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Yesterday, Jonny’s husband, Warren, headed back to Phoenix, via Charlotte. Gotta love those flights that go whichever direction is opposite of where you actually want to be! LOL

Jonny is staying for another month, WOO HOO!

Then we went shopping. Stopped at the new Wal-Mart near the airport – I am not a real fan of Wal-Mart because they prefer to purchase their goods out of the good ole USA! I’m becoming more selective in my old age of what I buy and where they are made. However, I did purchase 2 “camping type” chairs because we’re tired of standing and waiting on parades to start, etc. Now we can sit and watch!

Then we headed to Cemaco – I so love that store! And if we had a big house, I could buy something from every aisle in that store!!! I bought Mark a pineapple corer, thoughtful, aren’t I?

Then we decided it was time to eat lunch so we went to La Garita and I can’t remember the name of the restaurant! However, I’ve eaten there before with Pat. I like this restaurant because it’s huge – lots of places to sit, big take-out counter, and most of all — you must go past a little souvenir store to sit down and eat. Look what I immediately saw on the counter as we walked by…..

I’m sure I read a sign attached that said “Nancy, please take me home!” Well, I bought that darling little giraffe before I ever sat down and ordered lunch. No way, was someone else going home with it.

Then we stopped at the large nursery and I bought 2 Irwin Mango trees for $3 each and a pretty draping flowering plant to put in the “toucan tire”.

Headed to take Jonny home and their driveway in a short word is a “bitch” to back out of – and lucky me, knocked over one of the pretty lamp posts that line the drive way! Owner said it’s the second time that lamp post has been knocked over! Still made me feel bad….if I had been in Ms. Smartie instead of Old Bessie, it wouldn’t have happened. But then Warren would have had to ride to the airport in the back with his luggage!

Was a fun day till I hit the lamp post and then realized I hadn’t stopped at the drug store to get meds so I had to go back into town.

Mark’s first words were “Oh, I thought you’d bring home something for dinner!” Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Big Oxcart parade in town on Sunday – can’t wait!!!


Gave Deloris a call and said “road trip” – her response, how much time do I have time to get ready? LOL

When we first were thinking about visiting Costa Rica, Mark found this place; we almost stayed there till we found Animal Lighthouse Rescue.

Check out; she has people come from all over to take classes – and I don’t just mean from Costa Rica! There are places to stay right on the grounds and it’s close to everything; restaurants, ZooAve, a winery, etc.

Since arriving here, I’ve noticed shopping for fabric in Costa Rica is frankly “a pain in the ass”. No patterns (except for some quilt patterns at Villa Rita’s); thread in different stores (altho’ there’s one fabric store in Grecia that does carry some notions); in other words, it’s not like saying “Hmmmm, I think I’ll sew today and you head to Joann’s, Hancocks, Hobby Lobby, etc.; you will head to many stores to collect everything you need to complete a project.

Villa Rita’s is not far at all from our house! If you get my drift, it could be a problem?! Gorgeous fabrics to choose from, gorgeous quilts already made up, etc. Rita even has her 6 year old granddaughter designing and making quilts!!!

Need to think about taking a class.

She had the neatest wall hanging in her home of a Costa Rican lady in a colorful costume; she made up the design from a wall hanging out of wood and silver! How cool is that!!! There are so many clever people in the world…..this was also entered in a quilt show that was in the U.S.

The creative juices are beginning to flow… is good!

As we were paying at a restaurant that we ate at earlier this week, La Trocha, the chef insisted we come back on Thursday a.m. at 9:30 for breakfast. When you are retired, you NEVER, EVER, turn down food! LOL

So we met Thursday morning for a most delicious breakfast! Tortillas, made in a Nicaragua style, had more flavor and were very good. I’m don’t care much for Costa Rican tortillas because they are way too thick for me! Then of course the ever delish Gallo Pinto, and then an omelet, not folded over, with everything you can imagine on it. I had mine on top of the tortilla – so good!!!

Then the women had an excursion planned. I wanted to go back to the quilt shop between Grecia and Sarchi and watch them put in grommets, it’s not the way I want them put in, but I guess that’s what I’ll have to do!

Then Delores says “would you be interested in going to a place that “makes souvenirs and is off the beaten path”. Well, duh, Yes I want to go there! And will return there too. Saw LOTS of wooden things I’ve seen in souvenir shops and this were just too good to pass up price-wise. Keep in mind it’s a woodworking shop and get this; the dust is free!

Heading back into Grecia I had found a fabric store that I hadn’t been in yet. So we stopped…..fabric stores here are just so different!!! Takes me forever to make up my mind, etc.; however, I did buy Gayla some fabric for a quilt back – and if she doesn’t like it, I’ll keep it!!!

There is a quilt retreat place not too far from our house and I finally contacted the woman and she said she’d love to have me come visit. That will be on next week’s agenda!!!

Friday was the first day that the “over 60 group of ladies” took an adventure. There were 7 of us. We took the bus from Atenas to Orotina. It was great! Can’t wait to take the bus again!!! However, I can assure you that the bus driver drove a lot faster than I would on that road! LOL

I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant we ate lunch at….but the important thing, is I can get to it. Told Mark that some day we should take the bus there for lunch. And just think, after my birthday this year, I can ride the bus FREE – altho’ it’s super cheap to ride it!

I think when Terri comes to visit, we just might take a day and do that.

Anxious to see the Central Market in San Jose too; altho’, we’ve been warned that we cannot stop and “window shop” on the way to the market; because we’ll do that on the way back! LOL

Lots of new experiences this week; love this country!

Adios for now!

1.  Headed into town to go to the lab for some blood work – had to fast for it.  Walked into the lab, no appointment needed; immediately went in to have the blood drawn; come back at 11:30 for results.

2.  Parked the car and walked to the P.O. – alas, no mail.

3.  Walked to Feria to buy some baked goods and fruit, etc.

4.  By then, it was pretty obvious I needed to get something to eat!

5.  Breakfast at Cafe Cultura –

While Mark was conveniently lying in the hammock there;

     I was shopping in the gift shop!  SURPRISE!  This is a “truck”  with Atenas written

on it loaded with fruit for sale!  Super cute!!

6.  While I was eating breakfast, Mark deposited Sofi at the groomer – it was her day of beauty!

7.  By the time he returned from that, it was time to pick up lab results, so back to the lab.

8.  By then I was feeling crappy, really crappy, overheated, sweating profusely; Mark needed to see the Doctora to get meds to take before seeing the dentist on Monday and I needed to drop off lab results too.  And true to form, the thyroid is still not where it needs to be; it’s getting better, but still not completely in whack!  Which of course means a change in meds, etc.  Then I felt like I was going to pass out; b/p was high, pulse was high.  Took an EKG; and then another one, second one was fine!  So in two weeks I have more blood work and hope everything is OK, then.

9.  Stopped in to see Sebastian because some plants have died that were guaranteed. Coming out next week to check it out.

10. Stopped at Antano’s to get some dinner (to reheat) for our evening meal.

11.  Stopped at a sandwich shop to get lunch.

12.  Went to Deloris’s to get some homemade chicken sausage they had picked up for us two weeks ago.  Time means nothing in Costa Rica! LOL  While there, we walked around her yard and picked oranges to make orange juice for later.

13.  And she has cashew trees!  Pretty cool, huh?

14.  And plants like these growing in trees just on a whim!  Lots of “air plants” in trees too.  So vivid and colorful!!!

15.  Back to the Dr. because she forgot to keep a copy of the prescription.

Oops!  Picked up Sofi after the first Doctor visit…..she smelled so pretty!!!  All in all it was a good day.

16.  Then Tom called and voila – out for dinner!  Going to El Mirador……..

17.  Tomorrow will be spent recovering from today!

Hasta Luego!

Thursday we went with Pat and John to check out the central market in downtown Alajuela.  It’s certainly something to see!!!

I’ve fallen down on taking pictures – I promise next time there will be pictures!  Yes, oh yes, there will be a next time! Mark and I marveled at how many meat markets are in this place!  Can’t figure out how any of them make any money? LOL   Pat said that people go to the various meat markets because they like the butcher and his cuts of meat. Lots of fruit stands and shops that sell pretty much anything you want!

Children’s things! O.M.G. Shopping for small children there would be a dream. So many adorable dresses, headbands to match, and shoes…..

John bought a spiffy looking Panama hat!  He’s a man that looks good, really good in hats!

Then we saw a HUGE, HUGE, department store, you know sort of like the “Macy’s of Alajuela”, only it’s called llobet. Will be going back there also to check out ALL the departments.  Huge fabric department.

Then they suggested going to Norman’s (Jalepenos) in Alajuela.  It’s a too-die for Mexican restaurant!  Yep, we’ll be back there sometime also.

Heading for home we stopped at a tile place because Pat wanted to put different tile marking the doorways in their new, yet to be completed home.  At first I wasn’t going to go in….you know it’s like going to Lowe’s in the old country, “oh, Mark, can’t we do this here and maybe change this in the house to this”, etc.  She found some good looking stuff and I think the floor will get done next week.  Or possibly in “ocho dias”, which was the pat answer from our construction crew.

And we stopped at another place with fabric, notions and get this, soles of shoes so you make your own shoes!  I’m sure Gayla will want to try this when she comes again! LOL

Home mid-afternoon to some doggies with bladders that needed emptying!

A very good and productive, fun day!  And we were so smart to take the GPS to mark all these various places. WOO HOO for Garmin….and Mrs. Garmin (Gayla)

Thanks Pat and John!!!

Adios for now.


a Scorpion!  Had the water running and just happened to look at the floor of the shower and noticed a nice sized scorpion swirling around the drain.  Me, being an antagonist, took the hand held shower and sprayed like crazy in the drain trying to get it to go down there and maybe drown – if scorpions drown!  Well, he went down the drain and quickly came back up – so playing the “I’ll get you my pretty game” – it was a battle of the wills – water down the drain, scorpion down the drain, and then resurfacing….after I got tired of that I put on a flip flop, the shoe of Costa Rica, and stomped on it!  Then it went down the drain of the toilet! LOL

Took Sofi in to the vet.  First question she asked “what are you feeding her?”  I replied Chicken and rice and she nicely said “she’s supposed to be eating only lamb and rice”.  Busted!  So she’s back on Science Diet Lamb and Rice, antibiotic for 10 days, cream on the “spots”, etc.  She’s already looking like the spots are drying up – after one meal of Lamb and Rice and 2 doses of antibiotic and cream.  Yay, for Sofi, yay, for Dra. Sharon, boo for Sofi’s parents!

Jonny and Warren wanted to come see our house and they were headed into town. So while Mark was in the pool store, I called them and said we’d pick them up after taking Sofi to the vet.  Then Warren called back and said we want to meet the vet and would like to go with you.  They have two dogs that they’ll be bringing down IF they decide to move here.

After that I wanted to run into the grocery and by then it was time for lunch; do I know how to plan or what?  Warren and Jonny had never eaten at Cafe Cultura so that’s where we went, and yes, Sofi went too!  They have outside seating in the back and it’s always pleasant there it seems.  As usual, food was very, very good.  Jonny had some kind of salad in a pita and said it was absolutely wonderful.  Mark and I chose a Cubano (Cuban) sandwich, which we would order again too.

Then finally on the “road to hell” to our house.  Showed them around the development a little bit and then headed to take them home.  Maracita was waiting for the bus and I asked if she was going to town, she indicated she was.  So I told her to hop in and away we went! Warren decided he wanted to be dropped off at the place they are staying, Maracita was meeting her kids after school, so took her to the “escuela”.  Jonny had an appointment with a dentist and was a little early so I dropped her off at the park.

Had introduced Jonny and Warren to the eye Dr. I go to because she was interested in getting a vision exam.  Since she went to the dentist, and the eye Dr. was close, she went there afterwards!  In my former life I would have referred to that as a “medical day and arrange a luncheon”!  KLA people will know what means.

Then I headed home….lots of stuff done and still more to do!  But, there’s always tomorrow to get that done.  In retirement, one must pace themselves so as to not over due it! LOL

Pura Vida…..

Things were shut down in Costa Rica for Semana Santa; what to do?

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, we had brief showers.  On Facebook there was a post that Antano’s would be open on Thursday and Friday….the brain was churning….so late Wednesday afternoon I sent out an email that because of the rain on the three previous days, I had the “rain crabbies”.  Since Antano’s was going to be open, I suggested we all meet there Thursday morning for brunch.

WOW!  We had 14 people show up!!!  I’m sure the wait staff was overwhelmed, LOL.  It was a fun time for all and even if a few orders got mixed up, so what…that’s life in Costa Rica…and where Pura Vida comes in.

Thank you Antano’s for being open and accommodating us!

Frances had asked me to go to an over-60’s group meeting of women.  They are trying to set up day trips once a month to go, do and see various things.  We’ll be taking public transportation on most journeys.  When women get together they eat; if it were men getting together, it would be beer! LOL

The first one is to go to Orotina to shop, and of course eat!

I’m really excited about the trip in May to the British Embassy. We’ll be going on May 24th and take part in the birthday celebration for Queen Victoria (yes, I know now it’s Elizabeth); anyone in blog land ever done anything like this?

Yesterday, while cleaning (attempting) the pool, I noticed two dragonflies; let’s just say they were having a good time and probably should have gotten a room! LOL

Sofi will be visiting the vet this week – breaking out on her stomach; I kind of think it’s from heat/sweating?  At least I hope it’s nothing major.  She spends her days lying under the car and guarding our property.  Seriously!  She let’s us know if someone is around and since they are putting in the road that runs behind our house, there are always “strangers” around!  This gets Derby barking and then Sedona….I wish they were all in tune and could harmonize!

This morning I finally sat down at the sewing machine and have completed another Christmas present. No, Amy, it’s not for you! LOL  I was trying to do a gift a month, I’m up to February! LOL

I become easily frustrated in the “sewing/craft” department here in Costa Rica.  It’s difficult to find notions and patterns, well, they don’t use patterns here.  Yes, I can order stuff on line but sometimes the shipping is just too outrageous.  Big sigh, so I’ll keep on trudging around looking for stuff.

Happy Easter to all and Pura Vida!

Adios, for now.

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