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One of my best friends in Bowling Green, KY lost her husband early Halloween morning.  Halloween is her favorite holiday and her house is decked out in a “million witches” besides other Halloween decor.

Velma’s husband, Jim, was my age…..and I am not ready in my life for friends to start dying.  I don’t handle death well.  And being in Costa Rica is tough on me because I feel like I need to be there for Velma.  However, I was just there 6 weeks ago.

I would stay at Velma’s and Jim would pick on me relentlessly!  However, me being the Mouth from the South, just dished it right back to him.  We had such good times together!

I’m sad for Velma, Jason, their son, Denise, their daughter, but most of all Eli and Farrah, his young grandkids.  Jim loved going to watch Eli play baseball; I went to one of his games when I was there in Sept. and it was hysterical.  (He’s in kindergarten).  Farrah is 4 and a young Diva in the making; an absolutely adorable little girl.

It should be a rule that God does not take people from mid-October till after the first of the year.  For some reason, losing loved ones around the holidays seems to be the worst – probably because of the previous memories and excitement for the new holidays coming.

I know this has been devastating for Velma and I feel so sorry for her – we all know we’re going to lose our husbands or wives eventually, but this was just too damn early!  Yes, God, I am angry with you – he had lots of things to teach those little grandkids.

This is going to be so tough on Velma but I know she can handle it.  She keeps telling me she feels lost.  I keep telling her it’s baby steps and she’ll get through it.  She has many friends and I know they will help her.

It’s times like this that it’s tough living so far away….I do call her frequently and we cry and laugh, which is good for her.  She started laughing about something we were talking about and then she said, “I’m sorry, I guess I shouldn’t be laughing.”  I told her to laugh all she wants…..because we’re laughing about memories and what good are they, if you can’t enjoy them.

Today is probably the worst day of her life so far because it’s the funeral.  And it will be a military funeral, which is always so touching.

Velma we love you and our hearts are broken for you… know we’re here if you need us!

Love to you and peace to Jim!


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