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A friend is interested in learning to knit socks. I love to knit and was really excited that she wanted to learn too.

Too make sure I didn’t forget any necessities, I emailed a couple knitting friends that live in the states.

These are the two answers I received:

tape measure, small scissors, needle measure doodad, needles to sew ends in

Post its, measuring tape, flask, chocolate, big needle point protectors, page protectors,
high lighter tape

I’ve been looking on one of my favorite knitting websites, Knit Picks. I’ve made a list of items that I think she absolutely needs:

6 inch Harmony Wood Double Pointed Knitting Needle Set

Double Ended Crochet Hook set for picking up dropped stitches

Stitch Markers

View Sizer – this is a needle sizer, measures stitches and rows, and gauges

Heel Foot Cream by SOAK (This is the best stuff)

Sock Knitting Needle Holders – you lay your project down and get distracted and don’t get back
to it right away, and VOILA! – stitches are no longer on your needles…this stops that!

Knitting Needle Point Protectors

Knitting Stitch Holders – various sizes

Bent tip Tapestry Needles for weaving in yarn ends

Highlighter tape – this is great stuff because you can use it over and over, really good help
when following a pattern – helps keep your place

A small spiral notebook to keep notes in of the project you’re working on.

If any other knitters out in Yarn Land can think of a few more items, or accessories, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

All of the above items can be found at – except for one – highlighter tape, which can be found at other websites or even on ebay.

A few other websites I lurk around are and – for you knitters outside of the U.S., these two websites ship Internationally. I love websites that ship Internationally!!!

Pura Vida from Costa Rica for now.

When we first moved to Costa Rica, we were advised/warned/told that if we had a list of things to get accomplished in one day, if we were able to mark off one item, we should consider it a successful day!

Today we were able to accomplish A LOT!

Sofi and Derby were headed to their day of beauty with Stephanie; got them to her house and that only left us with one dog in the car. Sedona needed to go the vet for a check up on her nose, which has healed nicely.

After dropping off the “diva dogs”, we went to the ATM…..then the Post Office…..then to pay for our WIFI…..then to Centro Farmacia…..then to Coope – Mark needed to re-charge his cell phone; I stayed with Sedona in the car because we had the car parked in the shade….it was wonderful! Then I went in to the grocery – only two check-outs were open but they were filled with people with full carts – I think I waited longer in line to gather the few things I was buying.

Then we headed to wait for the dogs to be finished….since we were close to Mike and Joni’s, we stopped there because I needed to go to the bathroom. DUH!

Stephanie called and the dogs were ready; picked them up and called in a take-out order of Arroz con Pollo at Antano’s; home now, have eaten lunch and ready for my first nap of the day!

I don’t think we should have accomplished all those errands in one day….LOL

Pura Vida from Paradise!

Yesterday was actually my birthday; however, the celebrating is continuing today! Meeting Dra. Victoria (our eye Dr.) for lunch – we share the same birthday. And because of both of our extremely busy social schedules, we’re meeting today!

Went to Escazu yesterday afternoon. We needed to get some ink cartridges for the printer; went to Office Depot….alas! They don’t carry cartridges for US printers! Epson, get with it! However, a friend is in the states and has offered to get us some, whew, international catastrophe averted.

Picked up Mike and Joni for yesterday’s adventure. After being so disappointed that we couldn’t get ink cartridges, we headed to Multi-Plaza and wandered around AutoMercado; at one point, Joni commented, is wandering around a grocery store fun on your birthday when you don’t need to be at the grocery! LOL

Headed to the theatre to see The Lone Ranger. (yes, I saw it in the states, but it was showing in the VIP Lounge Theatre 1; we sat in really comfy recliners, and were waited on to get food. Mark fell in love with the recliners because they were finally long enough for him! LOL Guess we should go to the movies again and he can tell them they need to upgrade their recliners and he’d like to purchase one of the used ones! LOL

Enjoyed the movie even the second time around. Johnny Depp is so good!

Leaving the theatre we saw Dra. Candy and Jorge. She looked at Mike, Joni and me, and said “you should not be eating popcorn!” Then she turned to Mark and said, “but you can!” We got busted….Mike said it was a good thing she didn’t see what we ate before the movie! It was a neat experience and will now keep an eye on what’s playing at the IMAX theatre.

Arrived home around 10:30 p.m., which is very late for us! You know, the older you get, the earlier you go to bed and get up….

Two large iguanas are on the roof and Mark says they are in fighting mode – bobbing their heads up and down. I’m in the house and there’s a lot of running and sliding going on, or so it seems.

Off for another birthday celebration…..getting old has it’s advantages! When I turned 60, I think there were 10 days of celebrating!

Pura Vida from Paradise!

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