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Came home from golfing this afternoon and couldn’t figure out why my shins and ankles hurt so much. Then I sat down at the spinning wheel to treadle, and lo and behold, I know why they hurt!

Hmmmm…..I’m either treadling too fast or too hard and I’m positive it’s NOT because I’m out of shape!

I sure hope I have as much fun trying to spin today as I did a few weeks ago!

Before hubby left for work he asked me what I was going to do….told him we’re (Velma, Jan, Sally) going to the new yarn shop, Enchanted Yarn and Fiber.  He said “are you bringing home your spinning wheel”? – said I wanted to try it again before I made a decision!  Hmmm…..he’s thinking along the right lines!

Probably thinks I’ll stay home more if I have a spinning wheel – IF I get one, it will be a portable one! LOL

Why oh why is this so intriguing to me?  I guess because I don’t know how to do it!  And it helps that someone who does spin is so willing to teach it!

Sh…’s  a secret, she doesn’t know I want to spin tomorrow! LOL  Yeah, right, who am I kidding!!!

Started this project about 2 weeks ago and with golf season getting underway, I hope it’s finished before the end of the summer! LOL

Am using U.S.A. Yarns Hope in Peach Blossom.  It’s a very pretty color!  Purchased from Enchanted Yarn and Fiber.  I cannot wait till this place opens for real – it’s now in a “pretend mode” but is on track to open May 13th with lots of fanfare! 

I’ve previously posted and urged everyone to check out  For as little as $25 you can make a loan to a person or persons in a third world country and it can make such a difference in their lives.

I received notification yesterday that one of my loans has been completely repaid (in 2 mos!).  Now to find a person to loan that re-payment to. 

Since I like working with my hands and creating, I’ve decided, I’m only going to loan to people that are requesting money for their tailoring business, selling fabrics, weaving fabric, making jewelry, etc.  By the time I get through looking through the list of people requesting loans, some of the loans have been fulfilled! There was a group of men that make the most gorgeous wooden baby cradles and by the time I got back to their info, someone had already loaned the $25 to fulfill their request. DARN!  Guess that’s what I get for being so picky!

I know I can’t save the world but making these loans sure makes me feel like I’m helping do my part….along with re-cycling!

Readers – please check it out!

I never miss American Idol; however, yesterday I must have had a brain fart and forgot it was Tuesday…because off to Barnes and Noble I went to knit!

From what I’ve seen on CNN, it’s time for Brooke to vanish!  I’m tired of her little pouty expressions (she’s a little old for that!)  But what I don’t understand is one other time she forgot the lyrics and was told by the judges that she did the right thing by starting over; but apparently last night Randy and Simon told her she should have never started over after forgetting the lyrics!

I think Kristie should have made it through last week and Brooke should have gone – another Jr. High pouty moment for her.  Certainly, this week she’ll be packing!

On a brighter moment, I did enjoy knitting last night – till I woke up this morning and realized I missed American Idol. LOL

Maybe I got off kilter in my thinking because hubby was home to put up a new gazebo in the backyard; silly me, didn’t realize I was his helper – we don’t normally work well together on things like this; he gets upset with me because I can’t read his mind on what he means when he’s telling me what to do! LOL

PS: I made a beer run at 11 a.m.!

I’m still debating on whether I want to learn to spin or not.  Anyone have any pointers?  I usually make pro and con lists when I’m trying to decide on something – this one has me stymied! LOL

Then, how do you decide which spinning wheel is for you?  I’m going to try the Mach 1 – as soon as the repair part comes in that was damaged in shipping.  The treadle part of this wheel was unbelievably smooth.

At least I’ve 2 “mentors” that I trust in giving me info – hear that RoLynn and Ashley? LOL

How wonderful to be able to try the wheels out before making the committment. Thanks, gals!

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