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A lot accomplished in just a week!

Posted on: August 5, 2017

Yesterday we decided to head to the Driver’s License Bureau to get our licenses.  Pretty sure Mark would get his but not so sure I would get mine.  He took the expired KY license out of the lock box before it got packed, however, he did not remind me or take mine out.  So I’m in a panic that I will have to take the written test – and – do a driving test, which didn’t bother me.  So, Kirsten, takes Mark’s info first.  Easy peasy for him!

Then it came to me.  She worked with us for about an hour or so to get mine.  Turns out, if you live in other states, you may be able to turn up the info she needed.  I came up with that idea, because KY had already wiped me out of the system.  I asked what about other states I’ve lived in.  Her eyes lit up and said great idea.  So I gave her IN, IL, MO, and MI (thanks KY).  One of those states still had my info so I was able to get my license too.

Was able to do the Organ Donor thing too.

Then she asked if we wanted to sign up to be voters.  Of course, we did.  Mark went first.  Then it was my turn.  You can’t be an Independent, Rep. or Dem. only.  I looked around and whispered “Dem”. She says you know you’re in a Rep. state, said, yep.  But I have faith that will change.  Then she asked if I was interested in working at elections.  I said “well, probably”.  I will wear my T-shirt that says “I survived the Bowling Green Massacre” on that day.

So $108 later, we both walked out with our licenses good for 10 years.  Hope I live that long!

Walked out of the building and we were asked to sign petitions!  Of course, we signed them!

So since arriving last Friday at 4:30 a.m., we’ve bought a car, licensed and insured;  made an offer on a house and with a little back and forth negotiating, it was accepted.  House will be inspected on Monday.  Hoping we can close sometime next week and get out of this Wal-Mart furniture section house.  House is insured.  Then furniture shopping and getting a contract to put in a pool!

Busy, busy week but we really have gotten a lot done.

Ta ta for now or as we said in the old country Pura Vida!


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