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While having lunch yesterday with friends and celebrating a quiet birthday, the guest of honor made a comment that her son and daughter-in-law called and wanted to give her a birthday gift on Sunday.

They arrived and the birthday girl was excited because it looked like they had gotten her a bracelet and she’s a bracelet kind of gal.

She excitedly opened the gift – and didn’t quite know what to say.  She thought it strange that they gave her a nose hair trimmer!  But after looking closely, she realized it was a positive pregnancy test! 

No one ever said I hang around smart people! LMAO

Congrats to all and here’s to a healthy pregnancy!

Have put up with a pain in my pointer (finger) and thumb for over a month now.  Kept thinking it would get better; however, the past week or so, I’ve noticed it’s difficult to hold on to the leash when walking the dogs, etc.

Finally gave in and saw a Dr.  He diagnosed it immediately; never realized I “had a hitch in my giddy up and go”! When he pushed on a certain spot in the palm of my hand, I could feel the click.

After getting a shot in my hand this morning, my thumb and pointer are still numb; hence, difficulty typing!!! It’ now mid-afternoon.  Let  me tell you if you think a shot in the knee hurts, it’s nothing compared to the shot in the hand – Dr. said it’s because there are so many nerves in your hand.

Go back in 2 weeks and he says it needs to be remarkably improved; I asked if that meant pain free; and he said “exactly”.

Talked to a friend, Terri and she said “what’s a trigger finger?”  I explained that first you had to go get a gun and when anything bothers you, use that trigger finger!

Can’t grip a golf club yet so this better work!!!

PS:  I still love my Smart!!! So fun to drive!!!


Over the week-end, while eating outside, I noticed the corner of the house looked like this!!!

Hubby confesses “I should have been sitting on that side of the table so you wouldn’t see it!”  He had some dry brush that he decided to rake into a pile and burn….which is against city ordinance!  And besides, I should have been in on it because I like to play “in” fire!

Yes, I want it repaired!  Immediately….I don’t want any more moisture getting in ruining what little insulation there probably is in that wall….or bugs, etc.

GRRRRRRR….guess he doesn’t know that “confession is good for the soul”.  He would have NEVER made a good Catholic!


Saturday, the 14th, was a gloomy, rainy, dreary day….however, we headed to Louisville to pick up the new Smart – that we ordered a year ago!!!

Left early (for us on a Saturday, 8 a.m.) and drove in rain all the way there. Hubby declared it would be good if we took the dogs, yep, all 4!  Altho’ we were in his car, a Dodge wagon, all 4 dogs and hubby and I were in the front seat. It’s what some people would call cozy – it was just plain stupid!

Anyway, Sofi and I rode home in the new Smart and hubby and the other 3 were in his car.

Car handles wonderful, even in the pouring down rain!  I love the fact that the wind shield wipers are automatic and run according to the heaviness (for lack of a better word)  of the rain.

Got back home around 12:30 p.m. and I hurriedly got ready to head to Nashville with 3 other women – going to T-Pac to see Menopause – The Musical.  Yes, I’ve seen it before, but it’s so darn funny!!! 

Pat had seen it before too – but Renae and Donna had not.  Found a parking place on Second Avenue and started looking for a place to eat dinner (after a couple hours of shopping).  Took a chance and headed into the Melting Pot and lo and behold!  we got seated almost immediately! 

Pat and I had eaten there before, but the other two hadn’t.  I’m telling a secret on Renae – she unbuttoned her pants before we were done with the first course of a cheese fondue!!!  Had a great waiter – left stuffed, as usual.

On to T-Pac!!!  It was so darn funny – even tho’ Pat and I knew what was coming next we were giggling like school kids.

The best thing was a man sitting behind us just laughed and guffawed all the way through it.  Had tried to talk Hubby into going, but he wasn’t interested.  One of these days Hubby will be sorry he didn’t do some of this fun stuff with me…after all, how many car things have I traipsed around with him – not the least bit interested – at least he would have laughed over a lot of the stuff.  Oh well, over and done with….


Looked what arrived today!  I participated in a “bath swap” from Ravelry; and this is what I received…rubber duckies for playtime, tea to relieve stress, jelly beans, chocolate bar, a journal, candles, a sea shell from the Outer Banks, bath gel and lotion,  3 big bars of homemade soap called “Dreamsicle”, and 2 hand knit wash cloths!!!!  Came from Jennifer in West Virginia.

If I could give her a big hug, I would….the new owner of puppy No. 5  just left with her.  So it’s a good day but a little sad….and this wonderful swap is a big pick-me-up!!!

I hope Jennifer knows how this has helped me get through the day…and tonight, I’ll be relaxing in a hot tub…LOL, too much info, I know.


Please don’t think I’m bragging or flaunting my money around but I wanted you all to know I GOT MY STIMULUS CHECK!

In case you haven’t gotten your check yet, I thought I’d show you what it will look like – can’t have you throwing away your own personal bail-out….I hope you’re able to read what I’m supposed to spend it on.

Hang in there, I’m sure your check will be arriving shortly!


This adorable puppy was dumped and wandered to our neighbors house.  She called last night to see if by chance we had gotten another one that got away! LOL  I quickly counted our 4 and then asked about it.  She thought it was a lab.

In the above picture she has her legs wrapped around me and is hanging on for dear life.  She’s a real cuddler.  Maybe 2 months old?  Wants to be held.

I can’t believe people do this to animals….makes me wonder what they do to children!

I’m calling her No. 5….Mark won’t hold her because he doesn’t want to become attached.


In this picture she is leaning her little face into mine…if I try to move my face, she just presses harder against me.

Please think about “adopting” No. 5.

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