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Taking a deep breath….yep, the time is almost here and I’m outta here!

Still tons of packing to do, according to hubby.  My friend, Cheryl, coming from IL just called and all flights got cancelled…now she won’t be here till tomorrow! BUMMER!  Because of weather all flights were cancelled…..sometimes mother nature just isn’t nice.

Had a wonderful dinner last night with Rick and Gayle; it was their anniversary and they chose to spend it with us! LOL  Makes us feel special….the food was sooooo good!

I think the thing I will miss most will be friends!  We’ve moved many times – lived in 5 different states, and soon to be 2 different countries.

Even tho’ many people think we’re making a mistake and have told us that, they have no clue the amount of research we’ve done to take this big adventure!  And far be it that I would EVER tell someone they are making a big mistake if they were doing this.  Some people spend their whole lives living inside the box, and we know there’s a whole big world out there just waiting to be experienced! And we are the people to do it!!!

And I would like to point out that these negative people have no clue where Costa Rica is!  They think it’s an island!  And these same people would never ever think to check out the country on their own before offering their criticism.

It’s certainly obvious when making a major move like this, just who your true friends are!  And those are the ones that will be welcome for a visit!







and to all that attended!  Can’t go wrong with food at Guadalajara; Margaritas were huge and billed as small pitchers; which made for a great laugh!!!

For dessert, Terri made pink champagne cupcakes decorated with pink pearls; they were to die for.  She has really missed her calling because she’s a great cook and a wonderful friend!  Thanks Terri…..

Was fun to see so many faces from the different things I’m involved in….bowling, bunco and knitting;

I can’t wait to see who will come visit us…..

Been a tough week in the weight department!  Too many parties and too much to eat!  And going through lots of emotions!

I love my friends, I love eating, but I don’t like the “good-byes”.  As one friend put it, I’m not saying good-bye; but see ya’ later!  I think that’s a good one.

Another set of friends instead of having a good-bye party, chose to have an early birthday party for me; including a birthday cupcake from Gigi’s – first one  I’ve had and it was dee-lish….. 

 Not much packing was done this week, but finally the sewing room looks empty; still have the embroidery machine to get packed; then I’ll start on the kitchen.  A method to the madness….pack everything in the kitchen and it will be impossible to cook!

Then it will be time to start on the bedroom and packing clothes. 

Down to 8 days till I leave…..

Should make a run to Farmer’s Market this morning, but probably won’t make it!

Adios till later…..

for a really nice going away party. It was supposed to be a surprise party; however, having a  previous committment, I arrived late.  Some would say, I made a grand entrance! LOL

Bowling, golfing and Bunco friends were there; wonderful, wonderful food!  Lots of talking and laughing and of course, lots of questions for me on our next big adventure called life!

Hard to believe that in 12 days I’ll be arriving in Costa Rica, with Cheryl (a friend from living in Monmouth, IL many, many years ago!) and 2 of the four dogs.

Back to packing……UGH!



GULP!  That’s a BIG GULP!  13 days…..YIKES!!!

Received notification today that the container that will hold our worldly possessions is scheduled to be here at 7 a.m. on June 28!!!  Then it will be loaded onto a train and head to the Port of Miami for it’s journey on a ship; then through customs and on a truck and delivered to our door in Costa Rica! Time frame is anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks…..

Different day, different dog, same old story:  Dropped Derby off at the vet this morning. He’s been coughing and sounding like he’s wheezing – most likely it’s allergies or he’s in a panic because of the uproar the house is in. 

Busy week with lots of get togethers to say good bye; should probably lay in a supply of kleenex! LOL

Velma and I made a “flying” trip to Georgia and back to dump (oops, I mean transfer) family heirlooms to Todd and Amy; altho’ Amy was MIA on the trip.

Traveling through Georgia was another experience!  I have never seen so much construction and so many cops!  I swear there was a cop every 2 miles and every 4th mile, one had blue flashing lights with a car pulled over.  Therefore, it was very difficult to make “time” but I’m happy to say I stayed close to the speed limit.

The next problem was the construction…it was everywhere! But I don’t understand how everything can be marked construction, when there was obviously nothing going on!  BIG SIGH….but we made it.

I think there was only one DQ stop at Velma’s request. LOL  At least that’s all I can remember.

We stopped for pecans, peaches and gas; and lo and behold, there was a TJ Maxx near the gas station….by the way gas was $3.40/gallon and talk about a jam at the pumps…

Home about 6:30ish p.m.; and in bed by 8:30 p.m.  I was just plain beat…but that’s one trip down and I don’t think any more to go.

Next week is a busy week; Tuesday to Clarksville; Thursday lunch with former co-workers; Friday lunch with knitters and Saturday evening dinner with friends!  Whew….and then the 7 day count down begins…..

I could pack much faster if I didn’t have to fix meals and do laundry!



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Heading to Valdosta, GA today to meet Toddo and give him those precious family heirlooms. (LOL)  Will be home tomorrow night.

A nice break from packing.  I wish we were wealthy enough to just call someone and say “take this crap away”….and then I would just buy new crap in Costa Rica!

Mark even tried to bribe the shipper to send me an email saying we were limited to 200 boxes.  We’re well over that already and haven’t started in the kitchen or bedroom!

There is a God in the shipping business who said “relax, most people have 300 – 400+ boxes” .  We’ll have more than that because some boxes we’re using are small.

Going to enjoy the 48 hours away from packing, the dogs, etc.

By the way, the dogs aren’t handling the turmoil very well!  Oliver “gnaws” on any body part he can reach; Sofi has destroyed the top of her foot; Derby barks more than ever and poor Sedona has started to put weight back on – probably needs another thyroid check. 

Oh well, just part of the adventure, I guess.

So for now…..Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to Georgia I go…..tada!

Yes, I think I am prepared for the BIG ADVENTURE!  However, last evening, when hubby unhooked the Big Ass TV in the living room, reality set in.  Guess it takes a TV!  No TV in the living room till I leave?  AAAGHGHGHG…..can I do it? No, it’s not that I sit and watch it alot, I have it on for the noise.  Guess I’m one of those people that needs constant sound.

Made lots of progress in the sewing room yesterday.  I have decided that I have enough yarn and fabric that I could open a shop!  Hmmmm……maybe that’s what I should do in Costa Rica.  Nah, then it would be work.

Too many “eating get togethers” to say good-bye, is not boding well with my body! LOL   We both are looking forward to having fresh fruits and veggies YEAR AROUND!  And we have plans to visit lots of Ferria’s (I think that’s how it’s spelled) (Farmer’s Markets); each little town has their own…and many, many road side stands.  I predict that within a month, we’ll be on a first name basis and laughing at my Spanish and their English!  It’s all about attitude, folks!

Heading to Valdosta, GA this week-end to meet Todd (son-in-law) to hand off a bunch of family heirlooms (ie: junque, junk) and the Big Ass TV.  Gonna be a quick trip, down on Friday and home on Saturday.  Velma is going with me and since the car will be empty on the ride home, I’m thinking a few breaks for shopping will be in order.

Back to the order of the day….packing, packing, packing.

Do I think we’re ready?  In the words of Sarah Palin….”you betcha!”




Made more progress in the sewing room yesterday and unless I run out of supplies, that room should be empty by tonight.  WOO HOO!

The kitchen will be tackled next. Will take more time because of needing to pack the glass stuff well.  But I did invest in some fine plastic china from Walgreen’s (and of course China) because you can only drop glass things once on tile (generally). And I foresee droppage as a new past time. (Tee hee)

Off to the sewing room and making more progress!

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