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Thursday is a Beach Day and I decided I needed to have a hat that would cover my face – more than a baseball cap would.

Asked Denise and Michele if they would like to go to MultiPlaza on Sunday; they agreed to go. Spent most of the day there….yes, during the World Cup, we were shopping!

I look stupid in hats; just plain stupid!!! Felt even more stupid when I tried on “visor-type” with the top of my head sticking out. We searched and searched; into any store that had hats. Most hats are too big for me unless I stick my ears inside the hat, which is uncomfortable. However, if I “sit” it on top of my head, one gust of wind and off it will go!

Tried many hats with various brims sizes; finally settled on one; has any one bought a hat for themselves they have to alter so it fits right! Well, I did!!! Need to sew a “sweat band” possibly inside the hat so it fits…..and I’m going to decorate the brim.

This would be a perfect hat for a Kentucky Derby party!!!!

Am going to work on “altering” it today; and when it’s done, there will be pictures.

I hope I’m not mistaken for Sofia Vergara on the beach!!!

Now the adventure begins! The drive home! Never thought about the Autopista being closed to west-bound traffic; which sometimes happens to allow all lanes into San Jose. Only one word for those trying to go west-bound, well, 3-words; It’s a bitch!

GPS kept wanting to make us turn around to get on the Autopista; however, the GPS doesn’t understand that on Sunday’s you sometimes can’t go west on the Autopista between 4-7; sometimes 2-7;

As we came up on the barriers, Denise wondered if we knew we couldn’t go west. Well, I never thought about it because I was desperately looking for a stupid hat! So we had no choice but to get off. Michele kept saying just follow the cars, they will take us someplace! DUH! LOL And she kept assuring me (us) that it was a good road because there were relectors down the center.

We would put different towns in the GPS that we knew how to get home from but the GPS kept wanting me to turn R onto gravel roads….Michele was against this, so we trudged on. Frankly, I wasn’t quite sure we should go down those roads either!

We kept climbing and climbing; into the clouds; went past a cute little shop full of baskets, etc. If I hadn’t been in a big line of traffic, we would have stopped. I kept thinking that the shop looked familiar and I had been there before….as we kept climbing, we started seeing signs for Purical; which is the town on the other mountain ridge that we can see from our house.

We drove and drove and drove and started seeing signs for Orotina, which we knew where that was…..then we saw a sign for Atenas; I heard sighs of relief from Denise and Michele; then we came down a road that was worse than the one we live on; but then the question came whether to get on the Autopista to Atenas or go all the way down my road and into town; everyone agreed that the Autopista would be faster…..till we reached the toll booth! I don’t understand why or how the traffic gets so backed up; but it does, just one of those Pura Vida things I guess!!!

Got off and took the radial into Atenas; was just beginning to get dark….as the driver, I was glad to be back in familiar territory.

Michele has accepted the task to find a different way home IF this happens again!!! Actually, we should have just turned around – gotten on the Autopista heading back towards the mall; only getting off at Santa Ana and heading to the airport.

But, living in Costa Rica is all about being adventurous!!! Yesterday was one of those days!

Pura Vida!

Left about 9 a.m. this morning to drive to San Ramon to renew our drivers’ licenses. San Ramon is higher up in the mountains and it was much cooler; am sure if we lived there, we would wear long pants and long sleeves sometimes.

We went with our Passports, copies of our Passports, and our medico number from the physicals we needed; there are all kinds of medical places within 2 blocks of where you renew your license if you are inclined to wait till you get there. And there are men everywhere to direct you if you can’t figure it out!

Went into the “banco” at the top of the hill; paid 6 mil ($12) each and then walked down the steep hill to see le jefe (the boss) to get the process started.

Waited about 10 minutes because le jefe must have known the man in his office at the time because they were chatting away and having a great time.

Finally he came and motioned for Mark and I to come into his office. After exchanging pleasantries, a must in this country, he got down to work. Basically just pulled up the info from the medical report, and info from our old license, changed the number on our licenses’ from the passport number to our cedula number; then we went out into a room; sat for a few minutes and were called in for picture taking!

We were back in Atenas by 11: 30 a.m.

It really is a Pura Vida day!

Woke up on July 1 with birthday greetings from my alma mater, Western Michigan University.  The football coach wished “me” birthday greetings even tho’ my birthday isn’t till July 31!  I’m figuring everyone from WKU with a birthday in July got the same greeting.  I am not a US football fan, so the “excitement” of him doing it was lost on me. Had it been the basketball coach, I would have been giddy with glee!!!

So I just decided at my age, I will celebrate ALL month!

I found some water fountains that I liked on Pinterest and Mark thought he could make one for me.  Off we went to Salitral (I think that’s spelled right), to the pottery place.  After looking around for awhile, Mark spotted this ready made fountain.  Then he said “do you like this ready made one? – not sure I can make it for less”.  So after much discussion he said “it’s your birthday present”.  And it was at that point that I decided, what the heck…..celebrate the month of July with a bang up deal on the 31st!

Had to include the video of Diva Sofi walking through, even tho’ you couldn’t hear the fountain; so another video up close (and yes, Bunky, the wrong way!) but you can hear the fountain.


So far, it has not made me want to go to the bathroom! It’s a soothing sound….maybe I need mosquito netting and I could sleep on the rancho listening to that instead of Dan Patrick radio on the internet!

Happy Birthday month to my friends, Dra. Victoria and Loretta Gooding!!! They also have a July 31 birthday. I would suggest you guys celebrate all month too….after all, they say life is short!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Pura Vida!

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