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I came upon this website reading another blog.  This does not pertain to knitting (at this time) but to those of you that sew.  It’s making or altering clothing that our soldiers need while in rehab, etc.  Can entail just adding velcro to a side seam of shorts, sweatpants, etc.  Please check it out and if you can help, please do.  So many things are done for our troops in Iraq but those injured and in rehab need help also.  Thanks!

On Friday, March 23, this organization was Person of the Week on ABC News with Charles Gibson.  Hopefully, this short segment will generate a lot of interest.

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Charity knitting wall

Starla, owner of Crafty Hands, is putting up another sweater that Monday’s Charity Knitting group has completed.  She furnishes the yarn and needles and we just stop in and knit on a Monday whenever we can.  At Christmas time a lot of sweaters, scarves and hats were donated to a local women’s shelter.  Makes us all proud when more sweaters are added to the wall.  To the left of her, are more completed sweaters.

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Holly and PatsyThis picture shows Holly and Patsy from Crafty Hands working on “my mess”.  Sukie (the blonde) is trying to oversee this project.

Have started another pair of socks, actually more like a short golf sock.  Actually, I’ve started it 4 times as of this morning!!! Using the new Tofutsies yarn, very pretty and soft.

I guess today is just one of those frustrating days; want to be outside because it’s so nice. Yes, I know I can knit outside, but I need the noise of TV and we don’t have the TV set up in the gazebo yet.

First socksThese are the first socks I’ve knitted!!! I’m so proud of them that I might just put them in a shadow box instead of wearing them.  The pattern is from Patons Classics Happy Feet, No. 7, Child’s Ribbed Classics.  Yes, they are for me, I have a small foot.  The yarn is GGH Marathon.  It was wonderful to work with.  These are the socks that I started in August of 2005.  Instructor, Starla doesn’t like me to tell that because she says it reflects poorly on her! (It doesn’t – I just knitted lots of other things in between.) 

Pink Bethany bootiesSo cute!!! Another pair of Bethany booties that I wasn’t going to post, but the picture is just too cute!!! Aren’t they feminine in pink?  Pattern is from the Berocco website, free.

I’m working on a baby cardigan in self-striping sock yarn.  Pattern is easy! However, I wish I would have combined the right front, back, and left front on a circular needle until decreasing for the sleeves.  That way the stripe matches around the body of the sweater.  Oh, well, now that I have the back and left front done, I don’t think I’ll “frog” it.  But I might, you never know when the mood will hit and I’ll start completely over!  However, I won’t make that mistake again when using self-striping yarn.  Live and learn!!!

Have been to Tucson, AZ and back!  Takes me forever to get caught up the older I get.Visited 4 yarn shops while there.  The two yarn shops in Tucson were a major disappointment to Velma and I.  Not much variety and not much inventory.  I understand it gets hot in Tucson but the evenings you would certainly want a sweater or shawl.  Owners were very cordial and allowed me to take pics, etc. (of them).

Two yarn shops were in Tubac, AZ – about 45 minutes south of Tucson.  This reminded me of the neat and quaint shops in Sedona, AZ.  These also had very little inventory – so little that I’m surprised they called themselves yarn shops.  Once again, my local shop, Crafty Hands comes away a BIG winner!!!

Sofi sleeping at knitting class 

Took Sofi (5 mos. old Morkie) to knitting one day for class.  After wandering all over the top of the table, she settled down and fell asleep on my red felted bag.  Cute, huh?  She loves laying on this bag even at home.  Guess that’s a hint to make her a felted pillow with her name on it.

Back of cape

Front of cape

Am posting a few pictures of a project that was completed last fall for Velma’s granddaughter.  She was in her uncle’s wedding and grandma Velma thought she needed this cape in case it was cool.  Keep in mind, Velma knits!  Only a true friend would be sucker enough to say “sure I’ll make it for you”!  It was beautiful.  The front shot is Jill in her dress and the back of it is Jan (works at Crafty Hands) modeling.  Thanks models!!!  Sorry, I can’t remember the knitting magazine it came from but it was last fall.  Very easy to make.

Have also made another pair of the Bethany Booties in a pink suede.  Crafty Hands ladies are trying to get me to knit another baby hoodie out of the pink suede to match.  But these were for a friend.  Besides, I need to get some things finished for me!!! 

Bethany Booties


Two finished projects! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Finished the little hoodie for baby Jack! Will get the picture posted. Also decided to knit some little moccasin booties to go with it.  Pattern is a Knitting Pure & Simple baby tunic (211).  It’s knitted from the neck down and the sleeves are knitted on double pointed needles, voila, no seams to sew!  Pick up stitches around the neck and knit the hood, or leave the hood off and finish the neck line any way you want.  This pattern also comes in an adult size and is one of my next projects to make for me.  I used Encore and made the 12 mos. size with 2 skeins of yarn.

Bethany booties are from the berocco website – a free pattern.  So easy to knit in an evening.  Used the suede berocco yarn.

We are under a tornado watch till 6 p.m. Debating whether to start loading all my yarn stash in the “safe room” (interior bathroom). A bathtub full of yarn is almost like a bag of chocolate!

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