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I cannot believe I’m writing about this.  Let me clarify that this was NOT an OB visit, for those wondering minds!

Dra. Candy referred me to her Dra. at CIMA in Escazu, suburban San Jose.

I was having trouble getting through on the phone to make the appointment so Dra. Candy called on Monday and lo and behold, they had had a cancellation today.  I was the lucky “fill-in”.

Found the physician’s building fairly easily and Dra. Cam Lin’s office.

So different than in the U.S.  My appointment was at 11:00 a.m. and I was in and out in 25 mins.  The Dra. actually took the medical history.  What a kind lady!!!  Puts you at ease immediately. Anyone in Costa Rica that’s looking for a great Dra., she is the one!

The gown I was given to put on was quite fashionable – nothing like the crappy  rough cotton ones in the U.S. with half the ties missing.  This was a very soft cotton – polo-type gown.  (I told her the gowns in Costa Rica were so much better than in the U.S.)

Went to the front desk to check out and pay. Here is where it’s different….I actually had to take the vial from the PAP Smear to the hospital in the next building for “processing”.  They wanted to know if I wanted to wait for the results!!!  I didn’t! LOL Dra. Cam Lin said she would let me know within the next 15 days the results!

What a great experience for one of the most dreaded appointments for women.

I am so impressed with the medical care in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida……



P.S. Dra. = female Dr. in Costa Rica


I had my first, but not my last, Costa Rican massage this morning!  It was so relaxing!!!

The best part was she was so good with the neck “stuff” and my hand that has had multiply surgeries on….

As I was driving into town, I sort of had an Uh-oh moment!  In the US they have the room warm – since I was already extremely hot, damn thyroid!, I wondered if I would be able to stand it.  Such a relief as she started pressing a remote, I asked if that was heat and she said “no, cool”.  What a relief!

A few things that are different than a massage in the US…..lights left on; and no music….may take some the next time! and no place to hang your clothes.

Starts out face down….and when you flip over, she put a cool mask over my eyes….it felt so wonderful!

I actually feel rejuvenated!  Can’t wait till the next one! LOL

15,000 colones/hr.

Pura Vida…..

Now off to play I’ll Buy That with friends!

Life is wonderful in Costa Rica….

If there is anyone out there who has no clue what is, you don’t know what you are missing!  You can sit down and say “I’m just going to spend 15 minutes scrolling Pinterest,”  and 2 hours later you begin to wonder where the time has gone.  Yep, it’s extremely addictive!

I’ve tried a few remedies posted on how to get rid of flies….none worked so far, but I’m willing to try others. Yes, I know that keeping doors closed would make a big difference, but it would also keep out the butterflies floating through the house.

There are some things that are way out there….you will never see me wearing jewelry made out of pop tabs off canned drinks!  I realize “cuteness” is in the eye of the beholder; however, it’s still a friggin’ pop top tab.

Recipes….OMG!  If you’re a “suzy homemaker type” – you will never need to opt for a cook book again….anything and everything is on Pinterest.

Weddings – to die for!  Almost makes me think I should get married again! (Our 44th wedding anniversary is on Friday); so it’s not like I’m looking. What great ideas if you’re planning a wedding – and the wedding cakes are pieces of art – too pretty to eat.

Love all the DIY projects….however, living in Costa Rica is not like living in the states where anything and everything is obtainable.  I have a problem following through with projects when I have to search and search to gather all the “ingredients.”

I did find a shelf unit that was fairly simple to build and the hubster did it!  I don’t know who was more proud of that accomplishment.  I’m thinking I would like another one built.

On Pinterest you  can find places to vacation – some of the most beautiful pictures of travel places are located there.

Babies – too many cute things from clothes, to posing for pictures…..Halloween costumes (one of my favorite holidays).

There’s a little or a lot of something for everyone.

You have been forewarned, make a pot of coffee, or a pitcher of margaritas, and troll the website….it’s very addictive!

Pura Vida….back to Pinterest.

Today was my scheduled ultra-sound on the  freakin’ thyroid!

Do you believe this?  Within 30 minutes, I had had the ultra-sound, pictures printed out with diagnosis attached; handed to me, went to the Dr. and voila! All done!!!  I am still amazed at the speed you receive your medical tests and obtain the results!

Thyroid is basically atrophied; Let me re-phrase this….it’s the only small thing on my body!

So now, it’s just wait and see if the upped dosage of medication will do the trick; Dr. Candy assured me I should start feeling better by next week-end.  She will get another visit, if I’m not.  It’s not that I feel sick, I just feel exhausted!

So now I can plan on “running” (not actually running, but going places!) next week.  I’ve got a lot of that to do since we were without a vehicle for so long….you know, making up for lost time!

Pura Vida……

Yesterday found the Over 60’s Ladies on a trek to the Orchid Garden in LaGarita.  Nine of us boarded the bus around 9 a.m. and off we went.  Nine of us also returned, and this is a good thing.

We exited the bus at the “Corn Restaurant” on a major corner before actually entering LaGarita and walked mostly down hill to the entrance – there was one hill we had to climb and it was quite interesting because going up that hill there was very little talking but a lot of huffing and puffing! Kudos to all of us for making it!

Entered the gardens and saw a huge grapefruit tree with lots and lots of grapefruit on the ground; around the corner was their avaiary….some very colorful birds, some were chatty and some were stand-offish.

Then we headed to see the absolutely most gorgeous orchids I have ever seen.  One very small bloom gave off the most fragrant vanilla smell; I was told there’s one with a chocolate smell…yep, I’m on the quest for one of those!  I’m posting some of the pictures that I thought were different in color than the ones normally seen.

After wandering through the gardens, we sat outside by the pool and had lunch; it was so serene….and the food was tasty too!

I’m also  posting a short video of one of the talkative birds….if you listen closely, at the end of his performance, he says “Hola”…..

Yesterday was another exciting day – when you get older, health issues seem to be exciting!

Went to the Ladies Lunch at Kay’s; while at the register paying, I all of a sudden felt extremely dizzy and light headed.  Quickly returned to my seat and then started becoming nauseous.  Sat there for a few minutes, then decided I needed to get to the bathroom.  Again, I felt very light headed.

Mark happened to be there and I said “let’s go, I’ve got to see Dr. Candy, NOW!”….off we went, immediately taken to the examining room; vitals taken and then she appeared.

I was sent to the lab for more thyroid testing and an ultra sound on the thyroid is scheduled for Saturday morning.  Later in the afternoon, Dr. Candy called and said the thyroid is extremely low; so, after taking 4 mos. to get it regulated, it’s now out of whack again!  She has called a thyroid specialist and he advised upping the dosage of the thyroid medication.

For my U.S. friends, this will be interesting.  I go Saturday morning for an ultra sound and will be given the results immediately!  No waiting, immediately.  I then drop the results off at Dr. Candy’s office and will receive a call from her.  Can you believe how quickly the results can be received.  Too bad it doesn’t happen in the U.S.

I’m also at the point that I think I should just drink “the juice” to kill it off instead of going through all the months of getting it regulated.  No wonder I was beginning to feel lethargic again with profuse sweating.

At one point in the U.S., a specialist told me that I had very little thyroid left – he had trouble “feeling” it.  Getting the results will hopefully show that too…..perhaps it’s having trouble adjusting to this wonderful life in Costa Rica….LOL

Gotta love the speed and quickness in receiving medical results here!

Pura Vida for now…..

Tomorrow a trip to the Orchid Gardens in LaGarita with the “60 group”.  I feel like I will come home with a “new” one!

PS:  I have yet to drive the new car! Bummer!!!


Today was day 2 in looking for a different car.  Drove a Nissan Pathfinder which would be just fine, however, the airbag light, door light, etc. kept coming on and flashing; probably a sensor problem.

Then headed to another dealer to see an Exterra….which after we had been there the first time today, had been taken to a mechanic for a “tune-up” – for one thing when we looked at it, the battery was missing.  So when we back to drive it it was gone; Russ and Shirley were with us and they were going to stay in Grecia and do some shopping so the plan was they were going to stop by there after 2 p.m., we had been assured it would be back by then!  This is Costa Rica and it wasn’t.  But both places were willing to take the Montero in on trade, which is a plus because we wouldn’t have to bother trying to sell it.

Tomorrow morning we have Spanish class – Sofi needs to be dropped off for a day of beauty after Spanish class and we may head back there to try and drive it.

I always used to think buying a different car was fun and exciting! In Costa Rica it’s extremely stressful and a royal pain in the patootie!  It’s a crap shoot on what you get; the condition of it, etc.

When you open the hood of the car, everything and I mean everything appears to be brand new!  They scrub and shine up everything; old cars look really good – key word is look.

Anyone reading my blog that is thinking about moving to CR, move your car!  Or buy one in the US and bring it on down here.  At least you’ll know what’s been replaced with new or used parts….

Came home after a great lunch….and no I can’t remember the name of the place but I know how to get there – that’s the most important part, right?  We will be back there to eat!

Dogs were quite glad we had returned…..

Sat on the rancho and studied Spanish……another mind-boggling, stressful time.

Then we decided to walk down the hill and see if Maricela and the girls were around; as we approached the gate to the entrance of the development, I could hear  lots of commotion in the trees across the road.  At least 5 white faced monkeys were frolicking in the trees and munching on the mangoes. They would take a couple bites and then drop it – wasteful little critters they are!  Saw some that were for sure adults and at least 2 smaller ones….they sure kept an eye on us.  I had Sofi in my arms.  I think they thought she was one of them!

Another full day tomorrow…..

Pura Vida –



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