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Once or twice a month we get together with two other couples, Mike and Joni and Pat and John for an afternoon of cards, following lunch. Yesterday was that day!!!  I’m always impressed how other people “cook” and make delicious things, because my love of that is so “over”!

“I’ll Buy That” card game is always fun and a cause for some good ribbing!!!  Yesterday was no different!  Retirement is all about friends getting together for good times and a LOT of laughs.

Mark chose to walk into town because he knew I’d be coming along in the car.  He made it almost to Kay’s before I happened upon him.  He looked beat!!!  For those that know where we live, this was a great accomplishment!!!  But I will also add, he was very happy I came along when I did.

While we were playing cards, Sebastian called and asked us to come to his house for pizza last evening.  He has the cutest little girls.  The youngest isn’t a year old yet, very big brown eyes and always has a serious look on her face, till you stick a camera in her face and she just grins! It was so funny!  (Picks are on facebook)

Delicious salad with a dressing concoction of his; great pizza and 2 bottles of wine later, we headed home.

I was so looking forward to watching IU play basketball; what a friggin’ disappointment!  But I’m sure the team is even more disappointed than I am.  Sad to see their season end.

But the best part of the day, I spent no time in the kitchen!!!! Living in Costa Rica is just Pura Vida!


Check it out.

I was buzzing around the innerwebs looking for a Spanish tutor or another online course and ran across this site offering tutors in NYC.

I’m impressed.

99% of their customers are satisfied. I bet they are all young ‘uns.

But with a money back guarantee on unused tutoring hours what the hey. Maybe I can entice them to take a trip to Costa Rica and stay with me for a few weeks. If they are hanging around the house, they would be harder to ignore than the books we have laying around.

The even offer Alphabetic Test Prep… you know the LSMFT stuff. (Are you old enough to remember that? – Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.)

If our kids were interested in advanced placement classes, I sure would encourage them to go online for their studies. Mark watched a TED talk about the Kahn Academy and we are pretty convinced that education today has it backwards. Students need to study and home and do their homework in school where the teacher can help them, rather than the other way around.

At any rate, I’m still committed to learning Espanol. Maybe I need to have Mark teach me how to use the international keyboard so I can at least WRITE it properly.

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Mark is a huge fan of the CBS hit Survivor. He’s now trying to be a Wall Street Survivor. He’s knows that he’ll never make in on a deserted beach with some twenty somethings cavorting in their skivvies and bra tops.

So he plays games online where nobody can see him and pass judgement. 

He’s starting playing Wall Street Survivor. He’s taking their fake cash and investing in it real companies and watching how he does in real time.

He says it’s “educational” and will help us avoid the fiscal cliff that is looming just around the corner.

He used to take pride in his Baby Boomer Portfolio:

  • Altria – cancer sticks
  • Novartic – cancer drugs
  • Zimmer – joint replacement
  • Carnival – cruise ships
  • Quest Diagnostics – finding out what ails us
  • Allergan – botox, baby!
  • VCA Antec – keeping your pooch and pussy happy
  • Kraft – Cheez Whiz and Mac and Cheese, retirement food

So we’ll see how that portfolio does in the game.

As long as it’s free and he doesn’t risk our real cash, I’m OK with it.

Actually, I’m thinking of signing up too and challenging him. I bet I can do better. Whaddya think? Maybe we will set up a league.

Right after March Madness that is.

Gotta have priorities right?

Go Tops!

Go Hoosiers!

Tops = first team out; Hoosiers = NCAA Champions.



We planted a Saint to help sell our home. 

If you are skeptical and want to sell Louisville real estate you need to check out the Re/Max Champions at

Of course your home in Louisville may not sell as our home in Bowling Green (3 days from listing to accepted offer!) but the Hollinden team have put together a program to sell your home in 38 days.


Complete the required information on your home on their form and you will receive a complimentary Computer Analysis, indicating your home’s approximate present value on the market today.

Wonder how much to invest in your home to make it more attractive to buyers? Check out this list of tips on their website. There you will find advice on dealing with asbestos, how to set up your home for best curb appeal for a great first impression, how investing in some paint and plumbing fixtures can give you a good payback and how to price your home for a fast sale. Other topics are:

  • Making your home shine
  • Staging your home
  • Pricing your home

Good luck on selling your home in three days like we did. Choose between Saints and Experts.

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