move!

We love the country, the weather and most of all the Tico people.  We’ve made friends with people from all over the world that have chosen to live here.

Life is what you make it….this is the first time we’ve gotten to choose where we live and for us, it’s been the right choice!!!

Pura Vida…..and year 3 begins!


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