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We have the best friends in Costa Rica!!!  Antano’s, Yaddixa and Sandra, invited us to have an anniversary dinner there.  As usual, we were not disappointed.

A beautiful arrangement of flowers on the table.   And a delicious dinner – with special friends, what could be better!

Sandra wasn’t there because she was “under the weather”; she’s better now!

We met Sandra and Yaddixa the first time we came to Costa Rica.  We were staying at Frances’ and Bruce’s Lighthouse Animal Rescue in 2011.  They took us to Antano’s to eat, and the friendship blossomed from there.

However, when we moved here, I was beside myself, beause Antano’s wasn’t where it was 6 mos. earlier….panic set it; but I found where they moved!!!

Whenever we’ve had guests come, we always take them to Antano’s…..because you know your food is good!

A big thank you to the Yaddixa and Sandra and the staff at Antano’s for making our 47th anniversary special!!!

OMG!  47 years is a life time!!!

Pura Vida…..

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I am headed to KY on Sept. 1…..along with these FreakFlops for a friend.  I think I might be a FreakFlop mule. (That’s what we call having friends bring us things from the states. Only I’m taking Costa Rican things to the US.

These are so neat…..if they get dirty, just use a scrub brush to clean them up.  They come in so many different designs.

I am their favorite customer!!!

So, anyone in Bowling Green, KY, check out their Facebook page and if you want me to bring you some, just let me know which ones and what size!!!

Pura Vida…..see you soon KY.

I’ve taken the leap!!!  Been using CAJA for dental work. CAJA is the government health insurance you have to be a part of when living in Costa Rica.

When you’re “elderly” it’s a plus in this country…..on the first Monday of the month, only seniors can stand in line to get an appointment.

Last month, one of my friends’ “workers” went with me to show me what to do.  It’s not rocket science!  Show your carnet (didn’t even ask for proof of payment for CAJA, or to see my cedula.  My first appointment was 2 weeks after making it.

I need a follow up appointment and today was “senior appointment” day!  When I drove up, the line in front of CAJA was really long, really, really long.  The gate to the parking lot wasn’t even open.  I thought by getting there at 6:30 a.m., I would be in the front part – wrong.  So I parked the car on the street beside CAJA and realized there was another line…..and it looked to be full of elderly people.

Dylana, Nazareth, and Gabriel rode in with me to go school; picked up another guy on the road.  As we got out of the car I asked Dylana if that was the line for old people!  She looked at me and gave me a big grin and nodded yes.

Finally, at 7, the gates opened.  The majority of people in line in front of CAJA were there to make Dr. appointments, I needed a dental appointment.  I was probably 12-15th in line……no biggie… appointment next Tuesday morning!

And I was home by 7:30 a.m.

And I did it all by myself!!!!

Pura Vida!

We have a regular dentist that we’ve been using.  They claim they will call us every 6 months for a cleaning; however, I have noticed that the only time they seem to call us is during the season when they don’t have as many patients, such as rainy season.

Since we are paying for CAJA and they have a dentist there, I decided it was time to use what we are paying for!

Steffi was kind enough to allow me to borrow Ana Cecelia to go with me and show me the ins and outs of getting an appointment.

We arrived about 6:45 a.m., yes, a.m., to stand in line to get an appointment.  Appointments are given out starting at 7 a.m.  There may have been 10-12 people in front of us, but a lot more behind us.

I had our cedula’s, carnets, and receipt of payment for July.  When it was our turn, Ana Cecelia just handed her the carnets.  Never asked for current proof of payment or our Cedula’s.  So, just like that, we both have dental appointments for July 16th.  WOO HOO!!!

Before I left to meet Ana Cecelia, Mark had asked when I thought we’d get an appointment….I figured it would be great if it was August or September.  I realize our age got us earlier appointments.

Just a little side note:  I’ve never seen so many people walking around holding their jaw as if they were in pain.  Pretty sure extraction was in their future.

All in all, a huge thank you to Steffi for letting me borrow Ana Cecelia; was fairly easy to do; standing in line and waiting is just part of the Pura Vida life!

When Amy was little – 3ish, she loved the program The Price is Right.  She always wanted to play The Price is Right; however, she was always, Bom (Bob) Barker.  Yep, she called him Bom Barker!!!

I can remember walking up the street about a half a block to some friends.  Amy always wanted to play The Price is Right when we went anywhere. We had good friends because they obliged her always getting to be Bom Barker.

This is when we lived in Bay City, Michigan.  From there we moved to Booneville, Missouri.  John and Joyce, friends of Bom Barker, LOL, decided to throw us a going away party.  Even inviting our parents that lived a 3 hour drive away.  I remember my Dad walking into their background, looking at me, and said “my you run with a very fertile crowd”.

And I was 8 mos. pregnant with child #2 when we moved.  I remember my first Drs. appointment then. I called and said we had just moved there and I was pregnant and needed an appointment.  The nurse said do you have any idea how far along you are?  I responded 8 months!  There must have been two minutes of silence and then she calmly said, can you come in tomorrow.

When I met the Dr. the next day, he walked into the examining room laughing.  I knew I would like him right then and there!  He said, yesterday when you called, you certainly caused a lot of commotion in the front office.  I just said well as long as everyone is on their toes, I’ll be happy!

More Pura Vida memories!

Many years ago when daughter #1, Amy, was about 2 and a half years old, we went to FL to escape the winter in Bay City, MI.

Because of her age, we also took the potty chair!  Mark got tired of driving and decided I should drive and he would get in the back of our Datsun station wagon and “entertain” her.  She loved her potty chair and used it frequently. I said we’ll never get to FL at the rate we’re going, stopping to empty it to what seemed all the time.  Therefore, I made the decision that Mark could just throw it out the window of the car….afterall, it was just pee!

By the time we got to FL, there was a streak of died pee all along the side of the car!  Mark is worried about the finish on the car, I’m laughing hysterically.

We were staying at a park that rented tents with beds, cooking facilities (oh joy), etc.  And we were right across the street from the park.  Amy loved playing there.  She always wanted to go there, but after dinner would look out the tent door and say “it’s dawk at the pawk”……(dark at the park).  She was not happy when it became dark because she knew she couldn’t go there to play.

One day we decided to go to a drive-thru zoo.  Amy is sitting in the back of the car…..we are pointing out animals left and right to her.  She wasn’t acknowledging anything.  I turned around and looked at her.  She had taken all her clothes off and was sitting there with her winter jacket on, hood up!  I asked her “what are you doing” – she calmly replied “I’m freezing hot.”  There was no explaining to a child that age you are either freezing or  hot, but you are not freezing hot.  So, she rode thru the drive thru zoo, naked as a jay-bird with her winter coat on.  And yes, sitting on her potty chair. We took that thing everywhere!  Even to the beach.

Fun times, funny memories!

Pura Vida for today.

Aunt Fran's 100th

Aunt Frances turned 100 years old!!!  Not sure if anyone else in the family has reached that distinction!

So happy that the pictures of the celebration were posted on Facebook!  See Facebook can be for good things too.

It was so great to see my 3 cousins too.  Can’t imagine how long it’s been since we’ve been together.

I can’t begin to count all the family  get-togethers that we had.  There was a picture taken with my cousins in front of their Christmas tree when they lived in Indiana. I remember that so well; The tree was on a platform above the floor with the most fabulous train set going around it; not just around the tree, because the platform was so big; included a village, etc.

Aunt Frances and Uncle Ward, John, Pete and Jane left Indiana and moved to Colorado.  They came back to Indiana and we were having a family reunion at a park in Fort Wayne, IN.  The main entree was Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Finger lickin’ good, yep!  However, some of us got food poisoning from it sitting out in the heat.  My Mom and I were the only ones that got sick in our house; Mark and I were dating and he went to the reunion with me.  He got sick too!  At that time our house only had one bathroom and all I could think of is one more person gets sick, where are they  going to throw up?  Mom and I took turns throwing up in the bathtub or the toilet. Kelly was pretty young and pretty upset that we were sick.  Every time we went in the bathtub, she would say to Dad, “they will get better” only it was asked more like a question.  We always refer to that time as the time we got Kentucky Fried Fever!!

Others from the reunion got sick too.  Dad waited a days to call Aunt Fran’s house to see if they had gotten sick.  My Uncle Ward told him “Yep, it was the cheapest trip back to Colorado because all they had to buy was Pepto Bismol.”

Such great fond family  memories!

Sue, thanks so much for posting this….and…..

A Happy 100th Birthday to Aunt Frances!

Last night I had a weird nightmare.  One of those kind that you know you are yelling out in your sleep, but can’t wake up!  Mark shook me awake…..

It was the middle of the night, a dark and stormy night…..I had to go to the bathroom, of course!  Quietly got out of bed and walked to the bathroom in the dark, then flipped on the light!  Good Grief!  There was a naked man sitting on the edge of the tub reading a  newspaper!

Now, the interesting thing is, our house doesn’t have a tub, only showers.  And we don’t get a newspaper….I’ve decided I shouldn’t watch Game of Thrones or Justified before going to bed.

Pura Vida!

Lots of fiestas this December!  The month has flown by……

Christmas with our Tico neighbors was so much fun……and noisy…….just the way it should be!  Kids were thrilled with their gifts – gave Moises and Gabriel noisy toys, guitar, drum and a tambourine.  I thought they could have a parade on the street behind us, but they preferred parading in the house! lol   Pictures and video on Facebook.

Then this past Monday we were invited to a wedding in Manuel Antonio.  It was small and very nice.  Held at the pool of Costa Verde II.  A bridge decorated with greenery and flowers was put over the pool and wedding party arrived over the bridge.  The flower girl was really tickled with getting to walk over the bridge….doing so many times.  She also had a small iguana pinned to the front of her dress (picture on Facebook.)  I can’t believe, I didn’t get a picture of the bride and groom….to busy keeping hydrated, I guess!  They looked extremely happy!!!!

It was hot, very hot!  I would like to know how the bridal party kept their make-up from running!  They didn’t even look hot or sweaty!!!  However, the bridgegroom did mop his brow many times!

The drive over there seemed endless because of the traffic.  Was bumper to bumper on 27 to Orotina.  Took us 3 hours to get there!  We left early because of that – and even later it still took us 3 hours to get home.  I should have kept track of how many cars we passed with no tail lights or headlights!  Even passed a wheel chair going along the edge of the road, but the passenger did have a helmet on, altho’ no lights.

As 2014 comes to a close tonight, I wish everyone a Happy 2015 – may it be better than 2014!!!!

Pura Vida!!!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Halloween! I love getting dressed up…..Have a Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) costume and use Sofi as my little Toto.

For some reason, this year, Halloween has come, is here, NOW!  I have not one decoration out….even Nazareth and Dylana noticed.  For some reason, I’m just not into this year!  Old age, I hope not.

When I was in the states in September, I really should have looked at costumes.  Just too darn difficult to drag back to CR.  Next year will be different, I’ll go all out for it!

Joanne/Brooke drag out that biker babe costume …. will give the streets of Atenas something to howl at next year!

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