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While watching the yarn show this morning on KET1, (sorry, I don’t know the name of the program) – they had various yarns made from food products; corn, shrimp, seaweed, etc.

I wondering if there is enough “food” in the yarn that will make my dogs get excited and eat it – they love the bamboo needles; yikes, better hide the bamboo yarn!


I have heard so many people say that lately.

 However,  I don’t think the public realizes that global warming means there will be extreme temperatures – extremely hot….extremely cold, which it is now.

Remember how hot it was last summer and every one was saying “whew, this global warming – must be something to it”. 

Perhaps it should be called Global Extremes! 

Aren’t you glad you’ve been enlightened?

I worked (notice the past tense!) with a guy named Daniel Curry.  Daniel and his friend, Jim Browning, have written a book called “Family Gems”  (A Novel in Letters).

Jim is Jewell Mattingly Garrett and Daniel is Ruby Janelle Mattingly Clarkson; they are sisters.  Jewell still lives in KY but Ruby has moved to a condo in Falstaff, AZ.  There is a third sister, Opal, who just can’t seem to find her way, except in a bottle!

Jewell refers to the condo in the Sandy Heights Retirement Village as a trailer; Ruby tries to set her straight in that it’s not a trailer!  Remember folks, Jewell is still living in KY.

Nancy Van Zant (based on me, oh my gosh,  I’m so flattered!) is Ruby’s best friend at Sandy Heights.

They are real cute letters written between the two regarding family goings on in KY and Ruby’s travels with her husband, Tommy.  Oh, and the tupperware party she has at the retirement village with a KY spread of food for her neighbors. 

Lots of goings on at Teensie and Weensie’s Kurl Up and Dye in Beattyville.

Ruby convinces Tommy to take her to Mardi Gras, but only because she’s given in to going to Dallas and San Antonio; and she claims she’ll get to Mardi Gras or come home a widow!

There are REAL family recipes from their mother’s in this book – can’t wait to try some of them.

I think there is a sequel to this that needs to be written. This is the link to purchase it!


Yesterday I surfed some sewing sites and came upon an article – how to organize your sewing room; Since mine looks like this (no comments, please) I thought I might learn something.

One of the “hints” was set a timer and spend 15 minutes a day working and organizing your sewing room. Thought that sounded like something I might be able to do before the ADD sets in till I looked in there.  Folks, 15 minutes would only be like going thru the first layer of many layers.  Wonder if 30 minutes would be too long to get started? AAAGHGHWGHGH


Arrived in Albuquerque Friday afternoon and headed to Old Towne.  Cathedral on the square looked so pretty in the sunlight with the dark, menacing clouds (when we lived in MI we called these snow clouds).

Had direct orders to buy a bangle bracelet for a friend – anyone that knows me, knows that I’ll shop till I drop! Found the perfect bracelet, no others like it – if she doesn’t like it, I might have a new bracelet made by the Zuni’s!

Wandered around the square for awhile and then headed to Sadies, a wonderful New Mexican (as they call the food) restaurant made out of an old bowling alley.  Portions were way too big for anyone to “clean their plate”!

Headed to the hotel which was only about 3 blocks from Old Towne.

Spent a horrible night, either sweating profusely or freezing cold – woke up upchucking! What a way to start a short week-end get-away!  I spent the entire day either upchucking or zonked out in bed. Hubby kept checking on me after wandering around to some various venues…including a casino!  Which he knew I would dearly have loved to go visit!

Sunday was a better day –


Drove up thru Santa Fe and on to Taos to watch the skiers and see a “little” snow!  The mountains are really beautiful covered in snow.  My motto is: Snow doesn’t have to come to me, if I want to see snow, I know where to go! 

Shopped a little in Taos and found a yarn shop – where Julia Roberts shops!

Headed back to Albuquerque Sunday evening – stopping in Santa Fe and ate at the old train station there. Very upscale!

Monday a.m. did a little more shopping in Old Towne – told you I like to shop! Then headed to the airport and back home Monday night.

As I told my hubby, 50% of the trip was great – the other 50% was horrible!

After spending most of Tuesday glued to the TV and all the festivities, it was time for a break…

Invited 22 women to a viewing of Mamma Mia at the club; we all enjoyed a yummy chicken alfredo lasagna, salad, garlic toast and the most luscious dessert – pieces of chocolate cake, with coffee flavored ice cream and carmel drizzled on top….YUM!

Then the movie started!  I was flabbergasted at the number of women that had NOT seen Mamma Mia!  It’s just got the music that makes you want to shimmy your shoulders, and any other body parts that will move!

Lots of singing was involved.  A good time was had by all….

but…..there sure were some people dragging into bowling this morning! LOL

I know I’m a few days behind, but I’m a busy women.

Monday is the day I Bowl for Breast Cancer Research. This past Monday I dug out the Breast Cancer scarf that I knitted.  It was a kit from Jimmy Beans and cost almost a million dollars, but I figured, what the hay, all boobs are worth it!

After the bowling, I went to a bra party!  Ladies, if you’ve never been to a bra party, run and find one!  It’s amazing how wonderful these bras feel – yes, I know, no bra feels good.  If you want to look perky, these are the bras for you!

The only boobie thing I didn’t do was have a mammy-o-gram; that’s next month for those that are interested.

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