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Yep,  I found a leopard print ironing board cover today at TJ Maxx.  I’m hoping that will entice me to get the ironing done!  So far, it’s not even on the ironing board – maybe tomorrow.  And if you’re lucky, I might take a pic.

I’m not a lucky wife who has a husband that will iron his clothes and I think the next friend that looks at me in surprise – YOU IRON FOR YOUR HUSBAND?  MY HUSBAND DOES HIS OWN IRONING – so friends take note, it will be bitch-slap time for you!

I could name other things he doesn’t do that other husbands do, but I doubt I would finish typing by tomorrow night!  And knitting is calling me.

Bowling for Boobies today was fun!!!  Jim came with Cat and Nathan – altho’ Nathan wasn’t very enthused about it.

I’m proud to announce that Cat beat President Elect Obama all three games – however, one or two games it wasn’t by much! LOL

Jim was so proud of wifey because she caught on quickly on the changing lanes when you bowl, etc.  I think it was the 4th or 5th frame, she announced “I’m up because my name is in yellow.”  We have women that have bowled for years in league that don’t realize when your name is highlighted in yellow that you are up!

It was fun – I hope she comes again and Bowls for Boobies!


I am only admitting this is Jennifer’s scarf because I’m writing it and then will hit publish – if you came up to the table at Panera this morning, I would have looked you in the face and said “why, yes, I did knit it!”  Cat could probably vouch for me on that too! LOL

I’ve got tons, yes, tons, because I’ve weighed it, of sock yarn and I think I’ll get some out of the ole stash and do one like this…actually, no other scarf will be like this one, but you get the idea.

Can anyone guess which is my purse on the table?

Just read on this site,2933,473078,00.html that a CA doc has taken fat out of bodies (duh, liposuction) and transformed it into “gas” for his SUV and his girlfriend’s SUV!

Ladies, there is hope for all of us to make some money doing this;  it just goes to the highest bidder; watch out ebay, I’ve got some fat for sale!

Guess people were busy shopping and trying to get more bargains. LOL

Only 4 of us, Jennifer, “Karen”, Cat and me….but the needles were flying. LOL  I swear that Cat must knit in her sleep – she’s knitted some of the coolest socks!  I think I’ll check with her hubby on Monday if he shows up at Bowling for Boobies!

Oh, and she and hubby (Cat) are great at taking in stray animals and caring for them.

we, hubby and I, have loaned our kids money and are being paid back, loaned friends money and have been paid back; I’m thinking this would qualify as a “bank” like GMAC, and we could get bail-out money!  Where do we apply?




This is the kind of Christmas you have when it’s just you and your hubby and the 4 dogs!  He does what he wants, and I complete a hat started two days ago!  Oh, yes, we were sloppy, sloppy clothes, no make-up (for me), and graze all day on munchies, cheese, cheese balls, sausage, artichoke dip, shrimp, etc.

I’ve had this pattern forever and decided to dig it out – now to do the other 3 animal prints that came with the pattern.  Fun and easy….ah, I just remembered, I think I bought this pattern on ebay about 6 years ago…see, eventually you do use the “stash stuff” whether it be patterns, yarn, or fabric.

May hit the movie theatre later this afternoon to see Doubt – and spend this evening watching Mamma Mia, the Kareoke version!  Hmmm….might be a computer cam evening!



Got these pictures from Gayla showing Abby at her sewing machine.  Look how excited she is and notice how nicely she’s dressed to sew. 

Merry Christmas to Abby and many Happy Stitches!

stockingThis is a stocking kit from Judy’s Colors purchased at Enchanted Yarn and Fiber .  It’s also the first time I’ve completed something that has a chart – and I didn’t need help doing it. Yep, I’m movin’ on up….

It needs to be blocked and I need to make the I-cord for the hanger – I can’t wait to start another one.

abbygoroundAbby and Gayla came for a Christmas visit on Friday.  I thought Abby needed to ride the antique carousel at the mall….she loved it!

abbysewsAfter the carousel ride, and after eating lunch, we decided to hit TJ Maxx before heading back to my house to open presents.  Found this outfit and lo and behold, it was Abby’s size!  Yep, gotta start ’em young with the animal print and feathers!

She was so excited when she opened my gift to her – her very own sewing machine so now she can sew right along with Gayla!  When they got ready to leave, Gayla wanted to put it in the back and Abby insisted it needed to be right beside her so she could see it.

abbysofiAbby and Sofi – cute, huh? It was a very fun day!!!  I need a dose of Abby more often.

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