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Pat gave me some ear plugs to ward off the bathing birds in the gutters. Apparently they work – haven’t heard them for 2 nights! Thanks, Pat.

Last night I fell asleep before putting them in…thus starts the story.

Somewhere in the night, near O-dark thirty, I heard a critter on the roof.  Dogs weren’t aroused, and I was too sleepy to get up and see if I could tell what it was.

Then I heard “it” fall off the roof and scamper away….running into a metal drying rack outside.  Still wasn’t curious enough to get up and see if I could tell what it was. Then it must have gotten over the fence because as it scurried away I heard the gentle rustling of the bells on the gate.

Woke up pretty early this morning 5:45 a.m.; still didn’t think anything about it.

Then when I went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, I looked out the window and the damn critter fell through the awning on the outdoor swing – yep a nice big hole in it!

Next decision, do I have someone make a new one or do I attempt to do it.  If I attempt to do it, it’s last in line behind all my other projects.

It’s just so darn exciting here in Costa Rica.  I wish everyone could experience living here, even if it’s just for a short time.

Pura Vida!


P.S. In my mind I’m thinking it was a Coati.

Last evening while walking the dogs down the street behind our house, I saw a Bufo toad on the road.  This is the first one I’ve seen on the road.  Since I’m not coordinated enough to be able to walk all three at once, I took each of them individually.

Not one dog even noticed the Bufo .  After the last dog was walked, the Bufo had not moved.  I knew where the “Bufo Stabber” was and quickly got it and headed back to the spot where Mr. Bufo was sitting.  I just walked by him, then circled around behind him, hey, I don’t watch NCIS, and CSI for nothing!

Having watched Mark do it many times, I knew to stab and twist it….they have extremely tough skin.  Once I was confident the knife was all the way through him, I lifted him in the air and carefully walked to the drainage ditch that is in the road….heaven forbid there be any covering on that draining ditch.  Made quite a splatting noise when he went down the drain! LOL

I normally wouldn’t go along with killing them except for the fact, they kill dogs!  No one, not anyone, nada, messes with my dogs!

However, Derby, is close to losing his vocal cords!  I swear that dog can bark at wind blowing and once he starts, he just can’t control it!

That’s how the evening started….

Then about midnight, the damn birds starting flapping in the gutter….how they can make so much noise is beyond me!

I think tonight will be a melatonin night for me…

Pura Vida!

Up early again; one load of laundry in the washer, and coffee brewing in the pot!

At least that’s what I thought…..heard the little chime going off signaling the coffee is done; walked in the kitchen and coffee was all over the counter and flowing onto the floor.  YIKES!

Am beginning to think I need to have a cheat sheet on making coffee; yes, I cleaned the filter and put fresh coffee in it….yes, I put fresh water in the reservoir; what I neglected to do was empty the pot from the previous day! Apparently, I didn’t drink it all, LOL.

So I cleaned up that mess and made a fresh batch of coffee and am now enjoying it.  Some of the easiest things can cause me more problems!

Pura Vida…..

Since today is our son-in-law’s birthday – Happy Birthday to Todd!

I deemed it also Nancy day.  Mark is in the old country helping with Amy’s needs till she can get back on her feet.  She’s made great strides in physical therapy this week.  Mark and Todd are marveling at how well she’s doing.  In fact, he probably won’t be gone nearly as long as we thought! YAY!

Enrique, the resident iguana living in our roof, is going to have to find a new home – or quite bringing home “guests”. Sheesh!  The noise he/they make is unbelievable.  And the last two mornings, birds have decided to make the gutters that run along the bedroom wall, their “new roosting” place.  Nancy is NOT  happy with that.  Apparently they think the gutter is full of water and decide to take their morning “bath” before the sun is up – that means it’s still dark!  And there is no water to be bathing in….I’ve checked.

The only time Nancy is happy getting up in the dark is to catch a flight for a trip!

Not sure I can do much till Mark gets back to get these little things taken care of.  For now it’s Pura Vida!

So by 8:30 a.m. I had done 3 loads of laundry and have them on the line.  Nice breeze this morning so it won’t take long for them to dry.

Decided to work on some embroidery projects that I’ve been asked to take to the old country.  And, as normal, I’m having all kinds of problems zipping/unzipping the designs.  After 2 hours, I think I’ve got it figured out.  This isn’t something that’s new to me, apparently, it’s just been too long since I’ve done that! LOL

Getting ready to head into town to pick up a few groceries.

This week, will be just as busy as last week, I guess.

Monday will find me back at the bank trying to get a money transfer completed that was done 9/13!  And this will be the last attempt I make at that.  Mark originally did it, then 5 days later, it still hadn’t showed up.

Tuesday I’ll be at Poco Cielo helping Frances get some wedding decor ready.

Wednesday, UGH! Dentist…’s not the dentist, it’s the thought of it.  But a friend has asked me over for lunch afterwards and we’ll “sit and sew”.  I probably will knit because I’m working on some socks.  That should keep my mind occupied. Unlike Mark, who thinks he needs valium to go to the dentist, I tough it out!

Thursday is open, oh my!  And so far, so is Friday.

I honestly thought I would be looking for stuff to do with Mark gone; that hasn’t been a problem at all! LOL

Pura Vida for now…..


Three weddings in 6 weeks have put me in “shopping mode”.  One wedding has already happened in the old country; gift bought and will be presented when I’m there in October; second wedding is right here in Atenas – which has prompted this blog.  The third wedding I’ll be attending in October in the old country.

In the old country many stores offer free gift wrap and you walk out of the store with a gorgeous looking package.

Since I needed to be at CIMA on Thursday, and it’s really close to Multi-Plaza, I knew that would be where I would shop. I had been advised the intended couple had registered at Cemaco (a fav store of mine!) and at Aliss (another fav store of mine).

Was able to convey I needed a gift registry by showing the wedding invite.  Keep in mind the gift registry is in Spanish, I had been forewarned so I wasn’t too shocked!

The clerk waiting on me knew very little English and I know just a little of Spanish.  I would point out something on the list and we would go to part of the store of that particular item; I can’t just settle for the first thing I’m shown and picked out various other things so see what they had registered for….and, we zigged and zagged all over the store!  She didn’t know where some of the items were either and had to go to a computer to see where the items were shelved.

Made a decision….and as the clerk is taking me to the check-out, she asks me if I want it wrapped with tissue paper; so since I had to give up all my stash of wrapping paper when we made the journey here, I said “sure”.  Well, the tissue paper is actually newsprint; here are 2 pictures of the gift!

These were just wrapped in newsprint, then a wrapping paper over it….no box!  I chuckled to myself as I walked out of the store.

A friend from the states requested a witch pillow case – here it is minus the pillow! Turned out quite cute, even if it is a witch!



A cousin had a baby boy mid-August and requested a sweater, black, with red or blue…..chose to do black with red.  Knitting with black is quite intimidating with old eyes!  I thought it turned out cute – decided it needed a matching hat. Then found these crocheted booties that look like high top tennies!  Hope Nicholas likes them!  I’m one second cousin behind in gifts and he turned 1 already…hang in there Austin, your turn is next.


Quick shot of just one bootie….

This Saturday is Costa Rica’s Independence Day.  Friday night there is a children’s parade, with lit lanterns that they make signifying how people got around in the dark before electricity.  We went last year and it was so cute!  Some really creative ones and then there were some purchased ones.  Reminded me of Halloween in the old country – where they are some creative homemade costumes and some purchased ones!

Pura Vida…


It’s only 77 degrees out – I’m sure within the next half hour, Mark will come in and put on socks and long pants! LOL The Wuss!


The week has flown by….played cards with friends and ate pizza cooked in their outdoor oven on Tuesday; getting ready to go to the dentist on Weds. morning and we experienced the first earthquake, 7.6, since we’ve been here!  Sort of a rock ‘n roll day!!!  It was an awe-minding experience!

Thursday found us on the way to San Jose for a mammogram and ultrasound.  Look what you get! A wonderful tote bag to carry your “films” in!  Yep, people, here in Costa Rica, you actually take the films with you! LOL


Normally, we get a good morning email from Amy and this morning we didn’t.  Checked and she hadn’t been on Facebook either.  Red flag and Mother’s intuition start imploding in my head.  Todd was gone all week covering the convention in Charlotte.  Kept checking my email/facebook and there was still nothing.  Had decided when we arrived home, if we still hadn’t heard anything from her, we were calling.

Really concerned when we had an email from Todd asking if we had heard from her…he had texted her a couple of times with no reply.  So we tried calling their house….no answer….by now Mother’s panic has set in!  Mark called Todd and he still hadn’t heard from her.

Finally we heard that Amy had called Todd.  She had taken a really bad fall in the morning; crawled to the bed but didn’t have the energy to get into it.  She sat on the floor leaning up against the bed all day.  Finally she was aware the phone was ringing, and was able to pull it to the floor.

She was able to call 911 and off she went to the hospital!  She’s still there!  Todd arrived home mid-day on Friday.  Todd is hoping to catch a Dr. or two today to talk to them.

These are the bruises on her legs!  Her right forearm is badly bruised and swelled; x-rays showed no break; thank heavens for that.  We talked to her last night….she sounds great and has no idea how she fell!  We all think there’s more rehab in her future!

She’s complaining about the nurses waking her up at O-dark thirty to take vitals; and her back is killing her; a lot from the fall, I would surmise and lying in a hospital bed.  I would say she’s on the road to recovery.

She had nothing to eat all day Thursday while leaning up against the bed!  And what was she worried about….she hadn’t fed her dogs! Isn’t she a good dog Mom?!

One of their dogs is a Pet Therapy dog and she asked a nurse if that dog could visit her! The nurse said sure!  I’m know that will make her feel even better!

Off to take Sofi for her day of beauty since yesterday’s day of beauty for her was cancelled.

Spanish class on Sunday morning….haven’t even looked at it!  Too many other precedents this week!  Hopefully, next week will be back on a even “retirement” keel!

Pura Vida!


This morning I had a dental appointment in Atenas.  As I was getting dressed, I heard a sound that sounded like the dog crates were rattling….then I looked at the ceiling and thought “oh, crap, Enrique (the iguana that lives in our roof), has a “live-in”…..then Sofi came running to me to be picked up….then I realized, the house was swaying and rolling.  Ran to the rancho and the pool water was “rolling” too.

Mark was down on all 4’s pulling some weeds….. he stood up and said “whoa!”  He just kept repeating “whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Neither of us were in a panic, why panic, because it is, what it is!

Kept telling Mark, “this is a biggie”, “this is a real biggie”…….I was not frightened, but in awe that the ground would move like that.  This is the first one we’ve felt since we’ve been living in Costa Rica.   Our friends that live in town have felt other small ones and we’ve just shrugged our shoulders and figured our little side of the mountain must be fairly stable!

I left to go into town to the dentist, hoping there were no aftershocks as I was driving in….don’t know if you feel it when in a moving car, but I suspect as much as the ground was moving this morning,  you would feel it.

As I was driving past Maricela’s mother’s house, I hear “Nancy”!  So I stopped and backed up.  Maricela needed a ride into town to pick up her girls from school. Centro Atenas school was sending everyone home.  Glad I could help get her to the girls!

As I was dropping her off at the school, the thought struck me, what if there’s an aftershock when the dentist is working on me! YIKES!!!

Apparently there have been several aftershocks, however, we’ve not felt any.

We do have friends that have had things broken from falling.  Our bathroom mirror was a little crooked and so far, that’s all we’ve seen “moved”.  The burlap coffee bag I had framed with a double wooden frame and glass front, didn’t budge!

Stopped at Wednesday’s Women Lunch at Kay’s on the way home; and of course, everyone is talking about the swaying! Some people lost 3 inches of water in their pool, some lost all the water!  I guess an earthquake is like a tornado in the fact that it hits different places with different intensities.

Feel bad for those that lost some things, but as one friend put it, “it’s just stuff”.

It’s a little after 3 p.m. and Mark has gone to pay the water bill.  You must go to the church salon in Guacimo (500 hundred meters east of us) and pay the bill in person! LOL  Yep, all $4-$6 of it! LOL

As I’ve said many times before, just another adventurous day in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida!


These are Mark’s thoughts on the temblor!



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