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Came home from the last KAL for the Baby Surprise Jacket on Thursday and felt I was on the right track.  Even knitted to row 19 Thursday evening.  Counted the stitches and lo and behold, yep, one stitch too many.

So, I put it away and decided Jan could help me at Panera’s on Friday morning.

She found my mistake and frogged back a few rows; I know I keep saying this “I think I’ve finally caught on” – however, I think I really have caught on now. 

After knitting a few rows at Panera, I came home and I’m still on row 19.

If I get to row 50, I think I’ll celebrate!

I am going to get this done….I am going to get this done….I am going to get this done, etc.

Listen up readers!  I’m going to give you the recipe for the best ever summertime sandwich in the world.

Crunchy peanut butter – preferably Jif;  a yummy fresh garden grown tomato; two slices of your favorite bread.  Spread the Jif on the bread – if you’re adventurous, spread it on both slices.  Slice the garden fresh tomato and cover one slice of the bread with it – even cutting other slices in half to fill up the bread; put the other piece of bread on top of the tomato and take a big bite!

You will not believe how yummy this is!

Please share your summertime sandwiches that are to die for with me.  Thanks.



Ah…..I think it helps if you cast on the correct number of stitches!  Yep, another frogging this afternoon.

I will conquer this project, if it kills me, or maybe I should say even if I go to the looney bin over it!

Bought some yummy looking tomatoes at Farmer’s Market and decided tonight’s main dish would be B (bacon), L (lettuce), T’s (tomatoes).

However, when I got ready to fix the “L”, I had bought a head of cabbage instead of lettuce.  Yes, I do know the difference!  And when I felt the cabbage, I thought to myself, this is a really firm head of lettuce.

PS: I (we) didn’t care for the cabbage with the B and T!

Yes, I feed the birds so I’m probably asking for a lot of this.  The baby birds have fled the nest that was on the front porch. Yippee!

However, sitting outside this afternoon in the gazebo and watching these little tiny birds fly away and come back and realizing they are not going in either of the two bird houses in the tree, they have made a nest in the pipe of one of the corners of the gazebo!  They’ve been busy flying in and out with all kinds of “bird food” (bugs) so I’m guessing they’ve had babies in there also.  Guess this means there will be all kinds of bird poop now in and around the gazebo.  How lucky can I be?

Picked up the Baby Surprise Jacket to start knitting this morning, since I stupidly forgot to take it to the KAL yesterday, and decided I didn’t like the M1 stitch I used.  So, I frogged and frogged and will now cast on and pay attention to what I’m doing.

I don’t know why I can’t do that – just pay attention! LOL

This is so choice!  I get to Enchanted Yarn and Fiber for the second KAL and wouldn’t you know, I didn’t have my bag with me that had the project in it!!!  So, I just watched everyone else, etc.

Neatest thing happened tho’, we had a fashion show during the KAL…..

Deloris and her new puppy, Max. (A shih tzu – 10 weeks old and all of 3.5 lbs.)

Then the Navy came in to show us we were in good hands, just like All State Insurance!

Next,  the Army was coming through the front door.  I can assure you that all 10 ladies felt safe, very safe.

Then the most beautimus lady came waltzing in the door – between you and me, I think she was following the Navy and the Army!

That’s what is so fun going to this yarn shop….you never know who or what will come in – such a fun place to be!!!

The knitting hint for this post is:  Be sure you have your project with you! LOL

PS: My bag was in the garage on the floor right next to where I park my car – it made it that far and apparently I had a brain fart didn’t bother putting it in the car! DUH!

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This is probably only one of the few days that I wish I was still working! LOL  Yes, I would take my little Sofi to work and she would charm everyone!  I noticed that Meredith on The Today Show took her dog; oh, and I think Kelly Ripa is taking her dog to work today also.

Lucky people that have an employer that would allow that!

Haven’t written about the dogs in awhile so will bring you up to date with 4 dogs in one house.

In the kitchen I have a corner cupboard with a turntable.  I don’t always get the cupboard door closed. Derby, our wonderful adopted dog from Freedom Farms in Nashville, that was found wandering the streets of Nashville and is very “street-wise”, decided he needed to check out that little turntable.  He honed in on an envelope of turkey dressing and  unbeknownst (is that a word?) to any adult in the house, was unaware of this.

I was sitting on the couch knitting and Sofi, cute baby Sofi, was cuddled up on my lap.  The next thing I know, she rolls over and vomits.  (Please note that I’m maturing and didn’t call it puke!)  So I jumped up and said to the man in the recliner – “Oh great, now Sofi’s vomiting!”  Heading into the kitchen to get something to clean up the vomit, I looked under the recliner and noticed a very well-chewed envelope.  Picked it up and immediately dumped what was rest of the powdered gravy on the floor.  Why is it when I’m so well-intentioned to clean up a mess, I am the one that makes that mess worse???!!!!!

For the record, Derby, has never thrown up to my knowledge – guess being on the streets for awhile coats your stomach so you can eat anything and everything.

Thanks for all the encouragement on my previous post of the trials and tribulations of the Baby Surprise Jacket.

You will never believe what was messing me up!!!  I was trying to be clever in using a stitch marker to mark the sl1, K2 tog, PSSO – well, once I finally realized these markers were doing nothing but messing with my mind – I removed them – and now all is well with my knitting!

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