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Pictures sometimes don’t do justice!  LOL  Had 2 sets of 5 coordinating bags to embroider; 2 make-up bags (sm. and large), a tote, a duffle bag and a garment bag.  I think they turned out pretty well, altho’ I’m only showing you one set.

Headed to the metropolis of Clarksville and visited a friend with a commercial embroidery machine.  Did some on that machine and some on a regular embroidery machine.  Thank you Gayla!

It was fun even tho’ I was in a time crunch to get home to play Bunco!  So fun, I left all my supplies…and probably a few brain cells.

FYI: I played horribly at Bunco (like there’s a skill involved) and even worse today at bowling.

Still recovering from hand surgery in July and am now thinking that perhaps a hand replacement is the way to go!

I’m 63 years old and have never been to a rally/march….maybe I’m working on my bucket list, but I felt this one was a great one to attend.  Called my friend, Sandra, from Texas, because she’s the only one I could think of that would  go with me.

Wasn’t sure what to expect….mean spirited yelling, out of hand crowds mowing people down, pushing, shoving, yelling obscenities, etc.  It was none of that!  The crowd at this Rally was a happy bunch of people, lots of smiling, laughing, conversing with strangers, and some of the funniest signs ever!

The mall was very crowded – I’ve never been amongst that many people!  After a while, I turned to Sandra and said “I’ve got to get to the outer edge, I’m getting claustrophobic!”  So we worked our way to the edge and sat on the curb, which for some reason you could actually hear better.  And as far as seeing any of the jumbo-trons, forget it, when you’re my height!  This is probably a good time to tell all you people that “wear” backpacks….the next one that hits me in the face, I will take you down!  Stomp on your head and pretend I’m a Rand Paul supporter!

I will add some pics of my favorite signs at the end of this post.

I’m thrilled that I went to this Rally…and can never thank Sandra enough for going with me!!!

All it takes for our government to work is civility and working together…which means listening, not yelling, not demanding “your way” is the only right way….like Jon Stewart says (not using quotes because I’m para-phrasing); every day people all over the country WORK together and get the job done except for our elected officials.  (and he pointed to the Capitol Building.)  No one party has all the right answers and no one party has all the wrong answers!  It’s called teamwork!

Here come a few pics folks:  (click on them to make them larger and you’ll be able to read the signs).






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