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Update on surgery by “the husband” crossposted from my blog.

Bunions are the boney growth on the outside of the big toe. The arrow in the picture above should be pointing to the bump on my bff Posh’s foot. They grow and push the big toe into the other toes and are very painful and make it difficult to walk that model strut that my wife likes to do around the house. She can still wear the shoes because she thinks it takes people’s eyes off her bunions.

The singer-turned-designer has told friends that her bunions are now so bad she is seriously considering having an operation to remove them.

The scale of Victoria’s painful bunion problem was laid bare recently when she was snapped in a pair of spiked Mulberry sandals. Now a friend of the former Spice Girl tells me: ‘Victoria has had enough of having bad feet and has made some early-stage enquiries about having her rather unpleasant bunions removed.

Friday was surgery day for my wife. She was the first operation of the day by Dr. Charles Emerson Winchester III (we’re watching the M*A*S*H* reruns) and she was glad for that.  To the operating room by 6:45 and out of the hospital by 11:00. First day was easy she says because the good doctor numbed her foot.

Friday was not good. During the night she developed itching – an allergy to the Hydrocodone. So she switched to Armour-all, or something like that. The itching stopped and she has a nice sheen. Later today I will be on the corner offering the Hydrocodone to the poor souls in pain. I think $20 a pill is the going rate around here.

This morning she woke up hocking up loogies that would make any 10 year old proud. We called our private nurse Joanne (a boomer nursing student friend) for a house call. She listened and said she had some wheezing and needed to be on an antibiotic.

The good doctor came through again, prescribing an antibiotic – Zataran X I think it was.

When I told her that she and Posh had something in common, she wasn’t impressed. She said “I’m not having the other one removed, unless today is a really good day.”

My bff Posh’s people said,

‘They are causing her a considerable amount of pain, so much so that she thinks the only thing to do is to have surgery. She knows the operation is unpleasant and she will be out of action for a while, but she thinks it may be worth it. “

Like my wife, she has had a bunion as long as she can remember.  Don’t blame your shoes …

… it would be more accurate to blame your parents (they are such excellent scape goats aren’t they). Bunions are most often caused by “faulty foot” structure that is an inheritable trait. Certain foot types increase the risk of bunion growth, although ill-fitting shoes can and do worsen the pain, but they are actually caused by a change in your bone’s structure.

 Since we on the subject of footsies,

What do aging feet look like? Allow me to paint a word picture. Toes start to curl. Tendons start to tear. Arches start to fall, and the foot becomes longer and wider. Nails thicken and crumble as toenail fungus becomes commonplace. The skin hardens and more calluses develop. In some cases, toenails become longer and untrimmed because of the loss of flexibility to reach them. The fat pad on the bottom of the foot thins and the feet often have a more boney appearance.

We gain weight which stresses, joints, ligaments, and tendon damage and also causes poor circulation which can lead to foot ulcers. If I could see my feet, I would probably be more concerned.

Enjoy your walk today.

Have our class set up for us to learn Continental Knitting!  Going to Angel Hair Yarn Co. on Sunday, Oct. 7th.  Ended up with seven us going to learn this.  They were so accommodating on a time that was convenient to all of us. 

OK, this is very interesting, weird, or whatever you want to call it!  Emily, Pat and I were roommates for the S.E.X. trip; Emily is having surgery 9/21 on her spine; I’m having surgery on my foot the same day!  Pat called and said while she likes being roommates with Emily and I, she’s not planning on having any surgery tomorrow!  I told her it’s because she’s a lot younger!!

Velma, Deloris and Donna were roommates; Velma and Deloris will be having surgery soon also; isn’t this ironic!

Can you say the “knitting bitches” are falling apart?!  And I use that term lovingly!

Wow!  Came across this website thesheepstale and do they ever have an interesting website!!!  Love the kits, love the yarn, but more importantly LOVE THE PRICES!!!  Am sure you’ll find it an interesting website to look at.

Today will be the last “normal” day for me for awhile.  Tomorrow I’m having bunion surgery! AGH!  Needs to be done if I don’t want to wear flip-flops all winter. Eight week recovery time and I’ve got more projects to work on than I’ll probably complete during this time.  But never fear….the other foot needs to be done too!  Just think I’ll get to hobble around the house and 4 dogs!!!

Finally, the weather has gotten to what I call perfect.  Very low humidity and in the 70’s.

Pat came over for awhile in the afternoon and we sat in the gazebo knitting, talking, and mostly laughing!  She’s so much fun!!!

She started a baby blanket for her grandson before he was born.  He’ll be one in December and she’s still working on it! I know, I know, it took me a year and a half to complete a pair of socks.  It’s a cute blanket and I tease her that he’ll look really handsome walking down the aisle at his wedding dragging it because it’s finally finished!

Well, tomorrow morning we’ll be sipping coffee at Panera Bread before some people go to knitting class. 

Also waiting to hear on the finalization of our Continental knitting class.  Ended up with 7 of us taking the class; how nice to be accommodated on a Sunday afternoon!!! Won’t be for a couple of weeks but will keep you updated!!!

Picked up a card from another yarn shop today in Murfreesboro, TN.  It’s called The Knaughty Knitter.  Looks like this would be another fun place to roadtrip to some day!

Cat and I traveled to Nashville today to visit Haus of Yarn .  WOW!  Just gorgeous stuff everywhere you looked.  This was what I could call “a touch and feel” trip.  Made us want to head right home and get knitting using our stash before adding too much to it. LOL   

Decided we had a little time and checked out Angel Hair Yarn Co.   They are having a learn to knit continental style class and we’re hoping to get one scheduled on a Sunday for our group.  Lady that teaches it just had a baby but she’s been in contact with me already regarding how many, when, etc.  Shop is normally closed on Sunday but with some people working, etc., getting to Nashville in time for some evening classes and before the shop opens on Saturday, just wasn’t feasible.  So it was suggested that if a Sunday worked, the instructor was happy to do it then.  Will keep you posted on this.

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Working on a new project for me, yep me!!!  It’s the Berroco Oakley shaw (from #225 Scarves and more booklet)  made out of suede; using a teal color.  However, it was suggested at the LYS, that I might want to knit it backwards from the directions; instead of starting out with 2 stitches, and increasing every row to 175 stitches, just cast on 175 stitches and decrease.  It’s more fun to decrease than to increase, I think. Besides instead of getting tired of a vegetable knitting project, my rows will be getting shorter instead of longer.  Pictures will follow when I get enough knitted to take a picture!

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