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and I quote…..

“I reviewed your files yesterday, and they were moved on to what they call the “resolutions of the day” box, which means that they are ready to be solved.

Even though it doesn´t mean that they will be solved the same day, they are in the line, ready for resolution, so I expect to have news for you soon.”

So folks, it appears we will be “solved” soon! Woo-Hoo……

For those wondering, yes, we will still be U.S. citizens!


Decided to head to PriceSmart today and get a membership. (think Sam’s Club)  Because of my advancing age, I got it half price!!!  Old age has a few advantages.

It was extremely crowded, which I guess because of the holiday season, it would be.  Stocked up on some meat but the main thing I went after was Orville Redenbacher popcorn!  I was disappointed because all they had was Act II.  Mark convinced me it would be better than nothing so we bought it.  I need to spread the word that if anyone goes there and they have Orville Redenbacher to pick it up for me!

Stopped at an Ashley Furniture store on the way home.  WOW!  It’s nothing like those in the states.  This was laid out with rooms with lots of area in between….not crammed in together like other stores I’ve been in.  Didn’t buy anything. 😦

Came home and we were going to fill up Old Bessie but the gas station was blocked off; Realizing that I could have had a V-8, I remembered that the truckers from the refineries were on strike; hence, the major confusion at a gas station we passed in San Jose!  So Bessie is almost empty and Ms. Smartie has a little less than 2 gallons which means we’ll be very careful about driving anywhere till the strike gets settled.  Just another one of those things in Costa Rica you don’t think about. LOL

But at least we’ve got food to eat and the refrigerator is full!

It’s now nap time….

Pura Vida!

When we decided to go on this adventure, I was very excited knowing that the majority of people have tile floors.  I love tile floors!

When living in the U.S. the majority of the time we had carpet; once in awhile I could convince Mark we needed to tile this area or that.  But never did we have a whole house tiled!

Advantages of living this far south with tile:  generally feels cool to your feet.  Dogs love laying on it; altho’ they spend their fair share of the time lying in their beds.

Advantage of carpet:  if it’s the right color and you have dogs that shed, it will hide the dog hair for a few days.

Disadvantage of tile:  dog hair shows all the time!!!  Even after sweeping, it’s still there.  But one advantage is the birds love the clumps of dog hair we throw outside and I think they are becoming dependent on it being there for them; Sedona is happy to oblige!

So the question is: should we shave Sedona and hope we get a few days of no/less dog hair  or just continue to brush her outside and constantly sweep inside?

In the whole scheme of life, it’s not very high up on the list to take care of!  We’ve always had dogs and dog hair; however, Derby and Sofi hardly shed but Sedona certainly makes up for it!

Adios for now!

With much moaning and groaning (more like bitching!), I gave Mark a list of things I would like accomplished today.

1. Get out the Christmas trees (yes, that’s plural!)

2. Get out the Christmas decorations

3. Get out the outdoor lights

Number 1 and 2 have been done. We’re still looking for a lot of the outdoor lights.

Have one tree put together and in the living room.  All but one small section of lights work….and you know what?  That’s just going to have to do……I’m getting in the groove of the Tico way……most of the lights are lit, that will work! Pura Vida!

The first “batch” of ornaments I “unboxed” were sitting in at least an inch of dirty water…..yep, moldy and mildewy; however, I am trying to save them. Will let them dry out and see if I can salvage them.  And true to form, they are ornaments that mean a lot to me….ie: expensive ones!  So yes, for awhile there was blue air spewing out of my mouth – I know, it’s not very “Christmas like”!

The tree that will be in the living room will have breakable ornaments on it.  The tree in the rancho will have unbreakable ones!  Yes, I have enough ornaments for both trees! LOL

It will be sad when I come to the stockings because Oliver is no longer with us.  Yes, people, I put up Christmas stockings for my dogs!  Deal with it!

When the girls were younger, Christmas Eve meant opening a new pair of pajamas so they’d look cute in their Christmas morning pictures.  And the proverbial pluckit cake.  It’s a ” cake” made out of small balls of bread dough, rolled in cinnamon and sugar with nuts….hence you “pluck” a piece of basically a cinnamon roll off.  Baked in an angel food cake pan. Pretty yummy!!! And smells wonderful baking!

And, I have an artifical palm tree with lights on that I think I’ll put outside our bedroom window!  My intention was to knit ornaments for it….mittens, scarves, and sweaters….all in miniature.  This one may not get decorated this year. LOL  And of course, Mark still hasn’t gotten over the fact that I brought an artificial palm tree to a land loaded with real palms!  Maybe I should buy a real one and stick it in a pot for next year.  What do you think?

Adios for now….and for those that went Black Friday shopping, I hope you’ve recovered!





I have met some great people so far;  some of their names are: Pat, Kat, Sally, Delores…..tickles me because there are names of some friends in the states!  Altho’ it’s Kat with a K here, and Cat with a C there; Sally here is tall, Sally in the states is short; in fact when I met Sally here, I commented that I had a good friend, Sally in the states and she’s about as vertical challenged as I am. She said well think of me as Long Tall Sally! Pat in the US is a little taller than Pat here in Costa Rica; and well, one Deloris went out of my life and since I’ve been here I’ve met another Delores to take her place.

It really is a small world!!!

We were lucky enough to be invited to some friend’s home for a Thanksgiving dinner.  Not with turkey….I told Mark no way was I spending $60 plus for a turkey!  And I know a lot of other ex-pats who must have felt the same way.  Drunken chicken was on the menu!  And it was so delicious!!!  One couple we know said they were getting together with neighbors and having steak…her husband thought that was a good tradition so start!

Delores fixed a bowl of salad and then had the “fixins” on another plate so you could “make your own”.  I thought that was a clever idea and will probably use that some time in the future.  But her carrots were to die for….she sliced them and steamed them.  Then cooked them in butter and when they started to brown she added honey and garlic powder and continued until they were more brown.  They were so good!!!  Mark doesn’t eat cooked carrots but before we were out of their driveway, he said “if you make carrots like that, I can eat them!”

Didn’t make it to the feria yesterday; just didn’t feel good when I woke up.  Spent the day in and out of bed, only thing wrong was a really horrendous headache.  Mark said I looked really pale.  Finally around late afternoon I started to feel a little better.

So much better that I plugged in my embroidery machine!  ALAS!  It turned on….then I added the embroidery arm…and it worked.  Today I will attempt  to do some embroidery.  I was very nervous about it working because it’s been on a long journey!  I’m sure I’ll need to re-read some of the instruction book because I haven’t done any work on it since last May!

Hope to get some Christmas decorations out and start decorating the casa!  I’m sure this will thrill Mark because it means moving “boxes” again…..apparently he thinks retirement isn’t constantly moving boxes! LOL

Need to run into town and pick up some groceries….when you’re out of eggs, you need to go to the grocery!!!

To our friends in the U.S., we hope you had a yummy Thanksgiving….to those that went shopping on Black Friday, please share what you bought…..I normally spend Thanksgiving Day going through all the inserts from the newspaper….I admit, I did miss doing that.  Looked at a few inserts online and wasn’t sure there was anything that I would have bought….but I wouldn’t have bought it on Friday, I would wait till Monday till the “working people” were back “working”.

Adios for now….


Had to make a trip into town today because Sofi needed her 10 day check-up; yep, she’s still on medication; Dra. Sharon says she’s still got a fungus and is now leaning toward it being from getting hot and sweating where she lays (lies ?).  She’s going with that now because the only place she’s broken out now is on her belly….I guess it would be like a heat rash.  She’s been on medication for so long now….we give her some food with a pill to settle her stomach – set a timer and let me tell you when that timer rings, she heads for her bowl!  Knowing she’ll get just a little more canned food with the medication – she has to wait an hour after getting the settle the stomach pill before getting the actual medication.

Stopped at the attorney’s office to pick up a personaria so that we can get a new electric meter in our name; might have a problem because Mark noticed his name on it is Mark Van Patten Castro……Uncle Fidel will be proud!

Had to get another gallon of paint for the outside of the house.  Couldn’t figure out why it appeared to have some really light spots where the construction workers painted.  Mark decided to work on getting the outside wall of the kitchen painted and discovered……the construction workers thinned the paint with water!  DUH!

Mario, our gardener was here bright and early with a group of guys to lay sod.  Pat and John are having a casa built and had good grass; we have the same gardener; she asked Mario about taking their sod up and putting it in our yard; he agreed and today we have grass!  Thanks Pat and John and remember you can come visit your grass anytime you want!

Mark went out this evening to find something in the bodega….alas, no electricity!  Monday they were here to bury electrical wires; guess they cut them too….big sigh, so another call tomorrow to the contractor.

Oh, and we received word from our residency attorney that she is going  (have no clue where) to  check on our residency status next Tuesday and hopes to have good news for us!  Keep your fingers crossed for us please.

Soon our life in Costa Rica will become “normal” – whatever that is!

Adios for now amigos and amigas!

UPDATE:  Forget to tell you guys about the coffee picking….saw trucks going through town today with coffee picking baskets on the top and the back end of the trucks full of bags of coffee beans.  I really, really, really want one of those coffee picking baskets!

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