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Today the knitters met, as we usually do on Tuesdays.  We met for lunch at Trapieche in Morazon (and the restaurant is probably spelled wrong). But this is Costa Rica so that is OK.  Jean Marie, Harriet, Denise, Bunky and I were there.  Food was really good….had a pollo casado and I can’t remember what everyone else had!

I put my knitting bag on the ground because the table wasn’t large enough for everyone to do that.  While eating, Jean Marie suggested we go back to her house to knit, which was really close to the restaurant.

As we sat down around the table, everyone started taking out their knitting.  I could have cried!!!!  Apparently, the guy serving out food, stepped on my knitting bag and broke two double point needles that I was using to knit socks.

I can’t remember ever breaking a needle!  Well, I guess that record still holds because technically, I didn’t break the needles!

Two of my 6 inch Caspian needles from Knit Picks broken.  photo (3)

Big sigh…..looking for 2 needles now that are the same size so I can finish this sock.  It seems like it’s taking me forever to get this second sock done!  I guess next socks I work on, I’ll do two at a time, toe up.

At any rate, it was good to get together and knit….well, they knitted, I watched them!

We’ve decided to participate in the International Knit in Public Day on June 13th in front of the National Theatre , in San Jose from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.  For sure, Denise and I will be doing this….Jean Marie can’t participate because she’ll be out of the country.  Any other knitters that want to join us, please let us  know!!!!

I remember doing this at Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green, KY when I lived there.  Some people brought spinning wheels besides those of us that knitted.  It was really interesting to find the older people that would stop and look and start up a conversation…..”I remember my grandmother doing that”……”I remember my mother doing that”……   Of course, this year’s conversations will be in Spanish….this should be a hoot!




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