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Traveled to Enchanted today for the spring yarn tasting.

If you’ve never been to one, get yourself ASAP to one!  Any yarn shop NOT doing this hasn’t a clue what their customers are missing!!!

We must have “tasted” 30+ yarns this morning (besides a yummy brunch) and came away full.

Most were DK weight and as soft as a baby’s butt!  There was hemp but I was assured I wouldn’t get much if I tried to sell it for smoking.

The new spring yarns are not only luscious to feel but the colors range from pale to vibrant.

The only way to sum it up:  sooooo much yarn,  sooooo many wonderful colors, sooooo much softness,  and soooooo little time to get everything you’d like to knit knitted!!!

Thank you to RoLynn and Ashley for another devine tasting!!!

Last Friday evening a friend, Gayla, and I headed for Atlanta with enough drinks in a cooler to last a month!

About 10 p.m. we decided to stop because we were both extremely tired. Back on the road again about 8ish a.m.  Decided that since the Market at Stitches South didn’t open until 10 a.m. and we were in town early, we would head to the IKEA store.

While waiting in the parking lot for the store to open, a guy in a BMW convertible with a dog drove up and stopped and asked us where he could find a pet store to buy his dog a leash.  Keep in mind, this BMW had the trim stripped off the passenger side of the door.  Instead of saying “we’re not from around here”…Gayla gave him directions to a sign we had seen advertising Petco.  As he drove away, I looked at her and said “if that guy isn’t a sexual predator, I don’t know who is. And he uses his dog to attract his prey.”

Upon entering the store, we immediately headed up the escalator to get to the cafeteria.  While riding up, a very attractive woman of color asked Gayla if she looked tan….she said she had just come from the tanning bed and wanted to know if Gayla thought she had gotten some color.  Gayla’s answer was “well, you look like you have a pretty color all over!”  It was all I could do not to wet my pants laughing….yes, still tired and thought every statement anyone made was pretty hilarious.

She has never been in an IKEA store and was in awe – for those that haven’t been in one, they have the most awesome cafeteria that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I ordered a regular breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes and French toast sticks for $1.99…yep, that’s one dollar and 99 cents! Delish.

Then we started out shopping.  In an Ikea store they have foot prints and lines to follow to shop; these stores are HUGE!

Then we followed a woman that had a low cut dress on – her back was showing – she had on a black bra with a nude bra extender; which of course brought on another round of laughter.

Finally we decided about 1ish p.m. we would head to check in to the hotel and go to the Yarn Market.  Luck was with us and found a parking spot that was just steps from the hotel lobby entrance.  Needless to say, we never moved the car!

WOW!  Stitches markets are unbelievable.  A few years ago, 8 of us went to the one in Chicago.  Size-wise, this didn’t compare – even the crowds were down.  But it certainly made for leisurely, enjoyable shopping.

Closed up the Market and headed for a dinner in the hotel.  I’ve never had such great tasting lasagna – I swear the noodles were homemade!  While I had a relatively cheap dinner compared to Gayla’s – I won’t tell you what she spent but it’s between $57 and $59!

Saturday morning, Gayla headed to Starbucks in the lobby to get us “drinks”.  I’ve made a vow, I can never travel on a girl trip again without Emily, who washed my face daily for me in Chicago, and Gayla, who brought me a Carmel Macchiato!

We were there to open the Market on Sunday morning; guess you have to be a fiber fanatic to enjoy all the touchy, soft fibers. Yes, it’s called a fibergasm!

Headed for home around 3 p.m. because things were not being marked down like they were in Chicago – not sure if it’s the crappy economy, smallness of the show or what, but there were not crowds like we expected. 

We both enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to attend another one.

Watch out Tao, NM, we’re probably  headed to your Fiber Festival in October!


For those wondering, yes, men do attend!

PS: This was the first time this event was held in Atlanta.  I certainly hope the vendors were pleased so it will continue there – unless, they’d like to try having it in Nashville!!! Which would be so awesome!

The only criticism I would have is, vendors need to have their wares clearly priced; I can’t tell you how many times we just wanted to know the price of something and gave up trying to get a “clerk” to acknowledge we were there; some of them were too busy yakking with each other; so we headed to other booths that were more customer friendly.

Also, it was fun to see the wares in person from websites where I’ve ordered “stuff”.



































































































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Had some surgery on my hand for “trigger finger” and am now just able to start knitting again! Hoo-Ray!

And the best thing is a friend and I are leaving tomorrow night for Stitches in Atlanta!  And we’re hoping to hit the IKEA store Saturday a.m. and then to Stitches…..

and to think we don’t have kids in school!

Todd and Amy arrived last Thursday.  Todd is our technical support!!!  He and Mark (altho’ Mark just made the beer runs!!) installed our new “BATV”  (Big Ass TV) on the wall. 

Todd hooked up all the stuff, cable, Direct TV (we switched from Dish to Direct), TIVO, and anything else that’s possible to hook up; oh, and a computer so when we’re on the computer we can have it on the BATV.

If you don’t have HD TV yet, oh my gosh!  You can see every little flaw, scar, etc. on their faces.

We convinced Todd to stop long enough Friday evening so we could partake of the Hot Rod festivities on opening game night.

We had a group of 30 in the Home Run Grill – and moi got to be one of the million people throwing out the first pitch!

It was soooooo much fun!

Saturday afternoon Amy and I went to another game and enjoyed it. (Mark and I also went to a game last night.)  It’s fun to watch!  Lots of entertainment between innings, etc.

Left at 6:30 a.m. on Monday to take them to catch their flight back to FL.

Tuesday a.m. left at 6:30 a.m. to take a friend to Nashville for radiation treatment.  She’s got a long haul with radiation and chemotherapy in front of her…if we can just keep her spirits up through this!


A very good friend of mine needed accompanied to her colonoscopy….she wanted to give the Dr. a colonoscopy he would remember!  Yep, these are “artificial tattoes”….very festive, don’t you think?

When the Dr. met with me to discuss his findings, which there were none, I asked how is morning was….he replied “very spring like with lots of flowers and butterflies”.  I thought I was going to bite through my cheeks trying not to laugh outloud! LOL

A few days later she had to go to her regular MD for another problem and showed him these tattoes; the Dr. said “Did Nancy put you up to this?”  I haven’t stopped laughing long enough to be offended he would think I would have something to do with this gorgeous photo!  She did tell him that I was “along for the ride”.

I swear there is nothing he can’t sing!!!  I downloaded his version of Ring of Fire….it’s so cool and very different!!!

I predict, he’s the 2009 Idol!

While getting a new puppy is a really fun time, I have to admit that I am truly disappointed in our President. While campaigning he reassured “the world” the girls would have a dog from the Humane Society. 

Yes, I know Bo is supposed to have been a gift from the Ted Kennedy family.  And you don’t turn down a gift – but you could say, you know we need to adopt from the Humane Society, then we’ll accept the gift – after all, it’s obvious politics are involved here.

With all the problems going on in the world, would it have been that terrible to keep that “ONE” little promise?  Or, perhaps,  if they would adopt another dog from the Humane Society, I would feel better. 

There are 4 dogs in our house – when our girls were at home, we always had a dog; then it became 2 dogs; when we were empty nesters, all I wanted was a lap dog; after 3 rescued dogs, I got a mix – maltese yorkie (morkie).  Thus the 4 dogs rule our house!

Too bad no one told them that 2 dogs are easier than 1 because they help keep each other entertained. 

While I’m trying to give the new Prez the benefit of the doubt, this one broken promise really upsets me – it’s the little things that add up to a big disappointment.


Two weeks or so ago, I finally gave in and made an appointment because my “pointer” no longer wanted to cooperate with my brain waves.  I was given and most excruciating shot I have ever endured in the hand. Made me feel sick to my stomach, burned like crazy, etc….yes, it’s worse than a spinal for delivery purposes!

Went back 2 weeks later, which was last Thursday.  Was told by the doc that it should be 100% better by then or we would have to look at other options.  Well, people, it wasn’t any better!

Was told that I two options: 1) a brace for 6 weeks to see if that made a difference

                                                          2) surgery

In pondering what to do….a brace for 6 weeks with no guarantee and still may need surgery, which would make it deep into golf season, or surgery immediately.  I chose immediately! Which meant, the following morning.

Assured it was a simple procedure with immediate relief – it was; except for becoming sick after arriving home and upchucking for 10 hours after surgery.

Took the bandage off today.  Still have the Drs. marking and his initials.  There is immediate relief – it’s a little tender to make a fist because of where the stitches are…but you know what…I’m going to be playing golf in a couple of weeks – worth it in my book; stitches out in 10 days and will probably have photos of that too….ahhh….my medical journal! I’m hoping to be picked up in the AMJ!


I finally did it!!!  Got tired of my “friends” saying “I’m going to come help you get that sewing room organized”. So I hired a professional organizer that has been doing organizing and cleaning for 17 years.  Here they are just beginning to get started.

I will confess that when Nina (L), owner of the business, stepped in the doorway, her hand flew to her mouth and she uttered “oh, my”.  This will cost you the next 5 stimulus checks you get! (actually, I just made that part up).

They started right in…..and soon this was happening…..


The organizing was beginning to take shape.  Keep in mind they were able to work continuously…not having to stop to break up a dog fight, let a dog in or let a dog out, stop to fix a meal….but able to keep right at it.  They organized all my Christmas fabric, patriotic fabric, dog fabric, animal prints, etc.


And in a few  short hours… shelves were all in order……


and there’s actually room to use the cutting table as a cutting table….but most of all there was a floor!  And to think very little was actually thrown out….if you’re in need of an organizer, I highly recommend Nina!

I spent all afternoon sewing….was wonderful….a friend called and said “I called your home number because I knew you would be home sewing and enjoying your organized room”…..and I was!!!


While sitting on the couch watching American Idol, I happened to look at my seatmates….Oliver had his leg around Sofi!  Isn’t that cute!  They are best buds when it comes to sleeping – probably because as soon as Oliver opens his eyes, Sofi is there to “clean” them!  He growls and sounds so mean, but it can’t be that bad because Oliver doesn’t move.

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