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Slowly getting adjusted and rested from the whirlwind trip to the old country.

However, Saturday, I decided to catch up on ironing. However, the iron wouldn’t turn on!  And it’s even worse, because I brought my old iron and bought a new iron when we moved. Alas! Those have never turned up….

Eventually, I bought a Sharp iron at PriceSmart.  It’s this iron that doesn’t work!!! And it worked when I left for the old country.  Hmmm, maybe Mark did so much ironing while I was gone, it “burnt up”.  NAH,  that would never happen.

After an exhausting and painful Spanish lesson on Saturday afternoon, we headed into town to see about getting it repaired. Repair place was still open and on Wednesday, we’ll find out if it’s “repairable”. Hopefully, it’s something minor.  In Costa Rica things get repaired because they cost so much to buy originally.

The Festival was still going on so we wandered thru the park and had “Fruta Ensalada con Helado” for dinner.  It was a lot of cut up fruit with ice cream on top! It was pretty tasty except for the papaya….I don’t think I’ll ever, ever like papaya!  A few more vendors were set up.

The main stage had dancers….Velma was surprised at the American music that was played.  I just adore watching the little girls dancing with their full skirts and flinging them every which way!

Then we headed home to a quiet evening in the mountains….

Sedona and Derby started barking in the middle of the night….we think a cat sometimes get into our yard and likes to root around in the garbage.  Velma was convinced they were upset because we were going to have an earthquake!  Our dogs never seem to “feel” them coming…

Sofi seems to be ailing today.  Has thrown up and is in a deep sleep right now.  Didn’t give her medication to her this morning because I think she has an upset stomach…..

New glasses will be in tomorrow; may take Sedona in for bloodwork and to get her nails trimmed. Oh joy!!!  She’s such a big lug! LOL

Washer is done….

Tonight we’re going to some friend’s house for dinner – oh my, and I may be a wrinkled mess! LOL

Pura Vida!

“Sung to the tune of  “Back Home Again in Indiana”)

What a whirlwind I had in the old country!  My neck hurts from whiplash….going here and going there! BUT….I did not get all my shopping done, even after buying two more suitcases!

I had a WONDERFUL time and it was so fun to see all my friends!!!!  I ended up subbing on Weds. morning for a friend in bowling and had the best fun!!!  I do miss my my bowling, bowling friends, and all the fun we used to have!!!!  I hope they are having a bewitching Halloween bowling day today!!!

Thursday morning, I was so sore! LOL  Kept telling Terri that if my left side would have been that sore, I would be in the ER wondering if I was having a heart attack!  Soreness was gone by Friday, tho’.

The wedding Saturday was absolutely beautiful!!! And to think the bride made all the floral arrangements – bouquets, etc. I wish KateLynn and Neal and wonderful and fun-filled marriage!

Monday, Velma and I headed to Atlanta to start the trek back to Costa Rica.  Great time on the drive, stopping at Cracker Barrel restaurants and buying!  LOL Never did eat there.

Returned the car to the rental lot at the Atlanta Airport.  Then she and I had to drag the damn suitcases all over GA to get to where the hotel shuttles were.  Apparently, this airport does not believe in Skycaps!  We never did find one!!!  And other’s were complaining about it too.  And this airport also does not believe in hiring knowledgeable employees!  Had trouble finding Zone 3 and the only directions we could get were – “hmm, there’s Zone 2, it must be somewhere over there!”  Keep in mind, we are old ladies with too many suitcases to drag around! LOL  I felt like we might have been on Candid Camera!

Finally got to the hotel…..took about 5 hours to drive to Atlanta and almost 3 hours to get to the hotel from the friggin’ airport!

When we arrived, I told Velma if we were going to eat dinner, it had to be now, because I was going to take a shower and put the “jammies” on and wasn’t going out again! So we headed to the most pathetic restaurant in Atlanta! LOL  In the hotel!!!

Pretty much we both just picked at our meals and then headed back to the room.  Turned on the debate and I said, I’ve had enough of this…so it was lights out!

At 11:30 p.m. I asked her if she was still awake, and she was.  At 2:10 a.m., I asked her if she was awake, and she was….I said “let’s just get up and go to the airport”.  She said, “let’s “sleep” till 2:30 a.m.!”  LOL  So we got up, packed up and headed to the airport.  Actually, we were the only one’s on the shuttle!

Arrived at the airport and again “no skycaps” – the driver couldn’t believe it!  So he and his friend helped us get all luggage to the counter…we were first in line.  Glad they had left the scales “turned on”, because we did lots of shifting of luggage contents in order to be within the weight limit.  Glad we had that time to do it….

Getting on the last flight from Fort Lauderdale to San Jose, Costa Rica….was another nightmare!  While standing in the jet way to board the plane, I bent down to pick up my carry on suitcase, and the JERK in front of me swung around, hitting my frameless glasses and yep, you guessed it, broke them!  I was genuinely PISSED!  This is the second pair of glasses that have been broken on this trip….if you recall, I stepped on the transitional “lenses” glasses the first morning in the Old Country!

Arrived home and we were both exhausted! LOL

Saw Dra. Victoria and she “jury-rigged” my glasses to get me through a couple of days….will be heading into town shortly and take her the 1st broken pair and see if they can be fixed, I imagine I’ll need new frames!  Hope she has some in stock that will fit the lenses!  Then the wireless one’s will have to be sent to San Jose to be repaired.

All in all, my trip was great and I realize how many wonderful friends I have in the old country!  But I do admit, I sure love being home!


While watching a little TV last night, the house started shaking! Mark yells “earthquake”….and Velma screamed!!!  Joni has assured me that was her welcome to Velma! LOL  Just a little 6.6 earthquake.  Ah….Back Home Again in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida!

While the hubster was in FL playing “nurse” while Amy healed, I left him with these parting words….I’ll try not to make too many changes to the house.

The first two weeks he was gone, it seemed like all I did was run here, run there, between dental appointments and medical appointments, I would fall into bed at night exhausted, lying there thinking, well, that’s another day I got nothing accomplished.

A friend had had some painting done. Mark painted the original bathroom in the house a bright yellow – yes, I picked out the paint. However, it was way too bright and since it reminded me of the sun, I was always extremely hot in that bathroom. So she tried to hook me up with the painter.  Then Mark decided to come home much earlier than we anticipated. Panic set in because I had already purchased the paint!

One thing led to another and the recommended painter didn’t work out – ie: always cancelling.  So being the inventive person that I am, I decided to ask Maricela if she knew a painter.  She says Luiz, her husband.  Keep in mind this on Monday and Mark arrives home on Tuesday.  I asked when and she said right now he was just working temporarily….so she called him and he said if I picked him up around 10 a.m. where he was working, he could do it that day.  Then he called back and said “make it 11”.

She reminded me it was 11 and to go get Luiz – nicknamed Cuko!  He came right in and got to work!  It’s a small bathroom and he was done with 2 coats within a little less than 4 hours – cost was $12!

With Mark gone I didn’t have a stocked kitchen of food and felt I should offer them lunch.  Cuko ate his lunch between coats of paint! LOL  I found hotdogs and fixed those with chips and salsa.  Get this, Cuko ate his hotdog cold, in a bun, with all the condiments on top!  Seriously!!!  I can eat a cold hotdog but not in a bun with condiments….EEEUUUUWWWW.

Mark arrived home on Tuesday as I said previously.  No mention of the difference in the bathroom.  Finally, late Wednesday afternoon, he’s in the utility room and finds the gallon of paint.  Comes into the kitchen, my least favorite room of the house till my friend Joni says if you have an argument with your spouse, as long as you are in the kitchen, YOU ARE RIGHT!

He says “did you buy a gallon of paint to make something for the wedding?”  Now, where he came up with that I’ll never know!  So I said no!  Then he kept badgering me about that damn gallon of paint. Finally, I said, I had the bathroom painted while you were gone.  In he stomps to the bathroom and says, oh no you didn’t…..I painted it!  Then I calmly said and it never got finished because you expected me to do the trim and paint behind the toilet.  I’ve decided I’m retired from trim painting!

So again, I calmly said, you painted it yellow!  Then he says, no I painted it white.  Then I said , but the walls are now a light blue!  So then a discussion began on what color he painted it.

Moving along, then he says, well he got paint on the ceiling….again I calmly said that is there to cover the yellow you slopped on the ceiling!

You just gotta love a man that has no clue what is going on or what he has done! LOVE IT!

Then he started in, you didn’t need a gallon.  Then I tried to remind him that he had me get a quart when he was painting it yellow….then another quart…..and he wasn’t sure there was enough left for me to do the trim!

If I ever get my sewing room situated, I want to paint one wall of it this pretty light, cool feeling blue.

Some things never change! Big sigh….

Pura Vida from a warm, sunny Costa Rica!



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While many folks in the old country are worrying if they need an irs tax extension form, we’re just hoping we don’t get dinged for more taxes.

It ain’t fun.

Retiring and selling a house,  moving and buying a new house and cashing in some of our investments made for some exciting times when it came to file our return.

Mark has used TurboTax for a number of years and has always been satisfied that we were getting all the deductions we were entitled to… and not overpaying taxes (unlike the Republican candidate for President.)

He’s depended on the “finance guide” more than ever when he filed our return for 2011. Usually he can buzz right through the questions because our taxes have been pretty routine. But with all the extra stuff last year, he was really burning the midnight oil checking and rechecking.

Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t need to use the TurboTax experts to resolve an issue!


Isabelle decided to take a trip and asked Shirley and I to tag along….

Today’s adventure took us to Sarchi, to the Else Kientzler Jardin Botanico. WOW! WOW!

You get to wander through these gorgeous gardens at your own pace. There are places to sit if you need to rest, a picnic area, waterfalls, rivers, man-made “water” paths… was so pretty!

There was an orchid section, a cactus section (it still blows my mind that cactus grow here because of the rain), a Hibiscus section, an area of Heliconias, Bromeliads…you name it, they had it!

Was a super day to do this because it wasn’t unbearably hot.

A few pictures I took today…..

This is a maize (I guess Spanish is interfering with my English!)  maze  made out of hibiscus; was really pretty.

An area of any color of impatiens you can imagine….picture does NOT do it justice.

   A pretty butterfly….

Forgot the camera so these are pics from the iphone.  Also saw one of the most gorgeous neon blue butterflies, but I can’t remember the name of it! LOL

Had lunch at a Soda in Sarchi across from the park….Rincon Sarchiceno….very good, and unbelievably cheap!

Stopped at a place in Grecia that had some Mexican pottery; gorgeous pots, but the car was full of plants!

It was a great day – another place found to take visitors.

Pura Vida….

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