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Mark and I keep marveling at how we were told on our “due diligence” trip that we would NEVER be invited to a Tico’s home!  Well, that’s not true!!!  We’ve been invited to Maricela’s home for various celebrations! (And they have been invited to our home too!)

Last week we went to a fiesta at her Mother’s home – a ceremony for the children and to put away the nativity scene till next year.  Music, dancing and most of all, the most tasty food!  Whoever says Costa Rica doesn’t have good food, needs to eat at a person’s home!

Maricela served a chicken soup/stew with all kinds of veggies in it and garbanzo beans! She even sent some home with us!  Had an eggnog type drink with rum, yum!

Nazareth can get me to do fun stuff!  As soon as the music starts, she can’t be still; the hips and feet start moving and don’t stop until the music stops!  She drug me out of the chair to dance…..I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, but Costa Rican songs go on, and on, and on, and on!  Talk about exhaustion!!!

Saw some of the same people that were at the fiesta last week, along with new people last night.

And, we got invited to another fiesta on Thursday night in Los Angeles!  Be still my heart (and feet)!  Mark is not sure he’s going, but you can rest assured I’ll be there with bells on!!!

The people in Costa Rica have been so welcoming.  Everyone is happy!!!  And it’s contagious!!!

Still lovin’ our life here!

Pura Vida!

Maricela asked us to go to her mother’s house last night for ………..never could figure out what she was talking about!

So about 7 p.m. Mark and I trudged up the hill to her mother’s house – smacking my forehead because I can’t remember her name! DUH!

As we were arriving, a car with 4 men in it was arriving; they each had a guitar and one had an accordian.  There were lots of people that had already arrived.

Unfortunately, we did not take a camera. Bummer!!!

It was some kind of ceremony signifying that Navidad was over and the nativity scene could be put away for another year. A priest was there to perform this, one of the guitar players.  The four men faced the nativity scene and began playing their instruments, singing and the Padre was saying whatever it is he was supposed to say.  Mark, Tonya and I were the only clueless people in the room.

After about an hour of this, the ceremony was over.  Then the food started…..yum!  Homemade bread, tortillas, and the wonder “potato hash”!

Then the musicians began playing and the kids began dancing.  Nazareth cannot stand still when there is music!!  This child desperately needs to be in a dance class….she has rhythm from the tips of her toes to the top of her head! Her mother convinced her to get me to dance with her…..what an uproar from the crowd; then Maricela convinced Mark to dance, and another uproar erupted.

It was so much fun!!!

Maricela is having a ceremony like this next week at her house!  Oh boy!!!

We will have cameras this time.

When we were walking home, Mark said, remember when we did our due diligence tour here and we were told we would never be invited to a Tico’s house…..well, I think it all depends on the person!  We’ve been invited to Maricela’s many times and now to her mother’s…..

We had so much fun…..Tico’s know how to have fun!!!  We can never thank them enough for including us…

Pura Vida

This past Tuesday we took Maricela, Dylana, and Nazareth to the beach.  It was the first time they had been there…Maricela had been there before but it’s been a long time.

As we drove into the parking lot, there was a gorgeous iguana running across the road and climbed up a tree!  So pretty, even the girls were very excited.

This beach is a National Park so it’s very well kept.

We love this beach because there is a section with trees, picnic tables, grills, etc.  These trees are the ones the monkeys love scampering in….

We had no more than arrived in this particular area, and Nazareth and Dylana spotted monkeys frolicking in the trees! They were so excited!!!  It was so fun to see them get excited; their faces and grins told the whole story.

All the tables were full so we found a stretch that was still in the shade and settled down there.  In seconds the girls were in the water.

Nazareth has no fear of anything! Maricela kept telling her that this is not like a pool, and to not go out too far.  She minded most of the time and between Mark and Maricela, Nazareth stayed in pretty close to shore.

We had taken sandwiches and snack food; and stopped at a fruit vendor to purchase bananas for the monkeys.  They were so excited to feed them…..and as usual, we saw mama monkeys carrying their offspring and jumping from tree to tree.

On our way home, we saw a Granizado man and of course, we stopped; we all had “rojo” granizados, except Mark – he declined one. LOL  The rest of us just slurped ours down – yum!

I was very surprised the girls stayed awake on the ride home; it was obvious they were tired!

They had such a good time that they are going back next week with a friend that has never been there!

The girls start back to school on Feb. 4th and it will be quiet in the development! LOL

Please click on the link and view some photos that were taken.

I’ve been going to BerGlioth (don’t ask for a pronunciation!) for massages and been very happy, happy, happy!

Have even had foot detoxing done a couple of times. The stuff coming out of your feet is just plain disgusting.  I’m going to do that whenever I’ve been on antibiotics.  The first time it was so gross and the second time was not as bad. Probably should have done it a third time.  ($7,500 colones)

Dyanna had been talking to me about a Hot Stone Infrared Thermal massage.  My first thought, is I’m so friggin’ hot without adding any heat that I don’t think I could do it.  But I gave in and gave it a try!

You lay down on this bed with a covering, in your clothes.  Let me clarify, you are not covered with anything but your clothing.  There’s a scooped out part for your “tush”, and a place to put your feet.  It’s like a pedicure chair with the massage in the back only you are lying down.

I did ask for a fan to be put in there, but the heat was just sort of “warm”.  Needed a little music and I’ll request that the next time. LOL

Starts at your heels, goes up your calves; starts at your neck and slowly rolls down to your hip bones.  The first couple of times it really hurt the hip bones and I wondered if I would be able to get up out of the bed, let alone walk!  After I got used to it, it felt so good!

The benefits of this type of massage is for relaxing (yes, it works!) and aligns the spinal column.  I felt so relaxed – nothing hurt. Kept saying to myself, I wonder if I’ll be like this in the morning. Voila! I was!!!

I have neck problems and it really relieved them.

For a 45 minutes massage of this type, the cost is 5,000 colones!  I think I need to schedule another one soon!

The phone number for BerGlioth is 2455-0107 – ask for Dyanna.  Tell her Nancy sent you – and NO, I get nothing for referring you!

By the way, a regular massage is 15,000 colones.

May you have a relaxing, Pura Vida day!

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Delores sent me a copy of a blog bragging about this wonderful fabric place in San Jose.  Within a couple days an adventure was formed….Delores, Lee, Robin and I set off to find this wonderful domain.

We actually found the place pretty quickly.  However, the warehouse was gone and the best we could figure out, you were to “order” fabric and it was pretty much drape, furniture fabric, etc.

GPS was no help in finding another fabric shop!

Robin suggested we go to the San Pedro Mall.  After Lee kept plugging it in the GPS and nothing would come up, she tried putting in Mall San Pedro and voila we had the directions. Still not adept at putting nouns before adjectives.

It was the first time I’ve driven in San Jose! YIKES!  But I think I must have done fairly well because there were no gasps from any of the riders!

We drove through the edge of  “the new China town”….nice streets, go figure!

Arrived at the mall – many stories.  There was even a medical kiosk where you could purchase dental tools and stethoscopes, etc.  Haven’t seen that before in a mall.

Then we came upon the shop of all shops!

sex shop


I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to take a picture but No habla Espanol can come in handy sometimes! LOL  Alas, it wasn’t needed.  But I did send the picture to Mark and told him we had made a detour from fabric to this shop! LOL

4 floors or more to this mall; and a food court on each floor.  The things that I happened to look at seemed to be cheaper than Multi Plaza, but then again, who isn’t cheaper!

We did stop at Multi Plaza on our way home…..always a must to stop at Cemaco.

Left at 9:15 a.m. and didn’t get back till 5ish….and of course, I was too tired to cook! LOL  So actually, I didn’t get home till 8:30 ish.

Fell into bed and of course, realized this morning that we missed the new episode of Justified – thank heavens it’s recorded!

Adventures abound in Costa Rica – 4 women leave with fabric on their minds and never saw a bolt of fabric all day! But we sure made a great adventure for ourselves.

Being able to adapt is all about living in Costa Rica.  Being retired helps, I think.  Because, it doesn’t matter if you achieve what you started out to do, but being able to make an adventure out of it, is what counts.

Pura Vida!

It is the New Year; and the next war may soon be in our kitchen!

It is no secret that I don’t like to cook! Perhaps with a larger kitchen it would be slightly acceptable. Yes, I picked out this house and I do love it – but I didn’t bargain on having to do so much cooking!

I’m beginning to think that when I cook/fix a meal, the clean up duty should be Mark’s, which includes going around the house to pick up all the dirty glasses, etc.

And when he grills, I’ll do the clean up duty. However, in the last 6 months, you can count on one hand the number of times we have used the grill.  So I’m guessing he doesn’t like to cook either.

This is my retirement too, right?

Wish there was a little soda in Guacimo – I, maybe we, would be their best customers!

Pura Vida!

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Of course first they need a DMV first. Which they really don’t need because nobody likes the DMV.

But if you live in California or anyplace else in the U.S. and need to pass a driver’s test, try the DMV Cheat Sheet or as they call it the “ca dmv handbook

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And what about all those expensive online “courses?” Who has time for that? With DMVCheatSheets you simply get it, print it, go to the DMV, read it while waiting to be called and pass your test. That’s it. Simple!

Best of all, no matter where or what you are studying for DMV Cheat Sheets can make sure you’re ready. Quick and easy study guides and online practice tests covering all the key questions and answers found in each state’s DMV manual or handbook for the driver’s license, learner’s permit, motorcycle and now the commercial driver’s license or CDLwritten test! So whether you need to jump in a Prius, on a Harley on slide into a four-wheeler, we’ve got you covered!

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