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Donna concentrating on knitting her socks, yes, socks, she’s doing 2, 2, 2 socks at once on circular needles!


Emily, knitting with a sleep mask on!  Velma is quiet amused that Emily thinks she’s actually knitting!


No one can remember what cracked up Gayla, but it was obviously funny to her. Notice Velma’s serious look (sitting

behind Gayla).


L to R: front row: Cheryl, Gayla, Pat, Fiona in front of Pat, and Nancy. Back row: Velma, Emily Deloris and Donna

Breakfast with Fiona, the traveling Daily News (local newspaper)  Flamingo!  Emily, Cheryl and Gayla.


Waiting in line for the train to Chicago – Stitches – Midwest.  Emily is already trying to be sexy by showing her bra strap.  We all “witnessed” a new Emily!!! 


Deloris finished a sock as a gift to someone on the train. She was proud and so were we!!!


Deloris was cold!  Her feet were cold!  She was freezing! So the gift socks were quickly put on her feet to keep her tootsies warm.


Deloris went to the Cafe Car to ” borrow” a paper napkin to use as a blanket, which was dubbed “Deloris’ Welfare Blanket”. Doesn’t she look fetching in it and those gift socks.  She claims she slept because she was warmer. We doubt that she did because of the noise level.


Not that I’ll be able to sell it through a blog, but am going to give it a try!  Runs great – comes with an extra alphabet font card; has designs already programmed in; all the original extra feet.  Contact me, if you’re interested.

Having a few knitting people over tomorrow morning to, you guessed it, knit!  Then I’ll fix lunch and we’ll celebrate some birthdays – Gayla’s, Tess’s (if she shows up and even if she doesn’t), and Cat’s.  Need to get the table cleaned off so that at least some people can sit and eat. LOL  I think if I had a table the size of a room and just space to walk around it, I could fill it up really quickly!

Am slowly trying to weed through things and will take them to Grandma’s Attic to be sold.  Taking the clothes to Goodwill.

WOW!  What fun!!!  Our group arrived home about 2 a.m. Sunday morning – everyone, and I mean everyone, was exhausted!!!  Still trying to catch up on sleep.  Will try and do short blogs so this isn’t so rambling.

Left about 5:30 p.m. on Weds. for Carbondale, IL; spent the night and caught an early train to Chicago.  If you’ve not “trained” it in awhile, it’s the only way to go on a girl trip.  Seats are wide, you can get up and walk around, there’s a Cafe Car (not very good food but you can wet your whistle).  You can sleep, talk, change seats, etc.  It was wonderful!!!

More later!

Saturday, Aug. 4, we (hubby and I) entertained the group and their husband’s going on our S.E.X. trip to Stitches Midwest this week.

It was fun! Even tho’ after everyone got their food and we were beginning to eat….yep, it rained.  It was so friggin’ hot we had 4 fans blowing on us outside.  The rain cooled everyone off and watered down the food but it was still a good time.

One of the “trip ladies” shared that today (Aug. 5th) was her anniversary.  Said it was so hot today she stayed inside in her nightgown (no underwear).  Was getting dressed to come to the cook-out, and as she removed her nightgown, she said to her hubby….”this is what you get after 40 years of marriage” – his comment: “I can see my investment has grown”.

Now some women would take that as a slam – we however, thought it was hysterical and laughed and laughed! What man doesn’t like a growing investment – take that you skinny minnies!!!!

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