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Between watching the WKU Hilltoppers BEAT number 3 ranked U of L Cardinals this afternoon (GO TOPS!), little Sofi decided to join Oliver in his bed.  Only Sofi could worm her way into another dog’s bed!!!  They were both snoozing until they heard me zoom in with the camera.



I’ve been working like a mad fool on this knitted Christmas Stocking – This is the first time I’ve attempted working from a graph – I like it!  I also love the way the top of the stocking is knitted so it looks like a cuff.

This is the Candy Cane Christmas Stocking from Judy’s Colors – kit purchased from .  

I can’t wait to get this one done and start another one!

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Yes, folks, ’tis the season that’s busy for all of us!

Last Monday was hubby’s birthday.  At Bowling for Boobies I won a pizza – yep, his birthday dinner was a pizza from the bowling alley.  However, we did have a fabulous ice cream cake that we’re still eating!

Roasted a 24 lb. turkey for the 2 of us!  I figure I won’t have to cook for at least a week.

Haven’t shopped on Black Friday in years but couldn’t resist some of the “bargains” at Kohl’s.  Of course, now I’m so wore from dragging and I do mean dragging, a shopping bag around the store because I had a butcher block w/14 knives, and a load of silverware for 16!  Man, those two things alone were heavy; stood in line for 45 minutes before reaching the check-out; and then the clerk tried to tell me that the original price on the butcher block, etc. was $199 and on sale for $99 – I DON’T THINK SO! 

So then I yelled “does anyone have a flyer with them” – luckily the lady next in line handed me the “booklet” – found the item and the clerk wasn’t too happy because she had to remove the item and then hand put it in. Of course, after saying to her “I didn’t stand in line for 45 minutes or get up at this ungodly hour, to not receive the price advertised”!

I got it, and then merrily went on my way!  Yes, I was very nice, probably because I was too tired to get really bitchy!  And it’s true “kill them with kindness works”!

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Didn’t this turn out gorgeous?!  For all the aggravation and grief getting this baby started, it was worth it! I love the gentle variations of the dye and will be making more of these!

I would love to tell you who the model is, but I promised to cut off her head.  Isn’t that a true friend that says “make sure you cut off my head”! LOL

I removed the pattern from the previous post because of copywrite policy and then was informed that I changed the pattern enough, there was no infringement so here ’tis again.


Knit the first six rows.

Row 1 of pattern: K3, *k2tog, yo* to last 3 stitches, k those last 3 stitches.

Row 2: K3 stitches, P to the last 3 stitches, K3.

Row 3: K3 stitches, *yo, k2 tog* repeat till the last three stitches, K3.

Row 4: K3, P to the last 3 stitches, K3.

When scarf is desired length end with 6 rows of knitted stitches.

Block.  I’ve just started to use the “wire blockers” thing and if you don’t have that in your stash, ask Santa for it – you won’t regret it!


This was such a cute picture last night on the couch….(L to R) Sofi, Oliver, (how dare you interrupt my sleep with a flash of a camera) and Derby.


Finally finished this scarf!!!  It’s on the “drying board” as I type.

It really is an easy pattern even tho’ I started it over and over and over, probably 8 – 10 times. LOL  Apparently, I was having focus problems.

Used sock weight yarn because I wanted it to be light weight.  More for looks than warmth.  And it’s not as airy as lace knitting.

Cast on: 24 stitches – used a size 3 needle

Row 1- 6:  Knit all stitches

Row 7: K3, *K2 tog, yo, continue to last three stitches, K3

Row 8: K3, P to the last 3 sts, K3

Row 9: K2, *yo K2 tog, continue to last 3 stitches, K3

Row 10: K3, P to the last 3 sts, K3

When you reach the length you want, Knit 6 rows, binding off the 6th row.

——Any type of yarn, any size needles to get the look you want, any length, and frankly, any width.

Have fun knitting away…..

And I can’t believe I haven’t taken a picture of it!  Rest assured, there will be a photo posted sometime this week, maybe even tomorrow!

I have the prettiest ball – it’s leopard print!

Have only had it for a week, so I’m tweaking it and getting used to it…for instance…tonight’s scores were: 95 (go figure), 181 (yep, 4 strikes in a row makes quite a difference!) and 138!  I’m hoping to bowl really good tomorrow when I do bowling for boobs (actually, it’s a Breast Cancer Awareness bowling thing I go to!

Yikes, I bowl 3 days a week!!!!

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