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Another Amy story! LOL   She was about 2 and a half; and it was nap time. (Because Mom wanted some uninterrupted sewing time.

She was not happy about having to take a nap.  A footnote here:  I required more sleep than she did as a baby; I remember complaining to the Dr. that Amy never slept.  His comment: Well, if she’s tired, she’ll sleep standing in a corner!”

Anyway, I finally got her to lay down, after probably reading the same book 10 times.

Off I go to the little closet area I called my sewing room.  I’m sewing away and as usual time had gotten away from me.  Realized that Amy should have been awake by now.

I go check her bed, she was gone!!!!  Panic!!!!  I checked the back yard because she loved swinging on the swing set; no Amy, checked the side yard; no Amy.  By now I’m really concerned….I’m calling and she’s not answering.  Finally went out to the front of the house and looked up and down the sidewalk.  We lived in the third house from the corner.

There she was waiting at the corner to cross the street; with her blankie, a doll and one stuffed animal!!  I ran there and said, well, if truth be known, I was probably yelling!  “What are you doing and where do you think you’re going?”

She was headed to our friends, John and Joyce, that lived in the middle of the next block; why?  because they wouldn’t make her take a nap!  I grabbed her hand and we headed home; she was telling me, that she couldn’t get to John and Joyce’s because she’s not supposed to cross the street.  Lord only knows how long she was standing there.

The front door was then locked AT ALL TIMES!

Pura Vida!

Amy was always advanced for her age. I swear when she learned to talk, it was in sentences….not just words.

We moved from Bay City, MI to Booneville,MO when I was 8 months pregnant with daughter #2; yes, let me tell you it was a long ride in a U-Haul!

The house that we bought was in a neighborhood of people our age; equaling many, many children!  In fact within, 6-7 houses, we all had children Amy’s age (4 at the time) and either expecting or just having had another baby.

The people across the street from us had 8 children.  One was Amy’s age and she and Jennifer became great friends.

Jennifer preferred to play at our house because she didn’t have those older pesky brothers teasing her!

One afternoon, it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen or heard Amy and Jennifer in a LONG time.  They weren’t in the back yard playing on the swing set or the sandbox; not in the downstairs family room; so I finally looked in her bedroom.  The door was closed. But I could hear them chattering away.

I opened the door and nearly died!!!!  When Jennifer arrived at our house she had shoulder length hair; now she had one lock of shoulder length hair; the rest of her hair was cut right down to her scalp! I was mortified. There was absolutely no salvaging any “do” out of this mess.

Jennifer’s mother was an x-ray tech at the local hospital. I called her and explained what happened; she was laughing hysterically (guess that’s what you do with 8 kids!).  Said don’t worry about it, I’ve wanted to get her hair cut off anyway.  Well, I don’t think this was the haircut Joanne expected!

That evening while eating dinner, I asked Amy…..why didn’t Jennifer cut your hair?  Her reply was “her mother doesn’t let her play with scissors! She didn’t know how to use them.”

After dinner most people in our neighborhood were out walking or talking to each other, etc.  Joanne came over and said the boys teased Jennifer mercifly regarding her hair.  Jennifer told them to be quiet because she knew she looked beautiful!

And yes, Jennifer’s hair was cut with those rounded scissors like you use in school!!!


Pura Vida!


When Amy was little – 3ish, she loved the program The Price is Right.  She always wanted to play The Price is Right; however, she was always, Bom (Bob) Barker.  Yep, she called him Bom Barker!!!

I can remember walking up the street about a half a block to some friends.  Amy always wanted to play The Price is Right when we went anywhere. We had good friends because they obliged her always getting to be Bom Barker.

This is when we lived in Bay City, Michigan.  From there we moved to Booneville, Missouri.  John and Joyce, friends of Bom Barker, LOL, decided to throw us a going away party.  Even inviting our parents that lived a 3 hour drive away.  I remember my Dad walking into their background, looking at me, and said “my you run with a very fertile crowd”.

And I was 8 mos. pregnant with child #2 when we moved.  I remember my first Drs. appointment then. I called and said we had just moved there and I was pregnant and needed an appointment.  The nurse said do you have any idea how far along you are?  I responded 8 months!  There must have been two minutes of silence and then she calmly said, can you come in tomorrow.

When I met the Dr. the next day, he walked into the examining room laughing.  I knew I would like him right then and there!  He said, yesterday when you called, you certainly caused a lot of commotion in the front office.  I just said well as long as everyone is on their toes, I’ll be happy!

More Pura Vida memories!

Many years ago when daughter #1, Amy, was about 2 and a half years old, we went to FL to escape the winter in Bay City, MI.

Because of her age, we also took the potty chair!  Mark got tired of driving and decided I should drive and he would get in the back of our Datsun station wagon and “entertain” her.  She loved her potty chair and used it frequently. I said we’ll never get to FL at the rate we’re going, stopping to empty it to what seemed all the time.  Therefore, I made the decision that Mark could just throw it out the window of the car….afterall, it was just pee!

By the time we got to FL, there was a streak of died pee all along the side of the car!  Mark is worried about the finish on the car, I’m laughing hysterically.

We were staying at a park that rented tents with beds, cooking facilities (oh joy), etc.  And we were right across the street from the park.  Amy loved playing there.  She always wanted to go there, but after dinner would look out the tent door and say “it’s dawk at the pawk”……(dark at the park).  She was not happy when it became dark because she knew she couldn’t go there to play.

One day we decided to go to a drive-thru zoo.  Amy is sitting in the back of the car…..we are pointing out animals left and right to her.  She wasn’t acknowledging anything.  I turned around and looked at her.  She had taken all her clothes off and was sitting there with her winter jacket on, hood up!  I asked her “what are you doing” – she calmly replied “I’m freezing hot.”  There was no explaining to a child that age you are either freezing or  hot, but you are not freezing hot.  So, she rode thru the drive thru zoo, naked as a jay-bird with her winter coat on.  And yes, sitting on her potty chair. We took that thing everywhere!  Even to the beach.

Fun times, funny memories!

Pura Vida for today.

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