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Author Carrie Host contacted hubby and wanted to know if he would read her book and then blog about it.  He wasn’t interested in this particular book and asked me if I would do it.  I readily agreed.

WOW!  What a journey she has been through, not to mention her husband, family and friends!  Soon after giving birth to her 3rd child she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, carcinoid tumor, which few people survive.

But with great determination and encouragement from her husband, family and friends, she has made the best out of a bad situation. The book goes into great detail of her emotional upheavals through out the time  of getting diagnosed, searching out the best Drs., various surgeries and treatments, friends taking care of her children, family helping out, etc.  This is a determined and strong woman, that wouldn’t have made it without the support, caring and concern of others.

Many times I wept along with Carrie and what she was going through. ( But I am a reader that tends to get caught up in the story.)  She has certainly got a gift with words that makes you feel involved along with what she’s going through.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is going through treatment and also for their  friends.

Bloggers note:  While reading this book, I have had 2 friends diagnosed with cancer

I don’t usually think of myself as a selfish person but after pondering this for a week or so, I guess I am.  What do you think?

A couple years ago, I wanted my own digital camera. The reason being, that hubby was unable to be patient and devote  any time to help me figure it out.  Therefore, I shopped, read reviews on the net, and decided I had found a camera that I could learn to use on my own.  Hubby was not happy that I bought it. 

Fast forward:  He uses my camera  ALL the time.

Solution: He needs to buy a camera for his use only.  I have shown him various cameras like mine only newer. $220  tops.) I do not want a new camera, I’m happy with mine.

He had a laptop that he uses while watching TV while I had to go to the computer room in able to use a computer.  After whining for awhile, he finally decides to give in and get me a laptop to use while watching TV too.

Fast forward:  He uses it all the time saying, “if you want to use it, just say so”.  However, I always have to wait till he’s done doing whatever it is he does with it.  He has stuff saved, etc.  And he almost never shuts it down like it’s supposed to be shut down.

Solution: I’m looking at buying myself a netbook.  ($350 tops) or a TV for the computer room. Would rather have a netbook.

Since I’ve gotten my car and it’s “wired” for an ipod, I bought a nano ipod.  He is having surgery Oct. 20, but had to download podcasts he wants to listen to in the hospital.  So for me to  listen to what I have on it, I need to fast forward through his garbage.

Solution:  He needs to buy his own and download what he wants on his own.  ($50 tops)

Hmmmmm…..what should I do?


I was headed to the grocery today and hubby decided he needed more bananas.  The ones on the L are what I had purchased previously…..however, after saying he needed more bananas, he added “get smaller ones if you can”.

So me, always trying to please, purchases the mini bananas at Kroger. Lo and behold, that’s not what he meant….he just meant regular bananas but not quite so big.  Go figure!

Wonder how much longer we have to be doing Nutrisystem? LOL 

Conclusion: He can buy his own damn bananas!

Update: After eating one of these “little bananas”, I think they are plantains! LOL

Am frantically trying to complete a sweater to take on my trip next week.

Joined a new ball of yarn and after knitting 8 rows on a circular knitting around the bottom of the sweater (knitters will understand this); I looked down and realized I had joined the wrong ball, wrong color, and wrong kind of yarn!

Nothng else to do but frog, frog, frog… the time I was done frogging, I was so upset with myself….I didn’t knit any more last night.

Before you ask, no, the colors of yarn were not even close!

To make myself feel better and more adult about the whole situation, everytime I walk past it, I stick out my tongue!

A knitting friend, who shall remain nameless, got ready to come to Friday Panera knitting.  She merrily left her house to get in her car, attached garage, with the garage door open.  Started to back out, saw a neighbor waving at her, she waved, looked down and had forgotten to put on her top.

She went back in the house to get completely dressed.  Then she decided she was too shook up so decided to run errands.  Went to Pier 1 and as she was checking out, she felt someone staring at her.  She slowly turned around and realized the woman behind her was focused on her butt.  She glanced down and said to herself, “thank God, I have on pants”. 

Leaves the store, gets in the car and realizes her pants are on inside out!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I honestly believe the 6th floor is calling her! LMAO



I am taking a fair isle knitting class at Enchanted Fiber and Yarn.  Tomorrow we’ll be doing the bind off for the thumb and the top of the fingerless glove.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s for sure NOT vegetable knitting; but when I’ve been doing some vegetable knitting, sometimes, I’m just ready for a challenge.  This was fairly easy and quick – once I ditched the double pointed needles and started using 2 circulars.  Good old u-tube! LOL

Received a few emails saying I should upgrade my iphone.  I tried, couldn’t figure out was going on.  Hubby volunteered to do, and I readily accepted this generous offer.

Directions say that it will remove everything from your iphone, but then return it in a new, updated version.  That’s just plain bull hockey!

He’s says “it’s done and says to remove from computer”.  So he did….hands me the phone and voila! – everything and I mean, everything is erased.

So after going on various websites, etc. I grabbed the phone and headed to the AT & T store.  I’m informed that I really haven’t lost everything because there is a back-up that’s on the computer.  So after watching him go through the steps, I head home to attempt it.  Keyword is attempt!  He also said if I run into trouble, just call 1-800-myiphon.

So I of course have to make the call.  The man on the other end of the phone was very patient, calm, etc….reminded me of the dweeb Clark Howard on CNN, but not quite that condescending.

Long story short, everything is gone!  Luckily, I had the sim card from the previous phone and was talked through how to put that in and hopefully, get some of my phone numbers, etc. back.

In my chaotic state of homemaker, how in the world was I able to find that precious little sim card!!!  (I guess that means there might be hope for me to win homemaker of the year award.) LMAO

Well, I do have a few phone numbers retrieved from the old sim card….now to sit today and try to  input the rest of the info.  So, if you want me to have your info, and I know you all do, be sure and EMAIL me with that info.

Moral of this story is: AT & T will now be doing my upgrades because I’m not going through this crap again!


This is my first attempt at lace knitting, altho’ I didn’t use lace weight yarn.  It was a fingering yarn, Gloss, from KnitPicks.  I was pretty amazed at how quickly it knitted up.  The first picture shows it doubled.



It’s a surprise gift for my favorite Aunt….so if you know her….shhhhhh….let her be surprised.  Of course, it will probably take me forever to get to the PO to get it mailed! LOL




My Smart car had a baby!!!

While getting ready to head to the grocery this a.m., I opened the garage door and as the door was going up, I saw something flipping and flopping!  It was a friggin’ 15 foot snake!

So I immediately go running into the house, screaming and yelling “there’s a snake in the garage”!  My knight in shining armor was on the computer….so let’s all assume, the reaction was  not quite immediate.  Actually, when he finally came out of the computer room, his reply was “what”?

So, still screaming, I yelled “there’s a damn snake in the garage”.

As usual, his first reaction, “no, there isn’t”.  Now, I’ve just come from the garage, and he’s been in the house….but he’s telling me what is NOT in the garage.  (I have to keep repeating….I live in a zoo, I live in a zoo.)

So he goes into the garage and immediately comes back “I don’t see a snake”.  Well, no shit, Sherlock!  It was flipping and flopping and it stands to reason, it will not be in the same position that I saw it.

Then his theory is, he’ll  open my car door and I can quickly run and get in the car and back it out….since I witnessed this so-called snake that is not in the garage, under my back bumper!

However, he goes and gets a garden tool, something like a hoe, and bangs it under my car while saying “go get in the car”.  I guess my knight in shining armor forgot about opening the car door for me!

I backed out and his comment was: well, it’s not in there now.

I figured the snake was in labor and flipping and flopping and now there are millions of baby snakes in the garage.

Dear readers….it’s just another day at the friggin’ zoo.

I’m looking for a cross-bow shooter to come find the damn snake and all the damn little babies!

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