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Been awhile because I’ve been in such a funk; so disorganized, etc.

Little Sofi was spayed last week so that meant lots of sitting and petting her.  Then on Thursday morning I found out I need knee surgery and it’s going to be on Monday…..yes, 2 days from now.

Been trying to get a lot of things caught up because I’m not sure how long I’ll be unable to do housework!  I’ll know I’ll be able to get lots of knitting done.

A little concerned that manuevering around the house on crutches with 4 dogs under foot might be a tad daunting, but I’ll do it! Probably with a lot of “blue air”! LOL

Also, am having a new washing machine delivered on Monday afternoon while the hubby is home to clean out the spot. HA! Am sure I’ll have to supervise that also.

All the dogs understand nap time except Derby.  He’s only happy walking all over your head, your legs, across your back and stomach, depending on the position you’re lying in.

Headed to bed, lots of stuff to finish up tomorrow.

Yesterday while Cat and I were organizing my stash, she gave me a couple of hints that I’d like to pass along.

1. Have a bag, of whatever kind, to keep each project in.

2. When you buy yarn for a specific project, put that in a bag too, along with the pattern, and the size needles you need. If the needles are already being used for another project, just put the case the needles came in or a note to indicate you already have the needles.

These two tips will be worth their weight in gold!  In going through my stash, she would say, well, you have 6 skeins of this you must have had a specific project in mind.  And most likely I did, but with CRS (can’t remember shit), that memory is long gone.

I’m lucky to have a friend that would spend all day helping me organize – I hope all of you in knitting land have one of those too!

A friend from knitting was at my house yesterday and get this….said “hey, I’ll come help you organize your stash of yarn. We’ll put it together by weight.”  Who in their right mind would ever refuse help in organizing the mountains of yarn that I have?

So, Thursday is the day!  We’ll drag it all out and put it on the table – of course, I’ll take pictures! Then we’ll begin the daunting task of putting it together by weight.

We may even have a surprise visitor!  Of course, in the back of my mind they are both thinking…….hmmmmm, maybe she’ll throw a little my way!

Isn’t that what life is about: friends that will volunteer to help your organize your stash…..if this goes well, I may hint around that I need help in organizing fabric! LOL

socks.jpgA while back I posted how excited I was to have a sock buddy from the internet.  Well, not only do I know how to pick them, I know how to pick a great one. These are what I got in the mail this week.  Aren’t they cool? 

Well, my sock buddy turns out to be none other than Kaity Von Rader who has been on Knitty Gritty!  OK, now two things come to mind, she’s really “advanced” (as we say in our knitting class) and I’m just beginning my third pair of socks. So, being intimated (LOL) do I go ahead and make the socks, not weaving in the ends so she can easily take them apart and re-work them or should I just send her the yarn?  Not really, I am going to make them, it’s just I can’t do it as fast as she can, although she told me there is no time limit.

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