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Yep, folks, it was a WILD 48 hours for Gayla and I!!!!

Went to Atlanta to meet my sister and brother-in-law to pass on some famiy heirlooms. 

Since it was also time for Stitches South (knitting/yarn convention), of course, we had to partake of that.

Driving to Atlanta on Friday….we drove through all the bad weather, rain, etc. and sometimes we were lucky if I could go 45 mph.  But we made it safe and were very happy to get to the hotel.

Stayed at Sheraton Suites, gorgeous room; 2 huge flat screened tv’s and all the amenities – we were on the top floor, the 17th.  We hadn’t been in our room more than 10 minutes and some sirens went off; Gayla called the front desk to see if that meant what we thought it meant.  We were “assured” (not really) that the siren just indicated we were under a tornado watch.

We decided to stay in the hotel to eat dinner and took the elevator down to the lobby (we were on the top floor, where we could reach out and touch the lightning bolts).  We weren’t out of the elevator more than a couple of minutes and the power went out!  Had the power gone out when we were in the elevator, I would have probably wet my pants and had a major panic attack! LOL

Generators came on immediately and we decided to head back upstairs pronto because neither of us wanted to walk up 17 floors!

By now we’re under a tornado warning from about 7:30 pm to 4:30 a.m. We sure know how to have an exciting time!

Kelly and Steve were to meet us in the parking garage of Cobb Convention Center, where Stitches South was held. 

After a pretty sleepless night because of weather, we were up and checked out to head to fiber heaven…..having been to a couple of other Stitches events, we were both surprised at how small it’s become….I don’t know if it’s the economy or what, but there sure weren’t the vendors that used to be there; however, saying that, we didn’t have any problems finding things to buy! LOL

Steve and Kelly arrived about 11 a.m. and we got all the stuff transferred to their vehicle and sat and talked for a bit; they left and Gayla and I headed back in to do some serious shopping.

If you are a fiber finatic, you really need to go to a Stitches event; you will be amazed at the new fibers that are available; the books, the baskets, the buttons, etc.  It really was fun! 

Left there about 2 p.m. Atlanta time and decided to top off the week-end we should hit a quilt shop or two on the way home.  We found one at the GA/TN line that was out of this world!  and they had a yarn shop attached to boot!

The drive home was certainly much easier with no pounding, driving rain.  Even tho’ it was cold!!!

Arrived back in Bowling Green around 7:30 pm. to 4 happy dogs!  Not sure if Mark was happy I was back or not!

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