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On Wednesday’s I golf in a ladies league.  I can hold my own on the course, however, today was another story. No matter what I hit, it just wasn’t quite right.  So after 13 holes of miserable golf and 5 holes to go, I had a brainstorm of using a different ball!  Low and behold, I finished the last 5 holes 1 over par!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day on the course.  Lesson learned: When I have 2 bad holes (not 12!) in a row, change balls.  I didn’t even switch brands of balls – must be a mental thing.

Picked up some socks to work on tonight and I guess I had a brain fart because it was like I had no clue what was going on. Perhaps it’s being in the sun too much today….yeah, that’s it!

So tomorrow morning bright and early, I’ll drop off my baby Sofi and Oliver for grooming. Then I’ll go back to the course and hopefully have a better day.  It certainly couldn’t get any worse! LOL

Last Friday after knitting class I invited a few people over and fixed a salad lunch.  Lot’s of eating and talking going on.  I like to do things like because I think it’s just plain fun.  Had a few new books and everyone oohed and aahed over them.  I think buying knitting books, patterns, whatever you want to call them is another obsession.  It’s not like I’ll ever complete everything in my lifetime.

OK, I’m going to start cleaning out my sewing room – till I come upon that one project I forgot about and get sidetracked!

If I knit fast, is it aerobic exercise? 

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Is it just me or are other people thinking I’ve got other things I should be doing instead of knitting?  It doesn’t keep me from buying yarn! LOL  I’ve got such a stash that I think I could open up a small yarn shop and then with all the fabric I have, I would have a small fabric shop too!!!  It’s an addiction and I’m wondering if there will be room for me at the Betty Ford Clinic!?

Last evening I was poking around on the internet and found a person in CA that was looking for a sock exchange buddy!  I’m so excited!!!  Yes, this is the person that was petrified and easily became frustrated with socks, NOT ANYMORE!

I even bought the yarn today while at Charity Knitting.  Told her that as long as there was no deadline, I didn’t have a problem with it.  I am very pumped about doing this!!!

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I was working on a  newly started sweater today.  The ribbing was in gray, then it went to a pretty blue.  So after 12 rows of that I decided it needed some spice!  Added 3 rows of yellow, 6 rows of gray, got 2 more yellow rows done and then I needed to leave.  Starla wouldn’t let me leave a note in the bag with this sweater that said “Do Not Knit on This”. 

 She started laughing and said it’s interesting how territorial we charity knitters have become.  Said a lady that came in this morning left explicit instructions on how the color changes were to be on the sweater she was knitting and she told Starla that if those directions weren’t followed, she’d rip it back! LOL

I knit fairly fast and am wondering if I can count that as aerobic exercise?  Does anyone know?

An S.E.X. trip is a Stash Enhancement (e)Xcursion.  I thought I explained it in an earlier blog, but apparently it was a figment of my imagination.  I have lots of figments these days!  Days go by too quickly and I don’t get as much done as I used to when I was younger. 😦

Of course with 4 dogs, a lot of my day is spent letting the dogs out, letting the dogs in, you get the picture.

It was discussed on Friday, that Velma needs to go to Nashville on a S.E.X. trip.  Her comment was as she was looking at me “I won’t drive but you can drive my car!”  So now it’s looking at the calendar and finding a compatible date for everyone.

As usual, we were a pretty chatty (nice word for loud) group again.  It just seems like we’ve got so much to say to each other. We are not only knitting buddies, but we’re all good friends!

Had Starla show me how to pin a garment for blocking on my blocking board.  If you don’t have one of those fold-up blocking boards, you need one!!! Can’t imagine anyone being able to do it without one.  I was trying to block a baby cardigan I knitted and of course, I heard the dreaded words….well, the left front isn’t done.  So I was frantically trying to knit to get it done during class and didn’t.  It’s on tonight’s agenda. 

Then I’ll get it steamed and be ready to put it together by next Friday.

jack.jpgReceived this picture in the mail today from my cousin in Phoenix. The baby is Jack modeling the cute hoodie I knitted for him!  He’s 7 mos.  His mother will never know the joy I received in seeing him in it.  She said he’s getting use out of it in May in Phoenix.  And my husband couldn’t believe I was knitting Jack something when he lived in Phoenix and wouldn’t need something like that.  Geez, sometimes husbands just don’t get it!

Wow!  Looks like we’ll have two more going on our trip in August.  Making a grand total of 8!  That’s a possible danger zone – 8 women (at least these 8 women)  loose in a yarn market!  What fun!!!!  I imagine the sale of Depends (adult diapers) will increase those few days! LOL

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