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We went to the movies this afternoon to see Concussion. I am not a football fan, however, I did want to see this movie; especially since I heard on The Dan Patrick Show that the NFL is trying to keep it from being shown in the US.

WOW!!! What a great movie….and yes, Will Smith deserved a nomination for an Oscar! What makes this so horrible for families and football players that are going thru this, is there is no test that can be done while the player is still alive. They have to die and then have their brains autopsied.

Will Smith plays the coroner that discovers this. He “talks” to the bodies and tries to find out about their lives. He’s excellent with the dialect from Nigeria.

It’s pretty obvious that NFL officials lied on the stand when this first went to court… apparently it is OK to lie after you’ve sworn to tell the truth.

It’s just a good movie!!!! Well, it’s actually a documentary, I guess. Shame, shame, shame, on the NFL!!! For lying in court while the poor families go thru the hell that the player goes thru. So many unnecessary suicides.

Go see it!

My Aunt Mary passed away last night. She was my Dad’s sister; his two other brothers have already passed away. The nasty disease, Alzheimer’s is rampant in my family. Hope something is discovered soon to halt the progress of it.

This is one of those times that living in Costa Rica is a detriment. However, since Indiana is deep in snow, I probably wouldn’t have been able to make it there.

Aunt Mary was a happy, jolly person! She, my Dad and his brothers were so alike in having the laugh easily and frequently gene. Glad I got that gene and can see the humor in certain situations!

I don’t like the family dwindling slowly away…..I know it’s going to happen to all of us, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

My heart goes out to my Uncle Dale, cousins Mark, Susie and Marlene. Please know that Mark and I are there in spirit!

It suddenly dawned on me that I am now the oldest of the Reynolds clan! I guess you’ll all be seeing me with my tiara frequently. Matriarch not a label I’ve ever thought about. I guess I should buy a pair of white gloves too.  I think I’ll stick with the Miss Congeniality Title I won in the Miss Michigan Aerospace contest in the late 60’s.



It’s been quite a stressful 10 days around our house trying to stay legal living in Costa Rica. All because of one man at the CAJA office who is on a power trip! For those not in the know, that’s our country-wide health system that we have to belong to, whether you use it or not.

Well “the Don” as I will refer to him, has decided that when you renew your carnet (the ID card for the health system) you now need to have your marriage license re-certified that Costa Rica Immigration has already certified as legal. Now “the Don” wants it apostilled. This requires sending it to the State of Michigan, where we were married, and haven’t lived for 44 years, to put this stamp on it certifying we are still married. We have lived in 5 different states and frankly, the State of Michigan has no clue if we are truly still married!

We met with our attorney here this morning and came up with three options.
1. Go back and try again and see if “the Don” is in a better mood.
2. Our attorney would type up a letter certifying we are who we say we are and are still married.
3. He could marry us here in Costa Rica and it would take up to 3 mos. to get listed in the National Registry. Our attorney said would require a new diamond ring!

We get a group rate through ARCR and it gets paid automatically, I could let it expire and buy my own medication here at the pharmacy. Most medications you can go in and buy over the counter without a prescription! Novel idea, huh?

On our way to CAJA, I had the crazy idea that since Mark went in last week, “the Don” may remember him so I would go in and try.

There was a Tica ahead of me trying to do the same thing and he sent her away with the paperwork that he gave Mark last week.

Now it’s my turn. I acted like I knew what I was doing – no small talk, etc. After all, a gal from Kentucky with “sweet southern charm” can explode too! I gave him Mark’s new cedula and old carnet and my new cedula and old carnet. I explained I needed the expiration dates on the carnets to match the dates on cedulas. He said absolutely nothing to me and began to process the paperwork.

Yep, I got the new carnets! Mark’s is good for 2 years, which matches his carnet; mine is only good for 1 year and does not match my carnet. I will wait till “the Don” is on vacation and go to the termporary person and explain that the date is wrong on my carnet and try to get it for 2 years.

Yessiree folks, I am woman, hear me roar!

MadNancyOr perhaps he didn’t feel like messing with the woman who looks so disgusted in the picture on her new cedula.

Seriously, I think you need to act like you know what you’re doing; not be trembling, etc. By the way, I was going to ask to speak to his boss, if he told me “no”. The ARCR group rate receipt for paying for this healthcare, states, that we have the same rights as Ticos do. So I was ready for a fight.

Luckily for Mark, it didn’t come to that – otherwise I might have been deported.

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