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WOW!  Sunday afternoon was an exciting couple of hours!  Enchanted Yarn and Fiber had a yarn tasting to celebrate the new arrivals of yarn, books, etc. for fall.

We each received a “goodie bag” of “nests” of yarn of all the new stuff.  Then we were to knit a few rows and critique how we felt about using the yarn, etc.  What fun!!!

I’ve decided I’m a “frog tree yarn” kind of gal.  I loved all the different Frog Tree yarns sampled – so soft and easy to work with.

I understand this will be a yearly event – not only was the yarn good, but the goodies to eat were delicious too!

Lots of people were there and a GREAT time was had by all!!!  If you missed it, you must go next year!

Just wanted to type 08/08/08! LOL

Not a real big group on Friday but sitting outside at Panera with the wonderful breeze blowing and very low humidity….ah….it was Paradise!

Guess I’d better get used to humidity – we’re headed to Belize for a week of vacation in the rain forest and visiting Mayan Ruins.  Going to be a relaxing trip not a go-go-go-go trip. (I hope!)

Taking a few books with me; haven’t decided if I’m taking some knitting or not. The darn TSA can be so picky sometimes and I’m not willing to have my project and needles confiscated.  Altho’ I may stick it in checked backage, which of course is now going to cost us.  The way things are today, it may not be worth flying much longer.  When we have to step on the friggin’ scales to board, they will have lost me as a passenger! And that’s not a joke!

Having a couple stay at the house with the dogs which is easier on them. I just hope Sofi doesn’t escape – she’s such a little escape artist, one blink and she’s gone.

Busy week getting ready – and playing in a golf tournament on Weds. – sure hope my partner plays well that day because I’m sure my mind won’t be on playing golf!

While I have to admit, sometimes when Kathie Lee Gifford was on Regis and Kathie Lee, I did get a chuckle out of some of the things she said. However, while walking through the living room earlier this week and hearing her tell Hoda that she needed to find a man, husband, whatever, this is what popped into my mind….

                 Not everyone needs an old sugar daddy (Frank Gifford) to support her while she tries to further her TV career, father her children, and have affairs that are reported and humiliate the whole family. 

She can thank her lucky stars that I was NOT sitting on the set with her because I would have bitch-slapped her over and over asking her what business it was of hers.  I cannot imagine how Hoda must have felt but being the professional that she is, she smiled a forced smile and didn’t say much.

And then Kathie Lee has the nerve to talk about dating a younger man – hmmm, while married to Frank and while he was cheating?, before the marriage?….

NBC this is a request…..dump Kathie Lee for being so unprofessional – obviously, she thinks she’s funny – she’s just obnoxious!


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I’ve been on the run and on the go so much, I just wasn’t able to get out of bed to go play golf this morning! Besides, according to local TV, it was going to rain from midnight on and outbreaks of showers all day…Yeah, right!

It was hot, sunny and horribly muggy all day.

But I did get some work done around the house, but barely made a dent in what should be done. LOL  My life story – she tried but ran out of time and energy!

Getting ready to have a yarn de-stashing sale; I’ll never knit this up because of the time element; desire is there, tho’.

With leaving for Belize, yes, the Belize in Central America, yes, I know it’s a third world country, so is Jamaica, Mexico, etc.  Going to check out the rain forest, etc.  Staying in a resort at the edge of the rain forest and will go to sleep (?) listening to the howling monkeys jump through the trees….looking forward to seeing parrots and macaws in the wild as well as other critters, big and small.

I just heard Dr. Oz and Oprah say that cleaning your house can make you sick!  That’s all I needed to hear…as soon as I hit post, I’m throwing away all cleaning liquids, etc. 

Because if THEY say it, it has to be true!

I was having a bummer of a day until I heard this statement….I predict Merry Maids will be out of business soon! LOL

         Had this horrible mess from my beautifully acid dyed yarn on July 22…….  



And on August 5, 15 days later and having gone through many hands for assistance, it looks like this…..hurray for me!  I don’t know whether to knit it or have it stored under glass! LOL



I’m happy to report that Baby Benjamin is doing well.  Today sometime he’ll be removed of all tubes except for the feeding tube.  Dr. relayed to Penny this morning that this is an easy baby!  I’m sure a lot of Mom’s in the NICU would love to hear that!

Will take more pictures while I’m down there and attempt to video a little too.  He’s now back up to birth weight which was 3 lbs. 8 oz. 

I’ll keep you posted as to when he gets his first haircut! LOL

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Ah….yes, I’m still in the Mama Mia phase and like to called the Dancing Queen!  And, bless Velma’s little pea-pickin’ heart, she made me a castle cake, from scratch with fresh strawberries and cool whip for topping.  Altho’ she did declare that cool whip could be used for other things!  We won’t go there for the time being. LMAO

It was so fun!  I thoroughly enjoyed my day – but sharing it with friends and to be at my favorite yarn shop, who wouldn’t enjoy it.  Got some great gifts, some funny, some sweet and the most precious birthday cards from the children of the yarn shop.  These kids are the other end of the spectrum and not like Children of the Corn altho’ Children of the Yarn Shop might make a good book or movie.  They are so darn precious you can’t help but love them!

I’m going to share the “lovley poem” one of them wrote for me: note: I’m typing it verbatim, misspellings and all.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Knighting (knitting) is awsome and so are you.  Then it was signed “with all the love I have”   brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it!

Thanks to all for a great day and I look forward to many more parties there!

Teensy tiny baby Benjamin was taken off the respirator; using a c-pap; and is now down to just using a nose tube thingy (like my medical descriptions?) for breathing assistance, only if needed. ie: he gets tired of breathing on his own and this kicks in.  Think how that little baby must get worn out breathing for himself sometimes.

His head scan came back that he had a grade 2 bleed in the brain…however, Drs. have reassured mom that they do not worry about grade 1’s and 2’s, it’s just the higher ones.

I’ll be going down again on Sunday to stay with Penny till sometime on Monday.  Can you imagine the stress she’s under with a 3 year old at home, and this going on! 

Baby Benjamin still needs our good thoughts and wishes!

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