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1.  The only thing golden in the golden years is your pee!

2. While filling up the car at Kroger (with gas not groceries!)….when the question is asked “do you want to use your 10 cents a gallon discount….yes or no….does anyone say no?  That 70 cents I save comes in really handy!

3. Hubby bought a kayak and is off kayaking today.  He’s like a kid given $10 in a candy store…see, they never grow up!

4. I’m too old to be out three nights in a row….even tho’ it was fun, very fun!

5.  Even tho’ the Hot Rods lost, we had a good time in Suite #10….it’s people that make the “fun”.

6. And this is the really big item…..I (actually Cathy) found a hair “stain” that colors my gray!  So far, no reaction!

7.  Two of the four dogs were groomed yesterday and they are so proud….Oliver can’t stop smiling and Sofi can’t stop prancing.

8.  When I leave the key in the ignition with it on, the battery runs down and I don’t have a vehicle to drive! DUH! Before you ask, no I am not blonde.

Everyone have a safe Memorial Day week-end….and many thanks to those that have served, are serving or have given their lives so we are free.

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