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I just received a call from Crafty Hands and I WON today’s give-away!!!! It’s the FiberTrends hedgehog kit!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!  I will pick it up Monday when I go to charity knitting.  Hooray for me!!!!!


Today was the last day of the week long celebration at Crafty Hands.  Debbie Radtke from FiberTrends was there teaching needle felting.  You use these special needles and take fiber and basically “needle” it into felted fabric.  Taking those little needles and going up and down and up and down, has to be relieving some kind of stress.  You have your felted fabric and put it on a  piece of foam and just “hammer” away.  Was really fun!  She also had lots of things knitted for show and tell from FiberTrends.

We were excited because she’s going to be at the Stitches Midwest showcase in Chicago in August.  You bet we’re going to look her up!

I’m sure the worker bees at Crafty Hands are glad this week is over – but as a customer, it was a fun week!!! Even if I didn’t win any of the drawings. 😦

If it’s Friday, I must be a knittin’!  Lots of people at knitting today….more yakking than knitting was going on too.

Looks like we’ve got another person that’s going on our S.E.X. trip in August.  That will make 7. Would like to get someone else to go so it’s 8 and an even number.  Of course that person will need to be approved by “the committee”.  Only FUN people can go.  Jan said she’s considering going although she was having a ball just listening to us talk about it.

Monday started the week of the 10th anniversary of Crafty Hands.  All kinds of fun things happening all week.  Monday, which is charity knitting day, Starla surprised some of us (at least I was surprised) by handing out “awards” for those with the highest attendance on Monday for the past year.  I tied for 2nd or 3rd, however, you want to look at it.  Only one person attended more Monday’s.  I attended 38 Monday’s – that’s a lot of stitchin’! 

These sweaters that we’ve been working on are going to children that are staying in B.R.A.S.S. (local abused women’s shelter).

Starla’s goal was to complete one sweater a week – the goal was met!!!

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It’s 2:19 p.m. and I’m just now receiving email from last night.  Was able to send but not receive.

Got a newsletter from Jimmy Beans Wool – they’ve got some information in it that’s really good.  Lots of free knitting patterns and some info regarding charity knitting.  If you haven’t knitted for charity yet, do it!  We all have a stash that we don’t know what to do with sitting around taking up space.  Just think, make something, give it away, lessens your stash, allowing you to shop for more!  If you ever need an excuse to buy more yarn, contact me, I’ve got 1,000’s!

I just love my knitting buddies in class!  We have the best time and I’m sure we get loud.  Maybe Crafty Hands needs to lock the doors while we’re in class because no subject is off limits! LOL

Didn’t get much knitting done today in class – it was a “ribbit” day for me. 😦

But it’s all about learning, right?  And believe it or not, between umpteen conversations going, I do think I’m learning. It does my heart good to hear other knitters talking outloud to themselves verbalizing the pattern.  I do that at home and my 4 dogs are sure I’m talking to them.

Finally spring is here – or at least today was sunny and warm.

If I’m at the computer blogging, I can’t be knitting and vice versa.  What a dilemma!!!  Have one golf sock completed and am working on the second one.  I can’t believe I procrastinated so long regarding using 3+ needles to make socks.  I love it! Of course now “they” are trying to convert me to 2 circular needles but I just say, “naw, I like the multiple double pointed needle thing”. 

Of course, I’ve not attempted to make my husband’s size 13 feet socks; I’ll stick with my size 6 feet for awhile.  They knit up quickly!

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