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This is my prized possession, Nola. Sad to say, I’m going to sell her; I find I’m taking it too many places to spin and it’s just too heavy for me to continue that, with the degenerative disc disease in my neck.  But I’ve already got another wheel picked out!

Bought her in 5/08; she has 2 coats of tung oil on her – could probably use another coat but I was anxious to start spinning.  Comes with 3 bobbins and since this is one of the first one’s made, the back side is smooth and waiting for an embellished job.  If you are interested in her, please email me:   If you should be in fairly close proximity (3 hours or less), I would be happy to meet you if you think my Nola will fill your needs. You can also see more about the Mach 1 at

Jeez, can’t believe I’m as old as I am!!!  Yikes – one leg completely over the fence…

I received the best birthday gift ever!!!  Well, actually 2 birthday gifts ever….husband shaved off his beard this morning! YIPPEE!!  And then….ta da….he gave me a gift certificate for my favorite yarn shop, Enchanted Yarn and Fiber worth $10,000!!!  Yes, $10,000!  RoLynn and Ashley, start packing up everything on the outer walls, on all the inner tables, all the Namaste things, I’m pretty well set on needles so I won’t take those….oh, and let’s see, how about 3-4 spinning wheels.  I’ll leave one there to work on, and bring the others home and have one in each area of the house I tend to “sit”!

Meeting hubby for lunch at Mandolin; then getting a massage at 4 p.m. – yep, Happy Birthday to me!

This is Baby Benjamin and Mom, Penny, holding him for the first time.  Benjamin chose make a grand entrance into the world by arriving 10 weeks early  by emergency c-section.  He was immediately transferred to Vanderbilt’s NICU.  He’s doing well or as the Dr. this morning said “excellent”.  Notice all the hair – he even has sideburns – therefore, I’m calling him Elvis.

Mom is now getting to hold the vial of milk to feed him which has been upped to 6 cc’s as of this morning.

I stayed with her last night at the Ronald McDonald House, what a place! Please support it when you have the opportunity!  Spent all day yesterday with her in the NICU and most of the morning; another friend will be there tonight with her.  Poor Mom is so stressed out she’s developed the “nasty” (fever blister, but it’s healing nicely).  She figures she’ll be able to give him his first kiss by the week-end.

It was so touching when she got to hold him; tears streamed down her face! Talk about a “well-loved” baby! He has no clue how lucky he is!!!!!

Last week-end was the Braves & Squaws tournament at our club.  It’s a biggie – well over 200 played in this event.  (My husband refers to it as the “Twits and Twats”.)

It was soooo hot; I don’t know how the people that play in the afternoon tee-off time, make it through 18 holes…oh wait, yes, I do to know…it’s called the Beer Babe. LOL

We had a great time with really fun people to play with….we didn’t play well enough to win anything! Somehow, I’ve got to come up with a solution to keep hubby on track to play 2 days in a row and understand it takes both of us to hit off the tee (he suddenly decided he didn’t need to tee off!) No wonder I can hardly move today – too much weight on my shoulders. LOL

Will be heading to Nashville shortly and a stay at Vanderbilt.  A really close friend’s daughter had a premature baby and the mother wants to stay down there till the baby comes home.  She had to have an emergency c-section 11 weeks early; my shift to stay with the mom is tonight.

Having had a daughter that had a brain aneurysm I certainly understand her wanting to be there…I’ve slept in waiting rooms too.

She’s hoping to get in to the Ronald McDonald house tonight. If not, we’re getting a motel room – she needs her sleep as well to get healed from her ordeal also.

Isn’t this yarn just gorgeous?  I took an acid-dyeing class at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber and this was result of what I dyed.  I wish I could say the mangled mess is because of EY&F but I can’t! LOL

I have a good friend, Sandra, that lives in Texas and has been known to sit up most of the night helping me untangle yarn messes like this.  Where in the heck is she when I need her?

I will get it untangled and I will get it wound, and I will get it posted when it’s wound.  It’s the most beautimus yarn ever.

If you’ve never tried dyeing, whether with kool-aid or acid dyes, you must do it before you die!  It ranks right up there with one of the 7 wonders of the world!

Movie opened Friday and I’ve already seen it twice!  I love the friggin’ music!  Even downloaded Dancing Queen on my cell phone, so readers and friends, feel free to ring me up any old time and envision me dancing to the phone.

And….when I see it the next time, I’m sitting in the back row, so I can get up and “dance”.

Pierce Brosnan is definitely NOT a singer – I close my eyes and pretend it’s Tom Selleck or Michael Jordan to get through his songs – I thought he would never quit singing at the reception.

Meryl Streep was wonderful and when I grow up, I want to be her!

Oh, and my bowling team, I’ve got our Halloween costumes for this year! Guess?????

After the “FUN PEOPLE” saw Mamma Mia we decided to celebrate Aubrey’s pretend birthday party! Yes, at El Mazatlan, where they smear your birthday dessert on your face!

Fun stuff, with fun people – Aubrey’s a good sport.

And Happy Pretend Birthday to you, Aubrey…


Bunco Babes had a great time on the houseboat last Monday night – on the Taj Mahal of houseboats!

Laughed, and laughed till all hours – was a short 4 hour night of semi-sleep! Please click on the link in the right column that alludes to a cleavage contest.

There will be a prize for the winner of this contest at Bunco in August – and yes, I will take a picture of her with her prize!
Who Has The Best Cleavage?
( polls)

If anyone is interested, I know of 2 Mach 1 spinning wheels for sale; one finished with tung oil with 3 bobbins and has a plain back so it can be personalized; the other one is stained a dark brown with Mach 1 on the back side and comes with 1 bobbin.

Just a quickie update on Athletic Weds. – shot a 93 today; had a birdie, a chip in and missed a hole in one by 6 inches!

Now for Bunco on Monday, 7/14 – one of our members of the Bunco group has a Taj Mahal houseboat! She decided to have Bunco on the Boat and then we could spend the night if we wanted.  This is just a little tease until I have time to get the pictures downloaded.  There was a cleavage contest – I have the golf pro and his asssistant agreeing to judge the photo contest.  Then there was so much laughing, etc. (and I’m sure a little dribbling in the panties) that our jaws and sides ached from it.

In a nutshell….the only thing we forgot was a banner on the railing “Bunco Broads on a gone wild Boat”.

Outcome:  I’m too old for staying up till 3ish a.m. – and trying to get by on 4 hours of sleep! LOL

VOTE HERE! Bunco Women Gone Wild