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Not too bad, huh?  Just those areas where the surgeon went in – not much bruising; on the left side of the picture you can see where the ink mark is to make sure they operate on the correct knee.  The little star thing at the top of the page is a wonder ice bag. Cat introduced me to it and I ran out and bought one – it’s so much better than using anything else.

When my friends turn “old”, I think this will be their birthday present filled with M & M’s!


Had knee surgery yesterday; Dr. repaired a torn meniscus and said there was more arthritis in there than he anticipated, so he shaved as much as he could of dear old “Arthur”.

Not as much pain as I thought there would be, but it sure burns…  bandage comes off tomorrow and you guessed it, yep, there will be pictures!  Stitches come out a week from tomorrow and yep, there will be even more pictures!

And…ta..da…I’m typing on my new laptop!!!  I love it, sitting in the gazebo, leg elevated, ice pack on knee, TV on, and 4 dogs trying to get as close to me as they can!!!

Went through the pre-op stuff for tomorrow’s surgery and I’m such a happy camper!  They’ve changed “the rules” and you can now drink clear liquid up to 4 hours before surgery!!!  Which means I can have my morning Pepsi….yes, it’s considered a clear liquid!  Orange juice, tomato juice, milk, anything with substance is considered “a food” because it takes longer to digest.

Operating room is booked for 40 minutes, which means, I’ll be in and out, in recovery for an hour – then back to the room and then home!

And I’m sure I’ll have 4 dogs trying to get as close to me as possible when I’m in bed….it’s like they know to just lay and be still, altho’ there’s always a little tussle on who gets to be closest.  It’s so nice to be loved – even if it’s by my dogs! LOL

Thought for the day:  Save the earth – it’s the only planet with chocolate!

Today while walking around the square in Franklin at the Crafts and Car Days they have, I found the cutest bag for only $5 and the money goes to Breast Cancer Research – a very worthy cause!

I think I’ll take it to the hospital with me on Weds. when I get my knee scoped!

@$^&%((%(%)&*_)*)*%$%*()! HARUMPH! CRAP!

Got the results today of the MRI (actually wasn’t supposed to get them till Monday afternoon); Dr. called and said the cartilage is torn and needs surgery…so Weds. afternoon, under the knife I go.

I apologized at dinner to my hubby on the High Maintenance Woman I’ve become; and it isn’t fun high maintenance! (ie: lipsuction, face lift, boob job, eyelid lift)


WOW! Is this great news – only opened in May ’08 and already doubling the size of the shop!!!  Just think of all the goodies this will hold – I cannot wait to see the progress – but most of all, I cannot wait till it’s done!

Hurray! Enchanted Yarn and Fiber.

For those that haven’t been there yet – you can take yarn from any place you buy it and go in and knit with it!

VOTE HERE! Bunco Women Gone Wild