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Headed to Enchanted Yarn and Fiber today for help on taking the Mach 1 (AKA Nola) apart to put tung oil all over her! LOL   Yes, tung not tongue!

After much discussion, and finding out that if I, we, etc. take it apart, there’s a chance of not getting it back together with the precision that is necessary. 

So I took out my “green bag” I’m finishing up.  Worked on that for awhile and then I guess my Adult Attention Disorder took over.  I hate it when I can’t focus!  I just hope that I’m still around  when this stupid stuff happens to my “young friends” – so I can laugh at them! LOL

Finished tunging Nola this evening and sat down to finish the “green bag”; only 3 more rows – and yep, I screwed it up!  Am frantically trying to figure out what I’ve done by frogging it, but this may be a little over my head and I’ll have to head back there either Tuesday or Wednesday after golf!

At any rate, I’m only 3 rows from finishing it!  Even tho’ I’ve had problems getting it started, and now with the finishing touches….I already know this will be the most envied bag at Farmer’s Market with all my fresh grown veggies!

And yes, I’ll get a picture posted if by chance I get it figured it!

And yes, hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the second coat of tung oil on Nola and then watch out Gayla, I’ll be spinning like there’s no tomorrow! LOL

Just spoke with a friend from Texas and I feel the need to blog about this. I hope you find it as humorous as I do!

A friends’ mother passed away 3 mos. ago. This mother was living with her daughter until her death.  Last week a male called and asked to speak to her mother.  The daughter answered by saying “she passed away a few months ago”; the caller then proceeded to inquire “is there a better time I can call and reach her?”

This reminds me of a person not being able to “think” and that the answers were scripted and in no way was he not going to follow the script. I used to work at a place where I took the intake information for qualifications.  You asked the client’s name, address, phone number, birthdate, where born, etc. (you get the picture).  The director felt there should be a script for this procedure.  I never bought into a script when you’re filling in blanks on a computer screen, how many ways are there to ask your name, your birthdate, etc.

PS: You’d be surprised at the number of people who have no clue when their birthdate is and/or where they were born!



I have “test driven” a driver from the pro shop the last two times I’ve played golf.  I have fallen in love with the Adams driver!

So today at the turn, I went into the pro shop and asked the pro, John, what his rock bottom price was. He asked me if it had a price tag on it and I replied “$900”.  He laughed and said that’s for the set…then he did a little figuring and said he would take $200.  Well, I’ve been doing my homework and couldn’t find it any where else for less than $299. 

I asked to use the phone in the pro shop and called my husband at work and of course, got voice mail. This was my message:

“Mark, this is Nancy, your wife. You know how I’ve been talking about buying this driver? Well, John said I could have it for $500 or if I would go to FL with him for the week-end, I could have it for $200.  Call me on my cell and let me know what you think.”

Then I realized it was noon time and he might be at home.  So I called him at home and he answered! This is good, because he usually watches the phone ring!!!  Anyhoo, I told him basically what the paragraph above says.  I was so disappointed because he laughed!

So, when I went in to pay for the club after playing the round, he wanted to know if I had heard from Mark – I told him yes, he said he’d get the suitcase out for me to pack!

At any rate we’ve all had a good laugh…..but wait till I tell Mark that he said if I’d buy a putter, he’d take me to Mexico!

Ah, life is good – at least today life is good! LOL



Yes, I am trying to do my share of saving the earth.  Since I already had the yarn, I decided to make a “green” bag for shopping – you know the kind of bags that stretch and have holes in them.

After starting this bag 4 times, and I will share with you that the air was blue, the lightbulb turned bright!  I kept turning the bag and knitting in the opposite way when I stopped and started again….for the record, it really screws up the bag!

So last night I took it apart again and the brain kicked in gear – sometimes you can feel so stupid!!!!

Will post pictures when it’s done!  You will all be envious! LOL

Yesterday, when playing golf I played the front nine pretty good for me.  Then my new golf shoes started to hurt my feet. Luckily, I had another pair in the cart because I thought this would happen.  After changing to these shoes, I realized I had on a “thin” pair of golf socks that made the shoes fit a little looser; and then, it happened!  I had a huge blister worn on my heal – so I took my shoes off and played the last 7 holes in my stocking feet.  Even tho’ the golf world has gone to spikeless shoes, trust me, they do help hold your feet still.  Socks don’t!  So, yep, I pretty much screwed up that round even tho’ it was below 100 – (shh….it was a 99).

But today was a different story! I wore an old comfortable pair.  And shot a 90!  Only had 4 bad holes and the rest were pars and bogies!  Yea for me!!!!!

Husband even commented that my game was coming together and maybe I should be looking for a new driver!  I’m using a cheap (ugly in hubbies words) driver from ebay – that goes straight – who cares that it has a bright cherry red head and yellow shaft (Yes, I’m talking about the golf driver!)  I liked it so much that when another one came available I bought it in case something happened to the original one.

However, I WILL NOT get a new one unless it gives me more yardage!

So, I feel like it was a good week-end on the links for me; however, tomorrow, it’s back to reality and doing housework!  Housework is alway last on my list of things to get done!!!

A friend sent me 10 reasons why you should buy new fabric.  Every one makes sense and I felt the need to share this with my readers.  Feel free to comment and also to add more reasons! I think #5 is my favorite one!

Just in case you need a “New” reason for buying fabric:
1.   It keeps the economy going. It is our patriotic duty to support cotton farmers, textile mills, and quilt    shops.
2.   It is less expensive and more fun than psychiatric care.
3.   Because it’s on sale.
4.   Ok, it’s not on sale, but by the time it is, the good stuff will be gone.
5.   It is non-fattening. Registered dietitians have confirmed that a fat quarter has 100% fewer calories than a   hot fudge sundae.
6.   It won’t break
7.   I am participating in a contest-the one who dies with the most fabric wins.
8.   I need something for show and tell at guild.
9.   Buy it now before your husband retires and goes shopping with you.
10.   It calms the nerves, gratifies the soul, and makes me feel good.

I am so proud of Velma!  Took her to another check-up and she was bemoaning the fact that she didn’t think she had lost any weight at all.  Tried to assure that she may have hit a plateau and it wll soon be “falling” off.

When she came in to the waiting room, she was skipping and grinning from ear to ear – like a kid in a candy shop!  She had lost 11 lbs. since her last visit approximately a month ago.  She’s now lost a total of 47 lbs.

As we walked out of the Drs. office she begged “Can we please get a small ice cream cone at Dairy Queen?”

We did – except it was at A & W….LOL

Oh and another exciting thing – of all the trips we’ve made to Nashville since November (I think), this is the first time we didn’t get lost…well, not really lost we’ve just taken a lot of scenic detours!

Go Velma, Go Velma, Go Velma!

I cannot believe I’m going to write about politics which, I’m sure, will invoke all kinds of criticism. But I’m entitled to my opinion as every one else is….

As I sit here pecking away, thinking about the first time I’ve ever seen a political person campaigning…it was extremely enlightening. I liked the message she sent – but from day 1 I’ve felt that the mess we’re being left by George W. needs someone to follow in his footsteps that has experience. I feel that as she says “I can start on day 1”. Having been in the White House before, she certainly knows where the skeletons are, which people can be pushed for this agenda, etc. I’m attaching some of the pictures I took yesterday at Western KY University where she campaigned after attending church. By the way, I think you need to consider the source as far as the sermon goes….this is a gossiping man of the cloth; very inappropriate – Hillary did not commit adultery but I’m sure this minister doesn’t see it this way!

I took 5 flags to wave at the Rally; approximately 15 inches long…these were confiscated! Yes, confiscated! I could have “the flag” but had to remove it from the stick – Note: neither end of the stick was a sharp point.

I told the “security” person who took them to “give them to Hillary and tell her I tried!”

Here’s the frosting on the cake!!! He rolled them up and placed them on the ground!

You never let a flag touch the ground and if it does, it’s to be burned! Apparently our local sheriff’s office is not aware of proper flag procedures. FYI: I think those flags were the only thing confiscated yesterday!

Crap! Crap! Crap!  I cannot read time on a small watch anymore!  Yes, I have bifocals and they aren’t helping.

So the next watch I buy is going to have to have a little bit bigger face – I can probably do without the numbers because I still have enough mind left to remember the 12-3-6-9 stuff.

Getting old is for the birds – and by the way, in my next life I used to want to come back as a tall, thin, non-child bearing female – but I think I want to be a bird and crap wherever and whenever I want!

However, I feel it needs a name. I’m leaning towards Lola or maybe Lulu; as soon as I get the tung oil on it and get it all spiffy, I’ll share a picture of it with you.  Oh, and I think I’ll add a few dog prints somewhere on it.

Feel free to offer other name suggestions or “vote” for Lola or Lulu.

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