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Yes, I am one of the fortunate ones that has insurance!  However, I’m not sure that being on a government program wouldn’t be better for my wallet!

Our deductible begins in Jan.; however the policy plan goes from Sept – Aug.

What this boils down to is our deductible is only good from Jan – Aug, a whole whopping 8 mos!  And since the policy “changes”, they increase the deductible.  So for the remaining 4 mos., we pay MORE deductible and for this privilege, we also pay more in premiums, which enables them to post record profits! 

Just 2 more years and I’m Medicare eligible….oh, wait, I bet that will change too.  Bring on the Government Health Care Plan…and don’t be slow about it!

For those that are against this health plan, rest assured, that while the Republicans and Democrats are feuding over every little thing, your health care premiums and mine will continue to climb at a rapid rate….you don’t think the insurance companies could be fueling this feud, do you?

And then we’ll have to listen to the poor insurance industry boo hoo how they aren’t “making” any money.  Don’t buy it, people, they are making lots of money, and with some companies, they are making record profits!

Yep, I live in KY where  our state government has run off all but a couple of insurance companies!!!

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