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For probably a couple of months now, I’ve been telling Mark that something is wrong with the A/C in the car…..and of course, this falls on deaf ears, because it’s just “me”.

Well a week ago, Mark had the oil changed in the car and while waiting he  was thumbing through the car manual….please keep in mind that our car manual is in Korean, NOT English or Spanish.

Since I don’t think he reads Korean, he must have come upon an illustration that indicated that there is a filter for the A/C….in the glove compartment.

He said it was packed with dirt….we live on a dirt road…doesn’t surprise me it was full because I was sure something was wrong with the A/C.

The first time I drove the car after getting the filter “blown” out, I could tell a significant difference in just backing the car out of the drive-way.

Those clever Koreans and their illustrations!

At any rate, it’s wonderful now….and I even don’t have to have the A/C on the highest setting…..

Pura Vida…..

Dylana waiting1Today Dylana graduated from the English class she’s been taking since last July.  She would board the bus at 6 a.m. and ride into town on Saturdays. Then walk to Sabana Larga to take the English class. I can’t thank my friends enough that “donated” money to give her this opportunity! It does take a village to educate!  She enjoyed the class; however, Mark and I think she spoke more English to us before taking the class! LOL

Graduation “season” started with her 6th grade graduation from the Central School of Atenas on December 12…then followed many fiestas to celebrate and it’s culminated with today’s graduation.

This graduation was held in the building next to the police station. It included kids from age 8 up to maybe 15-16 years old.  There were two young male instructors for probably 50+ students.  Different classes met at different times of the day on Saturdays.  When they were calling the names of the graduates to go to the stage to receive their diplomas, they announced to please applaud for each graduate.

I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the girls received a kiss on the cheek (a greeting in Costa Rica) when the instructor gave them their diplomas.  What a change from the “old country” where heaven forbid you touch a student.

They would call up maybe 15 students for diplomas then there was a break in the “action” to call numbers for door prizes….ie: free classes, dictionaries in English, more English instruction books, etc.  I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the same families won multiple times.  The family sitting at the end of the table that we were at, won 5 different prizes.  Reminded me of Bingo!


Dylana and her teacher

After all this was over, then it was time to eat.  They served a meal of arroz con pollo, ensalada, papas, and arroz con leche for dessert. (rice with chicken, salad, potato chips and rice with milk).  It was pretty tasty!!!  But I think anything I don’t have to cook or clean up after is pretty tasty!

School will start again for Dylana in February and she’ll be off to Collegio (what we would consider high school).  She’ll be learning French this year.  Her Mom told us she’ll have 20 teachers….whew! Can you imagine keeping all of them happy? She’ll then graduate from Collegio in 5 years and hopefully going to the University will follow.

While we were waiting for graduation to begin, her mother, Maricela, leaned over and said “you’re the only Gringo here!”

Since this was a class where the students learned English, silly me, thinking that maybe a little English might be spoken.  There was none, nada spoken!  I could follow some of what was being said, but I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to jump up and request “por favor, despacio” (please, slower)

Been a great experience to see these events take place….even if I am the “token Gringo”!

Headed into town shortly after noon today to go to the Post Office and a few other places.

Stopped at the P.O. and voila!  I had a small package… exciting!  There were 4 males and one female in the P.O. laughing like crazy.  Two of the men were laughing so hard, their shoulders were shaking – you couldn’t help but giggle at them. I have no clue what they were laughing at; but, it was infectious!!!  Smiles were all over in the P.O. this afternoon.

Then I headed to Dra. Victoria’s to get my glasses adjusted. She was really busy!!!

Saw Julie and Norman next door at Dennis’ and Gerardo’s….said they had finally recovered from Bunky’s party on Monday.

Then on to Coope…as I was checking out, the checker grinned and acted like she was sniffing the air – you could hear raindrops on the roof; not enough to get anything wet, but they were raindrops.  She broke into a broad grin and explained that when she was pregnant, she loved smelling the rain because everything smelled fresh!  Yep, I understood what she was communicating!

When you go into town, everyone is happy!!!  I remember when Terri came with me to house hunt. We were sitting at Don Tadeo’s and watching people in the park.  She remarked “look everyone is happy, everyone is smiling, no one is walking hunched over” – Costa Rica, or at least Atenas is “home of the happy people.”

A Pura Vida day for sure!

Seems like not that long ago it was 2013….and now it’s 2014.  They say time flies when you’re having fun – time is flying, we are having fun!

We have celebrated our third Christmas and New Year’s in Costa Rica.  Can hardly believe it’s been three years….and yikes, it’s time to re-new our cedula’s…….when we moved here, I knew it would be our paradise, weather-wise; and it is! It’s also been a great place to forge new friendships and meet new people from “all over da’ world”.

Friends are here from Bowling Green and I’ve been looking at houses with them….took me back to when Terri and I were looking at houses; seems like ions ago.  Have seen some pretty and not so pretty homes!  LOL  As when Terri and I were looking.  Tiring, tiring days…..Terri and I looked at least 25 houses that week and ended up buying the first house I/we saw!

This morning we woke up to gorgeous sunshine, the December winds blowing (yes, I know it’s January!) – it just doesn’t get any better than this…..many friends questioned whether we were doing the right thing moving here; for us, yes, it was the right thing!  It’s not for everyone….you must have a little bit of adventure in you.

Pura Vida and Happy New Year to all…..



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