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Yes, I know how to sew; have sewn for years; but as with all things, it’s “FUN” to take a class and be with other people that have the same interests as you.

Saw an absolutely adorable bag at Nana’s Place in town.  Inquired about the class to make this bag and was told it was tomorrow, meaning today, Wednesday.  So I plopped down my colones and signed up for it.

Up at 6 a.m., which is very unusual for me lately!  Too excited about the class and besides I wanted to get a couple loads of laundry on the line before the rains moved in.  Well that plan got shot in the foot; not long after I arrived in town, Mark called to tell me that I had no clothes in the washer….this is common for me! LOL

While driving into town this morning, I had a small panic attack….what if the instructor doesn’t speak English! Then I decided that would be OK, because she would be able to show me visually.

Arrived promptly at 8:30; met the instructor (no, I cannot remember her name, but her birthday was today!)  Anyway, she did/does speak English.  Of course the bag I want to make is the hardest, but that’s OK, I CAN DO IT!

There were about 6 others in the class, yes, I was the only Gringa!  But we sure did have some laughs!!!  One lady comes from Jaco, arrives the night before, stays overnight with a friend, and comes to class on Wednesday!  She also spoke English.

Will be working on my bag at home and continue with the class next Wednesday.

The instructor is excellent – knows her sewing stuff!!!

Hopefully, I will have completed the bag next week and will have pictures!

For now, Pura Vida…..from dark and cloudy Guacimo de Atenas!


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