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Maricela planned a surprise birthday party for me.  She invited her relatives and a couple of ex-pat couples she knows.  Her Aunt even came from San Jose with her three daughters!  It was a fiesta!!!  Balloons, food, and a pinata to boot!!!

And of course lots of little kids!  We all marveled at how the kids “made” their own entertainment….playing musical chairs! Can you imagine kids in the US doing this?  When someone didn’t get a chair, there was no pouting or anger because they were out of the game….they just quietly left the circle and sat in a chair till it was time to start another game.  Was quite cute to watch!

Food, food and more food!  Chicharones, rice, picadillio de papa, salsa, or course birthday cake….just a few of the foods – and chicken cooked on a tire rim with a grate – a true homemade grill! LOL  And the chickens were from Maricela’s own flock!

Happy Birthday was sung in Spanish and English…..and the little kids thought that was so much fun – they were singing at the top of their lungs and grinning from ear to ear.

Mark said that while I was in the old country, Maricela and the girls were so excited about planning this party.  They are such good neighbors and friends, like having our own family here!

I really appreciated the time and effort they put in to make it a happy day!


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