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We live a short ways out of Atenas in a little burg called Guacimo.

Many times on our way into town there will be people sitting at the bus stop.  We stop and offer them rides into town.  We wave at everyone on our road, whether they are walking, in a car, riding a horse, etc.

I now get the feeling they know “we are the good guys!”

I decided that I would keep track of how many people we take into town. For the month of January, we gave rides into town to 27 people; yep, picked up 27 “hitchhikers”!

There is one older lady that will come running out of her house to flag me down for a ride – it cracks me up. They always are cheerful when entering the car and extremely grateful for the ride into town.

It’s just one of my ways to pay it forward….

Granted most of the time it’s women heading into town but I’ve taken a fair amount of men too.  The majority of riders are heading into the central market but I’ve taken a fair number into the medical clinic too.

On a side note: I attended the third fiesta of friend’s in 8 days! Sheesh!  I can’t say no because I’m afraid I’ll miss something! LOL  It’s always fun to watch the various people.  Last night’s fiesta was on a street that was filled with all the family; yep, every house on that street…. everyone was related.  This was held at Evania’s (I’m sure that’s not spelled right) house.  Had to go into town first thing this morning to get some blood work done at the lab….walked up to the counter to give the receptionist the list of tests I needed to have done, and all of a sudden I hear “Hola, Nancy” – it was Evania! I didn’t realize she worked at that lab….she came out and greeted me with a big hug! Then she wanted to know if I was inferma? (ill); I was able to explain that I just needed some lab work done! Am sure she was relieved to know I wasn’t sick from eating at her house the previous evening. LOL

Pura Vida from a sunny Costa Rica!

Last Thursday, Shirley, Clara and I went on an adventure.  We headed to Multi-Plaza because “Mama needed a new pair of shoes”.

Was beginning to think I was going to be out of luck, when we happened upon a “sport’s type” store. Wandered in and voila, found almost exactly what I had in mind!!!  And they had them in my size…..had found some at the Clark’s store, but honestly, I do not pay $135 for shoes, EVER!

Now that I’ve worn them for a few days, they are so comfortable.  Found them in a store in Atenas, however, the soles are thinner….I guess as one ages, one needs more support in the foot department – along with other body parts – more support, I mean!  Obviously, I should have taken a pic of them before my “big toe” stained them.



I’m happy, my feet are happy! Pura Vida!

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